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Inevitable Road To Divinity


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COMPLETED NOVEL! After the catastrophe that occured on the Earth, he awakens in unfamiliar, another world. To find out more about himself, he has to step on the road full of danger! It's a story about modern young man who has Sex God Divinity and his past selves. *It's a smut novel despite MC hard beginnings, so a lot of smut elements have been used. Every character close to MC(including MC) is more than 18 years old no matter what circumstances.* *InsanelyParanoid has only published this novel, Inevitable Road To Divinity, to webnovel.com! If you are reading on other sites, then you are reading stolen content!* *Every R-18 is done with a grown-up/mature/adult lady. Every female character involved in every 'sexual' content is mature(18+)!* *A lot of gore, brutal and weird R-18 related scenes! Novel is R-18 rated, so expect a lot of dirty and weird humor! MC steps on both paths, good and devil. You can sometimes see the R-18(sex) as punishment. It is rare and not really eerie at all, but it happens sometimes. It's rare though, as the author is a kind man!* *This is a work of fiction! Nothing is related to the reality! Any names, characters, stories or events, are fictitious! Even author's notes, thoughts and comments mustn't be taken seriously!* *This novel is rated 18+ (no one 17 and under allowed). It contains mature adult themes, coarse language, explicit sexual content, and graphic violence. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Please do NOT read if you are under 18 or if you feel uncomfortable with any of these elements.* *Inevitable Road To Divinity by InsanelyParanoid belongs to Webnovel(including their other sites) and is not affiliated with any other site. If you see it anywhere else, then it's pirated and probably changed too, so you won't get that perfect reading experience! Read only here and support an author!* *This story doesn't encourage anyone to commit or force other to commit any actions that happened here. This is a fantasy solely for entertainment purposes!* *Author is bad with numbers, so don't take those seriously.* TAGS: Reincarnation, Harem, Fantasy, Magic, Gods, R-18


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