144 Back Together

Both Gemma and Miguel were breathing so heavily as they both fell to the mattress.

"Fuck…. I have missed you," Miguel said breathlessly as he kissed her lips. They had just finished another round of sex and Gemma was still in ecstasy world. She hasn't even eaten the pancakes that she had asked him to make for her. After they made up, they started kissing, and the next thing Gemma knew she was eagle spread in Miguel's bed begging him to take her. She has orgasmed severally and has even lost count.

"I have missed you too," Gemma said, smiling.

"What happened to the pancakes you were making earlier?" she asked as she.

nuzzled Miguel's neck.

Miguel chuckled. "They are exactly where we left them."

Gemma quickly sat up on the bed her eyes widening in shock. "Did you turn off the stove?" She asked in a panicked tone.


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