India: I became the First PM of India

India made many bad decisions in the early years of Independence. Getting soft on Pakistan, going to UN for Kashmir, adopting Licence Raj, Indo-China war, rejecting UN seat, etc. So what if, instead of Nehru-led Congress, a party under a reincarnator, came in power? How would the course of history change? Read to find out. To support me, UPI me at: fanficworld0707@ibl

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Reparations Agreement

(White House)

Satyankar and Elizabeth sat down on the negotiation table, with Truman as the mediator between the two.

Satyankar obviously refused to negotiate with Churchill.

Truman started the meeting, "I will read out the rules that both parties have agreed upon.

1. Be respectful to each other.

2. The whole procedure to be public.

3. Agreeing that whatever happens here doesn't end up in war.

That's all.

India, state your demands."

"There are only three demands.

First, Return each and everything even remotely related to India. This includes the Kohinoor diamond, and all the artifacts and treasures. Idols, swords and rings of fallen kings, gold, jewellery, inscriptions, everything.

It will be the duty of UK to return everything in proper condition, and if anything gets damaged, UK will have to pay the price of the artifact according to 10 times the auction price we have set.

Second, transfer each and every military, construction, healthcare, engines, natural resources identification, extraction and processing, railways, and communication technologies, government or private. Of course, Nuclear technology can be exempted.

The third demand is to agree on a 250 years agreement of not commiting any act of war, military, social or economic, on the Indian Subcontinent and India's territory in the Indian Ocean.

This includes supplying any arms to countries working against any country in the Indian Subcontinent, helping terrorist groups, supporting separatists, blocking any trade routes, like Seuz Canal, Malacca Strait, etc., putting sanctions, levy unfair import duties against Indian goods, etc."

They demands have increased from the last time. The third demand will essentially expel Britain from Arab arms market too, who are its biggest customer.

"The demands have risen."

"You just can't try to assassinate a country's leader and expect nothing to happen. The military deal I suggested last time has gone off table because of it too."

"We didn't do it."

"And what proof do you have? Do you expect us to believe that someone with a gun and explosives was easily able to enter the Buckingham Palace without anyone noticing anything?"

"It was a security oversight, and the assailant was a reporter from a growing newspaper."

"And that 'security' oversight was planned. The planning may have been done by you, or someone else. I wouldn't put it past for Churchill to be the mastermind. But that doesn't matter. Whoever was behind it is from the British government."

"As I said, we didn't do it. It was just a security oversight."

Truman interrupted the arguing, "Now, UK will state its stance on the demands."

Elizabeth sighed and said, "We are ready to return everything except the Kohinoor diamond. It is disrespectful to ask for the diamond of a monarch's crown. Moreover, the treasures and artifacts will be needed to bought via auction.

We will also transfer construction, railways, healthcare, communication, and pistol and rifle category weapon technologies.

And we will not go to war with India for 250 years, and won't block the trade routes. Britain doesn't recognise India's claim on the Indian ocean.

Also, India will have to drop all its allegations of UK being a terrorist country."

"First of all, it doesn't matter whether you recognise our claims on the Indian Ocean or not. Asian Union has the sole authority of confirming land, airspace and oceanic boundaries of Asian countries. The surrounding countries, who lie in and around India's oceanic boundary have recognised India's soverignity, and that's all is required, not the recognition of a another unrelated country.

The three demands put forward are not negotiable. Why will we pay for our own things? And the diamond from your crown can be replaced by any other diamond. Kohinoor is more symbolic than material.

You are a new monarch. You don't have your hands soaked in blood of millions, yet, like your predecessors. Why not make a new crown, to denote a new era of human values, honesty, and anti-genocide stance of new UK?

And regarding the allegations, we can't take them back until you give undeniable proof that UK wasn't involved even one bit. And depending on the actions of your kingdom over the ten years, the terrorist level can only go one level back a year. So, for terrorism level to go from 9 to 0, atleast 10 years of sincerity is required."

Truman said,"First round of negotiation failed. Both parties can take a rest and discuss things. The second round will start in 1 hour from now on, at 13:45 Washington Standard Time."

After that, ten rounds of negotiations happened, and neither Elizabeth, nor Truman was able to convince Satyankar.

On the eleventh round of negotiation, UK seemed to have finally relented for the most of it.

"UK will accept the first demand, but the Kohinoor will remain on the British crown until the current monarch is seated. After her death only, the diamond will be returned.

And no military and engine technology transfer will happen, and the resource exploration, extraction and processing technologies will needed to be bought. And buying them will not allow the technology and equipments to be sold to other countries.

But you need to drop all the allegations of assassination, along with dropping the terrorist level to 0.

That's the final offer. We can't negotiate any more than this."

"Apply the timelimit of selling the technologies and equipments to be 5 years. And we will buy them according to the market. So if someone offers it in a better deal, or we can develop them on our own, we won't buy it from you.

And another thing. The terrorist level won't be permanent. If you commit acts of terrorism, the level will go up. It's just that we will put what happened till now off the table.

Moreover, its your job to deliver everything safely and securely. We will check everything."

"Fine. We agree."

"Then congratulations. Negotiations are successful. As soon as we get everything delivered, and everything is properly checked, we will let the blood and loot filled past behind. And work together to strengthen our relationship."

After that, the agreement was drawn up, checked by lawyers from both sides and the mediator as well, both Satyankar, Elizabeth signed the agreement in presence of Truman.

Though, while the agreement will be know as 'Aid Agreement' in UK, it will be known as 'Reparations Agreement' in India and the majority of newly independent nations.

All of this wouldn't be possible without the Assassination attempt, US's growing interest in India's economy and the profit it is getting, and the fear of India going into the USSR block.

Amongst all, the assassination attempt was the major event that led it to happen.

It's a good thing that IIA sneaked in some of its own 'terrorists', and around this time, the metal detectors are fairly simplistic, CT scanning machines are not invented, and the threat of suicide bombers wasn't prepared against.