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Blood-related father and son, their bodies intertwined in intercourse, were firmly entangled on the bed. Seung-wan, who was shaking his waist on top of his father's body, laughed softly as he dropped his nightgown down to his hip. His pale white body was truly mesmerizing today. The Emperor always finds it regrettable that he could not properly admire his son's beautiful body with both his eyes, as he could only hold him at night.

And so, when the emperor, instead of using his eyes, slowly used his hands to carefully caress his son's exposed skin, Seung-wan quickly shed his coquettishness and reciprocated his father's touches.

Seung Wan's hands led him further, for more.

However, the emperor didn't touch the place he wanted. Instead, he continued teasing him, knitting their hands together, and pulled him to his chest.

"Are you going to worry about being teased again?"

"It's nice to see you ask for much more."

The nipples caressed by the tip of his forefinger were very soft as if calling for a touch. As he twisted lightly and pressed gently, Seung-wan closed his mouth and moaned in pain. Even in the dark, the emperor could see his bright red neck and chest moved sharply.


Without warning, the emperor thrusted upwards.

Seung-wan, who was moving his waist on top of the emperor, opened his eyes wide in surprise and trembled as the sudden movement hit a place deep inside.

"Father, huh, hand… Please let me hold your hand... … ah, ah!"

Seung-wan responded coquettishly. As he groaned and tried to hold hands, the emperor willingly entangled his hand with his son's and pulled him to himself. To the emperor, his twenty years old son was the most fitting person to become his lover.

"Ha, ah... ahahah. dee.., deep... It's too deep."

As the emperor's golden pillar went deep in and out of the slippery hole with plenty of oil, a whitish liquid flowed out with every thrust. Seung-wan bit down on his slightly opened lips as he tightened up to hold everything in - there's no room for anything other than the rod. Then, like a bouquet falling onto the ground, he collapsed over the emperor's body, his breath in tatters.

"What are you trying to do today?"

Rubbing his cheeks over his sweat- laden shoulders, Seung wan hugged the emperor's body with both hands. After their intercourse had ended, usually Seung Wan had always tried not to fall onto the emperor, but today he was acting coquettishly. It was not as if anything particularly pleasing had happened today... . The emperor smiled lovingly as he stroked his son's head, kissing loudly around his neck.

"You are behaving like a spoilt-child more than usual."

"Abeonim-eum, do you hate it when I'm behaving like a spoilt child?"

Seung-wan raised his head, pouted, and frowned. The emperor, who was just smiling, was a little embarrassed.

"I am worried because I think my small heart is not big enough for this.... I am also secretly fond of father." He whispered and pressed his lips to the spot on his chest where his heart is. At some point, his voice became sweet again, but the emperor shed cold sweat watching his son.

"Have I ever made you anxious?"

"A person with a big heart is always anxious."

One can't dislike angry glares when it comes from such pretty eyes. Seung-wan glared several times more, and then raised his body and tied his long hair neatly together. If one doesn't do it, one will suffer from colic later on. So he took a white cloth and hid under the blanket.

"Isn't it difficult? I'll do it."

"I am ashamed"

"You said I can do anything I wanted."

These were words that Seungwan often whispered. "If Abamama wants, I can do anything." These were also words that can be heard when the emperor asks Seung-wan to have sexual intercourse several times. Seung-wan was being a handful, but he eventually hung his arms around his father's neck and said in a sweet voice.

"Yes? Wan-A"

"No, no."

The emperor laughed. During intercourse, he responded well but in the end, he was still a shy son. The emperor got up to wear his nightshirt as he watched his son go inside the blanket. There was water that had been prepared beforehand next to the table near the bed.

"Abamama….? I will do it."

"No. You will rest."

The room was still hot. As much as he was thirsty, his son, who had been moaning all night long, must also be thirsty. The emperor poured his son's water first before pouring his own and walked to the prince who had just come out of the blanket.

"You keep doing this. Please order this lowly one.... How can Abamama... … father….?"

The cup that was brought out was shaking. Soon, it fell to the floor and shattered with a clattering sound. Seung-wan looked up and stared at his father. The previously merciful expression was gone. What remained there was a monstrous expression ready to chew and eat sinners who fell into hell.

"You….., what is that!?"

"Yes… ?"

The emperor's fingers were pointed towards his chest, but he couldn't understand. Seung-wan tried to lift up the curve of his mouth.

"What is Your highness talking about... this slave dare not know-"

"In your chest, that, that… I mean!"

Then Seung-wan looked down at his chest and opened his mouth in surprise. There was nothing like this before. No, it shouldn't be there even now. Why? Why here? As he saw the seal that remained clear on his chest, a shadow approached in front of his eyes.


His father, whose beastly eyes were shining terrifyingly, was holding a well-forged sword in his right hand, which he had previously used to bring down the Emperor of Wol.

"Father, this is...."

Right then, the sword had been unsheathed for a very long time. It was him that the tip of the drawn sword was facing. The wide-open eyes were no different from those of a maniac's, and the madness and inferiority contained in them were directed towards Seung Wan.

" I can't have the seal there! Not if you have it!"


"Come here!!! I'll just cut it out."

"Ah… Father, don't do this….!!"

Seung-wan hurriedly grabbed his clothes tightly and took a step back. Although he couldn't stand up because his legs had no strength, he managed to move his two legs slightly. However, when he tried to run away, the emperor came closer.

"Abeonim!!! It's me!! I care for you more than anyone!!"

"I know….., so why don't you just let me cut it off!"

The first thing heard was the prince's long scream. Then, a dull thud. After a long time, people heard the sound of something heavy falling.

However, it was commanded that no one was to come near the place until dawn, so none of the court officials heard the scream and they couldn't prevent what was happening inside.

And so the next day came.

The palace guards who had heard the scream and returned to the residence had their bodies and felled heads scattered on the floor. Finally, the emperor had had to face the killer.

Prince Gyo Seung-wan defeated Gyo-jin, the emperor and father, in the bedroom of the *Daeseong-Jeon.

It was said that he had slaughtered his father by stabbing his chest more than a dozen times before finally cutting off his throat.

He killed the emperor, who was also his father. This is one of the deadly sins which violates the heavenly rules, and it can only be repaid with his own death.

The Prince's wickedness had made him a criminal. Empress Dowager, the only authority in the imperial court, ordered the crown prince to be punished. However, it seemed that not long after the crown prince was deposed, he had quietly followed his son and grandson in the course of his life. The people of posterity have described it as another of the Crown Prince's fables.


"Look at that. One right finger had disappeared overnight."

"A bird must have ripped it off. It's the finger of the guy who struck his father's neck, so the animal eating it would surely get sick."

"It's terrible. When will that nasty thing be removed?"

"Well. Wouldn't it be hanging there at least until the award ceremony is over?"

It's been a month since the people watched the prince's limbs hanging from the streets, decaying more and more every day.

A month had already passed since the court officials wore mourning clothes. In the imperial family where the Emperor and the Empress left one after another, there was no one who could be considered the authority.

The empress died of sickness a long time ago, and the concubine Hwang Gwibi was frail since long ago, so even if she was attending the funeral she wouldn't be reaping any benefit. There were 4 people in the rain and 5 people in under the eaves with the sickly *Hwang Gwibi, but most of them had no children and no one was favored.

Because of this, all the actual power was held by Gyo-Yi Do, the second son of the emperor and son of Hwang Gwibi. Now, since the previous crown prince was deposed for his misdeeds, the current one was deemed much more honorable.

Moreover, Hwang Gwi-bi's relative is Kainin Se Do, who holds military power, and as long as there is no emperor to prevent it, the family's power was absolute in Gyo-Yi Do. Gyo-Yi Do quickly increased his power *under the water, and naturally became the closest person to becoming emperor.

Because he was the emperor, it was a very natural procedure to stay at Seogon Palace which was once Seung Wan's residence, and to oversee the country's politics.


"It is inside."

A very brief autumn had passed and it was now winter. Yi Do handed over the heavy outerwear he was wearing to the inner court attendant, opened the door, and went inside. There was a bedroom in the deepest part of the palace, and another bedroom guarded by dozens of subordinates further in.

"It's already been a month and you don't open your eyes."

He was not alone in Seogon Palace. The previous owner of Seogon Palace was also with him, so Yi Do spat those words out while looking down at the old owner lying there like a corpse.

"I'm sorry."

The court physician who was caring for the patient quickly frowned and prepared to calm his mind. Previously, in one day , in haste, Yi Do cut off one of Seung Wan's limbs. It wasn't that the physician didn't know that it was a great thing that Seung Wan had been sprinkled with holy water from the temple to protect and regenerate the body of an emperor but he was still surprised.

Yi Do, who had glimpsed some air movement, turned his eyes towards the man with a bluish complexion who was barely breathing.

"you are still alive"

Unlike him, standing on two feet, the person lying down does not have an intact body. Both arms were cut above the elbow, and the right leg was one span above the knee. The left leg was cut down below the knee. It was the result of cutting it in advance a month ago when he was in front of the Empress.

"Keep doing your best. The reward will cheer you up"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Sung Eun is ruined."

If he had known SeungWan would have been bedridden for so long, he would have saved Seung-Eun somehow by keeping him away from the empress' eyes.

The body of a person who had lived in the palace all his life was weaker than expected. He doesn't want to regrow his severed limbs yet, so if he didn't sprinkle a lot, he would only bleed a little less... …

However, it was meaningless to regret it too late.

If he still didn't open his eyes, …. why don't we try soaking him in holy water? Now, there was no one in the palace to investigate his actions or bother him. So, even if he had to cut off the limbs again later, he wanted to wake up Seung wan first

"The last time I washed was yesterday evening, I haven't washed today."

Looking at his half-brother's pale sleeping face, Yi Do commanded the surrounding attendants to go out as well. Treatment was a doctor's job, but it was Yi Do's job to wash his bedridden brother.

"It's a pity that you can't get up…., although it's a great pleasure to do this."

At first, he was clumsy as it was something he had never done, but now he did it better than anyone in the palace.

He was washing the body twice a day, so was it the eightieth today? Yi Do burst into a small smile as he rubbed Seung-wan's body with a wet towel. Come to think of it, a month ago, it was just this time. In Daejeon, inner court officials ran and muttered.

'His Majesty was dead!'

There were several reasons why people stop breathing. You can die while sleeping, suddenly fall sick, or get poisoned by someone else .... … What is different when you are an emperor? He wasn't surprised by the fact that his father had died, but after listening to what the grumbling inner court official had said, he was quite surprised.

The crown prince, who had no family backing him, stupidly stabbed his father with a sword, cut him, and cut his neck before spitting on it. In doing things that one knows will cost one's life in exchange for failure, one shall usually painstakingly choose the most precise method.

The emperor, who wouldn't have known about it, did not take any precautionary measures when the palace was besieged. It wasn't that he took control of the court by the power of the family, and the Empress Dowager was still alive, so why did he do that?

Anyway, he was the eldest son and the most cherished child and crown prince, so even if he stayed still, the throne would be his someday.

But why?


Confusion disappeared when he first saw Seungwan's body.


He put the basin with the wet towel aside and put on new clothes on Seung Wan's body. It was too bad he needed to wrap it up again. Having washed the whole body, Seung Wan's skin was smooth and moderately warm to the touch.

Where should he touch it….

Yi Do held his breath and swallowed subconsciously as he put his hand around Seung Wan's outstretched neck. Warm and pulsing, another living being, he felt a strong urge to grasp it.

How about a little further down…..

He suppressed his impulse and lowered his hand, and there was the deadly reason that caused all these four months. This is the reason why he did not entrust the bathing to the court attendants.

He hadn't been able to covet this body to his heart's content, so he didn't want to show to anyone the red marks that were clearly visible. The only regrettable thing was the two scars on this beautiful thing. He missed it during the treatment, so it will not recover unless he scraped the skin over the scars and sprinkled it with holy water.

There's only one exception. The scar will disappear if you use holy water after scraping it off, but the seal will be regenerated intact. He wouldn't have known that... ….

Was the emperor going to skin off the seal? Seeing the rounded cuts remaining on the left and right of the seal, Yi Do had no choice but to mock his father's foolishness. There are facts that cannot be hidden even if they are ripped off entirely, and there are things that remain unchanged.

Will he change existence just by tearing off the seal indicating what kind of existence it is? He was a foolish man. Not wanting to feel the superiority of such a man, Yi Do covered the wound with both hands and brushed his lips over the crimson seal on Seung Wan's chest. After staying there for a while, he put on a long garment on the limbless Seung-wan.

"I will come back later."

As the room became terrifyingly quiet, Seung-wan's breathing became a constant sound. Then, Seung-wan coughed briefly and his eyelids fluttered. In between the slightly parted eyelids, his black pupils darted around busily trying to capture his surroundings. Ceilings, ornaments….., furniture that he had never seen before.

'After taking the medicine, if you cut off your limbs in advance you will be able to deceive the others' eyes.'

'That's right. Brother, don't worry too much.'

Just before his sentence was executed, after drinking the water that the court attendant gave him, he found himself paralized ...… The law officials and their men followed after.

'You are a great sinner, but you are also the emperor's royal son. The Empress Dowager, who lived a life following the law, said that she would handle this matters. '

At the same time, memories rushed one after another into his head, piercing like needles. Even distracted amidst the blur of memories, he couldn't fathom the burning pain in his limbs.

'He was gagged because they did not want to defile the palace with his futile screams.'

'Execute your brother.'

Excruciating pain.

Gyo-Yi Do, at first met his suffering eyes.

He smiled while looking at him.

"Ah… Ugh... … ."

The pain of the past was spreading again. Seung-wan couldn't bear the pain and clenched his eyes shut, but the next morning, he opened his eyes as he had in the past.

"Oh, I'll bring the physician right away!"

One of the courtiers nearby noticed this and rushed out. They weren't the ones in his palace originally, so Seung-wan tilted his head to the side staring at strangers' faces. Luckily, there were few things he remembered.

He knew who he was, but how did he find himself in this situation... … in this condition..?


He tried to raise his arm. However, he couldn't see the palm that was supposed to be visible in front of his eyes, and only a short stump lingered beside him. Obviously, his fingers were crackling, why?

As he turned a little wondering about his invisible hand, the hem of a coat came into his sight. No. Surely. He reached out to grope where his right hand should be, but he only felt the hand moved - he couldn't see his left hand gripping the hem.


It had been a while since his body felt painless. As soon as he realized that a terrible pain was coming up, Seung-wan quickly gritted his teeth. It felt as if someone was picking through his flesh with a thorn. It wasn't just his arms. The same thing was happening to his legs. It was clear that both legs were being chewed up. He moved his waist and looked down.

"Ah… Alas… … ."

It would have been better if there had been a beast over there. Seung-wan couldn't stand it and screamed when the stump of his leg was exposed out of the hem of his clothes when he struggled. When he saw his right leg, where half of his thigh had been cut off, memories began to rush back in a torrent one after another.


It wasn't him, Seung-wan.

What his father saw was his mother who changed names more than ten years ago.

'This time, I will not hand over you to anyone. I know you'll make me leave... ! I finally thought you are my empress, but in the end, are you going to go back to your brother? Why the hell is that, why is that?"

It seemed that he had stabbed him five or six times, but his father's life was still not cut off.

He grabbed his thighs and dangled them, saw him trying to squeeze his chest with fingernails raised, and lifted his sword again. He struck him several times, thinking that if he didn't kill him now, he would only be killed, so he approached and stretched out his hand, wetting the floor with blood.

'Come here, please. Just for a moment… if only you'll give me a hug'

As if I would not die until I killed the man in my heart. What should I do? I had no choice but to cut his throat to death.

" Ah, Ugh… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

" Hold on to that! Once he's not drugged-"

Seung-wan made more fuss as the attendants restrained him down on both of his sides. He could guess that something was happening even in his confused state, so he struggled desperately as several hands pressed him down. After restraining his movements, a thin and tough string wrapped around his skin.

' It hurts more when you move. Since you've taken the medicine, this is better than tearing your limbs raw.'

When the tightly wound string sufficiently cut off the flesh' blood circulation , a bloody bone grew out from the stumps which were his limbs. At that time, the scream that he couldn't release in the past escaped his lips for a long time.


" I heard you woke up, so I came here. "

" This guy just happened to still have a lot of strength."

On the other hand, Yi-Do felt good.

Seeing that Seung Wan still had strength as soon as he woke up, his recovery was not far. The attendants surrounding Seungwan were forced to retreat and Yi-do leaned down to hug the trembling man on the floor.

" It's alright, brother. "

Seung-wan who had been crying and screaming a while ago, flinched for a second, but as soon as he was in Yi Do's arms, he gasped a few times and relaxed. Yi Do lifted Seung-wan's body without speaking. He took the medicine and reached out his hand to the palace attendant who was standing around him.

" Come here. "

It was a bitter pill, but Seung-Wan soon took it as he was embraced by Yi Do. After drinking a sip, two sips, and all that was in the bowl, Yi Do fed him honey water and wiped his lips.

" Now that I've given him the medicine, what should we do?"

After putting down the towel, Yi Do asked the physician. The physician quickly examined Seung-wan's condition, then stepped back and bowed.

" He seemed to be in shock because of the hallucinations, otherwise he has no abnormalities."

" Does that mean the condition isn't bad?"

" That's right. Now that he has taken the medicine, he will feel much better if he smells something that stabilizes his mind and body. "

That's enough. Looking down at Seung-wan, who was barely lifting his trembling eyelids, Yi Do subtly raised the tip of his lips.

" You shouldn't sleep for another month."

Yi Do spoke affectionately as he stroked Seung-wan's forehead with his big hands.

As if to brush the hair that was wet and stuck to his forehead, he did the same thing twice, then pressed his lips to Seung Wan's forehead.

It was an act which felt oddly sensual, something which should not be seen among brothers. However, no one dared to say anything about it.

In the first place, the man in his embrace was a traitor who slashed the throat of the emperor, who was both their father and the father of the country. It was a great sin to spare his life and keep him hidden in the palace.

However, the only person who could judge the crime was also Gyo-Yi Do, the very person who meted out the punishment. Thus, the courtiers bowed their heads as if they had not seen anything, and Yi Do was delighted to see his flesh-and-blood brother alive.

" Uhhhhhhhhhh…"

A day had passed. Smelling the thick scent wafting everywhere, Seung-wan groaned briefly and soon looked around, wheezing out his chest. He could not see the attendants where they were, and the scent of incense meant to stabilize his mind and body was terrible.



Is it because of the scent, or is it thanks to the fact that he had come to accept the reality while struggling? This time, he was neither screaming nor was he surprised, nor was he calmly accepting what had happened to him.

He was responsible for the crime of assassinating his father.

Although he should have died after being convicted and executed, for some reason Hwang Gwibi's son, his half-brother Gyo-Yi Do, who had no real relationship with him, had saved his life.

What was he trying to accomplish?

It was the first question that came to Seung Wan's mind.

GyoYi Do was the son of Hwang Gwi-bi and as the prince , he supported his mother's family.It was not known how long he had been lying low, but he must have remained inconspicuous in the meantime. So, it was not hard to guess what happened after. He must have already be titled a prince, and because he had the power of his family, the empress Dowager was able to throne him.

There was no reason to keep him, Seung Wan, alive.

Rather he was just a burden.

Of course, there were no personal reasons to save him. He was only two years older from Hwang Gwi-bi's son, Yi Do, but he had never spent time with him both in his childhood and even in adulthood. At best, when there was an event or festival in the imperial family, they saw each other, and they greeted each other briefly.

'I've been busy with a lot of work for the royal family. How have you been, brother?'

'I've been well. I'm glad you look healthy, too.'

To Seung-wan, Yi Do was a pain. To be more honest, it's hard to avoid Yi Do by himself, so he wants him to disappear on his own. Yi Do was born to Hwang Gwi-bi who was a bastard, but he had a mother's family - a prestigious family backing him- and his mother was alive.

How would Seung Wan had felt compared to him?

Seung Wan did not announce his position even when he became Crown Prince because he had no mother to support him as a queen and had no maternal family backing him at all. If he later ascended to the throne, his second brother, Yi Do, should also be given a position suitable for him, albeit just as formality. Even though he knew Yi Do was a threat, he was not against it. It was a really uncomfortable situation.

'Shall we go to Daejeon to say hello? His Majesty will be waiting for you.'

'Yes, brother'

So, while pretending to be affectionate and friendly together while entering Daejeon, he hoped that he would be out of sight if he said something that was against his father's heart.

But that didn't happen because he was a man who was silent in nature and quietly did what he had to do…

Yeah, for example, letting his father grope his ass. Usually, he was a benevolent and loving father - like a saint- but he became another person at night whenever Seung Wan was involved.

So what better thing to do other than to expect to be hated?

Unlike the wind, he was the one who hit the bull's-eye.

"Ha, ha...."

He wasn't just messing with the bullring. Seung-wan burst into laughter as he saw the fluttering sleeves swaying on the bed. It wasn't something to laugh about, but it didn't hurt, and it was ridiculous, so he kept laughing. Even after Gyo-Yi Do, who opened the door silently, noticed it by the way he looked at him.

"I brought it because it's time for you to take your medicine."

He was holding a tray. Of course, there were two jade bowls on top of it. One will have sweet and sour medicine and the other will have honey water. It's not funny, but he burst into laughter again.

"I didn't expect you to laugh."

"There's nothing you can't laugh about. If you don't laugh like this, when are you going to laugh again?"

"You're right."

"Ha. Ha."

All the hard work was done in vain.

He was sad enough and distressed enough when he was in prison, but his heart was still burning when he thought about what he had lost. Besides, it was embarrassing enough that it was Gyo-Yi Do, his strong royal opponent who saved his life that he almost lost.

The two had faces which no one would recognize as brothers if they were presented elsewhere.

Seung-wan looks exactly like his mother, and Yi Do does not resemble either the emperor or Hwang Gwi-bi. Although Yi Do did slightly resemble his father, the emperor's eyes were close to a tiger's and Yi Do's eyes were close to a snake's, so one had to pry open their eyes carefully to find similarities.

"You may have a lot of questions for me, but take your medicine before it cools down. Otherwise, you'll find it unbearable."

Yi Do brought the bowl of medicine near his lips. Seung-wan opened his mouth after a little hesitation, and the bitter liquid flowed through his throat ,sliding down his tongue. As soon as the bowl was emptied, Yi Do tilted the bowl with honey to Seungwan's lips, but this situation was uncomfortable, so even honey didn't taste that sweet.

"Do you need more sweets?"

"No. I'm done."

There was one more reason why he wanted to remove Gyo-Yi Do from the imperial family.

It is because he is the son of Hwang Gwibi. The son of Hwang Gwi-bi, who the queen tried to make into an empress. So…

'Abamama. This scent is so precious, it's too wasteful for me to use it alone.'

'It's a precious thing, so you deserve to use it.'

"This subject is also a slave, but this scent is good for people with bad lungs, so why don't we share a little bit with Hwang Gwi-bi Mamma?'

'To the Emperor Empress?'

'The last time I saw her at a banquet, she often coughed. If Abamama is happy, I will give it to her.'

In the palace, even a small sneaky act is meaningful, and even if you gift someone a petal, you have to doubt what's the reasoning behind it.

"And you're giving me your precious things. I don't know how to thank you.'

'This scent reminds me of Mamma because it is said that people with lung diseases are particularly beneficial. It must be helpful.'

Do not pass things by easily, do not accept easily.

'okay. You've got it right. This scent is the same one as the scent used by Hwang Gwibbi, and the smell is close to unscented. Just mix it up and no one will know.'

The person who didn't know it was dumb, so he didn't feel sorry for Hwang Gwi-bi, who remained naive even after climbing to the spot. The Empress said that the royal family was good, and she started with difficulty from the beginning, and although she did not receive favor, she was lucky to have a son and climbed to the place of an Empress. Think of it as paying the price for obtaining something too easily. He also wanted her to share the precious scent with Yi Do. His lungs are not weak like Hwang Gwi-bi's, but it might have an effect, so he thought there was nothing better than if he could deal with two people at the same time.

"Take a rest."

…but the future was a mystery, so a man who he wished to kill was giving him medicine. In addition, he was as skilled as a person who had done it many times by the look of how he laid back his lame body.

"You've taken your medicine, so you'll fall asleep."

Then he supported his head over a fluffy pillow, covered him with a blanket, and turned his back away, and somehow he couldn't stand the tears. He knew he should not cry and look ugly because he did not have hands to wipe his tears anymore, but he felt his throat constrict with wet breath when he tried to clamp his mouth shut.

Did he survive to live like this?

For years, yes, it was like that. He closed his eyes because he didn't want to realize how messed up his present and future was. If you soak yourself in the holy water, you will regenerate quickly, it was painful, but there was no significant psychological damage.

However, unless the heavens and the earth have opened up, there will be no chance that the crippled royal prince who killed his own father will rise to the throne. All the power and honor that he valued so much had slipped away from his grasp. Moreover, the seal that appeared on the chest was no different than a proof that even heaven did not recognize him as an emperor. If there was no reason to survive in the first place, he didnt know what to do.

'From you... I will cut it off. Conquest... … Seung-wan, you said you'd be buried in the same grave as me, didn't you?'

Just before the emperor's throat was cut off, the emperor had spoken. He felt disgust when he recalled the bright red hand pointing towards him while calling his mother's name. He thought it would continue to haunt every moment of his life. Suddenly, he wanted to curl up in fear, but he couldn't even do that.

In the end, all that he could do was close his eyes, and clamp his mouth shut while clenching down on his teeth. Even if it's difficult, let's think about things that were closer to reality. Things which were less painful.

He didnt know what Gyo-Yi Do was up to, but he must have taken care of it with the utmost care and put his life on it, so he may not have the intention to kill Seung Wan. He didn't know why he didn't spray holy water onto him, but...… Seung-wan thought of a few things with his eyes closed, and fell into a deep slumber which came due to the effect of the medicine.

Since that he was under the influence of drugs, his whole body became sluggish as if he had stayed up all night long even though he had been asleep for such a long time. He didn't know how much time had passed, but he slept and slept without any disruption. Until the savory smell that comes from a nearby place woke him up.


Originally, he had no appetite, but Seung-wan's body responded hungrily because he had not eaten actual proper food for a month and had only taken nothing much other than medicine. Is there food nearby? He woke up with drools in his mouth. However, he couldn't get up on his own. When he turned his head to the direction where the appetizing aroma came from, Yi Do was holding a spoon and stirring the contents of the bowl. Then he took a small bottle out of his hands, spilled all the white powder of the bottle into the porridge, and carefully mixed the porridge with a spoon. After doing so for a while, he took the tray and came near the bed.

"You've woken up."

Without asking his permission, Yi Do pushed his hand under his back. Originally, he had a body that was not so different from Lee Do, but he couldn't move his arms or legs, and the parts that were free to move are moved like that of a doll's in his arms. The process of being seated and positioned without discomfort was all done like that.


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