India: I became the First PM of India

India made many bad decisions in the early years of Independence. Getting soft on Pakistan, going to UN for Kashmir, adopting Licence Raj, Indo-China war, rejecting UN seat, etc. So what if, instead of Nehru-led Congress, a party under a reincarnator, came in power? How would the course of history change? Read to find out. To support me, UPI me at: fanficworld0707@ibl

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Muhammad's Interview: Part 2

"The next question is, Vatican and a lot of Muslim countries has been issuing sermons, or fatwas against us.

Recently, a person named Teresa was arrested, and the court issued an order for the government to make some laws against such 'Quacks'.

In many mosques, the maulana's were also arrested, most of them being charged with murder, sexual assault, and terrorism. Many of them were replaced by people connected with Mosair Revolution.

Even Azan was banned.

If both Muslims and Christians are being targeted, why not Hindus, Buddhists, and others too?"

"The bad ones within every religion is being targeted. It's just that international media, coming from majorly Christian countries, which are reliant on Arab countries for oil and gas, are making up the rhetoric that Muslims and Christians are being targeted.

The bad ones are being targetted, irrelevant to religion.

I will give you examples of the incidents.

As you mentioned about that woman named Teresa. First of all, she is a criminal. A dangerous, heinous criminal who has taken many lives. She didn't have any medical license, so that's the case of fraud too.

Do you know how dangerous is for many people to be injected with the same syringes?"

"Umm, actually, no."

"Ah. Then I should tell everyone this. Everyone listening to this, please pay strict attention.

When we were in US before independence, we heard a strange disease going around in which, some people will suffer from diseases too frequently. A little drop in temperature, which happens every winter, wil bring them severe cold. Things become a little hot, they will have a stroke. Once they start coughing, it wouldn't be cured easily.

Dr Malik, who is going to be the chairman of Sushrut International Medical University(SIMU), has been researching about it on our request.

I have read the papers, and Dr Malik has described it as IEV, Immunity Eating Virus.

We all have something called immunity. In our blood, aside from Red Blood Cells, which carry oxygen, there are two more types of cells. White Blood Cells, and Palette cells. Palette Cells cause clotting when you get injute, saving you from death due to blood loss.

And white blood cells fight diseases and constitute immunity.

We are going to launch a Small Pox vaccination campaign to make India free of the deadly disease.

How does that work?

First of all, there are various types of Small Pox across the world. Since Europe had very harsh living condition throughout history, the variants there were stronger. And these stronger variants came to India and majority of the world.

The reason why Hindus worship cows is also due to Small Pox. Those who had cows weren't severely affected by Small Pox. Why? Because of Cow Pox, a disease that spreads from cows to humans.

When a Cow Pox virus, which is incomprehensibly weaker than Small Pox comes in contact with Humans, the White blood cells, or our immunity system is able to get rid of it.

A person who had Cow Pox, which just about everyone recover from without medicines, the immunity system in us have learnt that releasing which chemicals kill the virus.

When Small Pox appears, which is similar to Cow Pox, instead of trying all the chemicals to fight with it, it only uses the chemicals that killed Cow Pox virus. And the Small Pox virus is killed.

There is a reason cows are considered holy.

Though, our holy cows' Cow Pox wasn't able to provide enough immunity against European Small Pox, which is more dangerous. But European Cows, which also lived in very harsh conditions, developed a stronger Cow Pox, which was able to deal with Small Pox.

And the vaccines that are created from European cows, will bring an end to the dangerous virus plaguing the entire humanity from just forever ago.

But, if they use same syringes for different people during the vaccination, it will create an even dangerous situation.

IEVs, that weaken the immunity system which are necessary for keeping us safe, spread in people who have sex with too many people, and coming in contact with others' blood.

That's why everyone, when the vaccination nurses come to your villages, and if they use the same syringes, don't take the vaccines and report them to the nearest hospital or police station.

Now, I will come back to your question.

Are we only arresting Christians and Muslims? No. We are arresting all criminals, and it doesn't matter from which religion they belong to, and what their standing is.

The top guy in many Goan churches were arrested for murder, because they did. Most of the churches helped Portugal in controlling Goa. They were also found shipping the donation money they take for education to other countries like Vatican and Portugal.

The Donation law states that any donation asked must specify exactly how the donation will be used. Any work with that money outside from the stated task is money laundering and fraud.

That Teresa was also doing that.

Similar things were done by many mosques and temples.

There are various Babas that tell lies that they can heal people of incurable diseases. They pay some people to act, and convince the innocent people and take their money.

Many quack Babas were, and are being arrested. 213 have been arrested in Bengal. And many will be arrested from UP and Bigar, which have the most quacks due to priximity to Kumbh Mela.

More than 700 pandits have also been arrested until now for calling of genocide of Muslims.

Every major religious institution, district level and bigger, have accountants from the government appointed. Even Somnath has one.

The donations from 1st March 1951 will be accounted for, and after subtracting the running cost for the religious institution, like salaries, maintenance, etc., 10% of the remaining donations will be taken as tax, and only be submitted under Red and Pink Donation funds for education and health. Nothing other than them.

And let me tell you why international media is crying about it. Amongst the Christian countries, Vatican is the most influential. The Catholic Church. And among the Muslim countries, Saudi is the most influential because of Mecca and Madina.

There are some dangerous problems with both Catholic Christianity and Saudi Islam. Catholic Christianity has strict structures that give a foreigner ruler control over the general populance. And in Saudi Islam, its a primitive desert mentality of Us vs Others mentality problem.

The muslims had to fight for existence centuries ago from Christians. But, they are still in the war mentality. They consider Hindus, Jews Christians, Buddhists, Shia Muslims, Sufi Muslims, Mosair Muslims, each and every religions and even the sects within Islam other than their form of Sunni Islam to be wrong, evil, and worth to be killed.

Since they are the major exporters of oil for the west, and they have control over Hajj, they also export fanaticism. So many mosques were found to have taken Saudi bribes, and were issuing fatwas to kill the 'non-believers'. And that includes muslims too. Even I received such fatwas, or death threats. I lost count after it crossed one lakh.

What do you think is the ideology of India regarding religions?"


"Yes, Secular. But, what kind of Secular? What is the definition of Secular in India?"

"Everyone is free to follow their religion?"

"Yes. But it's not the whole definition.

Secular means, everyone is free to follow their religion and ideologies as long as it doesn't hurt any other individual than the person following their religion.

Christianity and Islam dehumanise Intersex people, criminalise same-sex relationship. They can keep their opinion to themselves.

No church, mosque, temple, gurdwara can dictate any part of people's life.

The Arabi mosques pray for genocide of everyone not following their form of religion. They can't do that.

That's against secularism that hurts other people.

And ah. It doesn't contain sentiments. It contains threats and stuff.

Not wearing Burqa, not wearing Ghungat hurt the sentiments of others in the girls' community? It doesn't matter. You can't dictate them.

Many of the missionary schools and madarsas which were converted into schools objected the uniform.

Girls and boys wear pink tracksuit. It makes the people in those institutions horny by seeing their necks, their hair, their outlines of legs, etc.

Is it fault of the girls that they are just living, or those degenerades sick in the head?

Secularism in our country means that everyone is equal. Everyone is allowed to practice their religion, but not force upon others. During festivals, you can have processions and loudspeakers, but there are limits to the volume, the timings, etc.

But, those festivals shouldn't be to harm others.

In India, the constitution is above any book and religion. It is above Quran, above Bible, above Manusmritis, above each and every religious rules and regulations. In case of any conflicts, the constitution automatically overrides the conflicting rules and regulations.

Quran says that a woman cannot marry a non-muslim man. It also states that a man can, but convert the wonan.

In our constitution, it states that every person can marry any other person irrespective of faith and ideology, without trying to convert the other.

A Muslim woman can marry a Hindu man without trying to convert him, a Muslim man can marry a Hindu woman without trying to convert her.

If anyone tries to force, or even 'convince' the other to convert, it can be a ground for divorce. It is treated the same way as domestic abuse.

This is India's secularism. Live, and let live. Anyone that doesn't want to be in such a Secular country are free to go to other countries. No one is stopping you."