113 At The Party

After their discussion, Gemma finally came to accept her fate and she started to gradually warm up to Miguel again. She no longer locked herself up in her bedroom or brooded over the fact that she was stuck in a loveless marriage with Miguel.

"I'm glad to see you smiling again," Stella said to Gemma as she helped her to pick a dress for the celebratory dinner party.

"I was worried sick about you," Sarah sounded so concerned.

"Why?" Gemma asked.

"I see you like I would my own daughter, and when you refused to eat or come out of your bedroom, it got me worried for you and the baby."

Stella's words brought a smile to Gemma's face. "I'm sorry that I made you worry."

Stella smiled as she picked up a dress. "It's good you are back to being your old self."

Gemma reached for the dress that Stella was holding, she scrunched up her nose when she held it against her body and stood in front of the mirror.


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