Indebted Lady to a Heartless Gentleman

Author: MerrySweet
Fantasy Romance
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What is Indebted Lady to a Heartless Gentleman

Read ‘Indebted Lady to a Heartless Gentleman’ Online for Free, written by the author MerrySweet, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, DARK Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: ⟪Complete Novel⟫What sort of witchcraft was that?Her closed eyes snapped open, and she was met with his smoldering dark ...


⟪Complete Novel⟫ What sort of witchcraft was that? Her closed eyes snapped open, and she was met with his smoldering dark gaze, her eyelids slowly slid closed once more as he continued to devour her. 'Embrace me in your mind, just as you have in your body and heart.' She shook her head, but his hands pressed against her cheek, limiting her ability to move her neck the way she desired. 'I know you like this. I can hear it in your heartbeat. I can taste it.' She did like it. His deep voice inside her mind carried a wealth of passion. It felt like having even more of him within her. It was tempting to fully embrace it. 'You are mine, body and mind, give me everything.' *** The Archduke of Lanark was blessed with two daughters, his eldest was the most beautiful Lady in the kingdom, while the youngest, Adelaide, held a special place in his heart. Life for the noble family was about to undergo a profound shift. With the revolution threatening the aristocrats of Emoria, their Monarch demanded they part with a significant portion of their wealth to appease the people. As a result, Adelaide's proud father found himself facing financial hardships that pushed him into deep debt. Just as despair gripped the family, a mysterious stranger arrived in town, igniting fervent discussions among the nobility with his considerable fortune and flawless etiquette. To their astonishment, this stranger paid off the Archduke's debt, becoming involved in their lives in more ways than one. Egon von Conradie, the wealthy commoner, had a hidden agenda. But his perfect plan faced an unforeseen obstacle—he had not anticipated falling for the daughter of his mortal enemy. Only Adelaide, a rare Healer, had the power to captivate a unique Beast like Egon. *** Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The art's credit goes to the owner.

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WARNING! The novel you’re about to read can cause insomnia, butterflies in the stomach, and mild to severe obsession❣️Proceed at your own risk❣️


Truly incredible writing! Each character has depth and character development. The author writes with such empathy and a keen understanding of human complexities. I am never bored, as the characters are not predictable and the story progresses quickly. There is no overwriting to fill the space. Very fast updates. I am captivated. 💖


Indebted is the quest of a rare Healer to cure a hopeless ‘Beast’ as Egon refers to himself. It is a slow burn in a historical setting with many twists on the usual elements of fantasy we all know and love. This book happens to be my 2023 WSA entry and I’m pouring all my heart, time, and effort into writing and delivering it to you the best way I can my lovely readers. So, if you think I have potential as an author or that my book deserves attention, please encourage and support me to the best of your ability! In return, I promise to deliver an exciting and different story that will touch your hearts! Happy reading <3


19 chapters in and the dialog between Adela and Egon has captivated meee Sometimes I melt and sometimes I get anxieties LOL it is very addictive


When I read it I feel I am living it as if it was real. The feelings transfer you inside the chapter and you want to stay there


I can't put this down! Every time a new notification about a chapter shows on my phone I just drop everything I'm doing to read it then end up wanting for more! Fantastic storyline and storytelling highly recommended


hhhmmmmmm nyc ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥


Such a captivating story ! Love the character development — Adela is such a strong woman. I highly recommend


I wanted to wait for chapters to compile before I started reading, now I'm glad that I didn't wait! I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter, but it's so worth the wait!


Rich , deep , detailed , strong , sensitive , well written , full of attraction , emotional . Once you start reading it , you keep wondering what will happen next . Congrats ...


This author will not let you down. Thoughtful and intelligent writing. The female lead is NOT helpless or brainless. The male lead is NOT toxically masculine. The story is both fantastical, as well as relateable, depicting human relationships in a vibrant and imaginative world. I encourage you to read and vote 💖


One of the best historical romance books I have read till now, and I have read a lot of this genre's. Everything of the story is too good and I wish writer would write another book on the current second lead couple (Andreas and Larissa) by making them lead, soon🤞


I have recently started this but the premises is so great that I wanted to invite more people to read and vote for it


Absolutely love this book. the writing is fantastic and I wish it was in hard copy. the web just keeps on weaving as the story progresses and you have so many questions from the build up. I can only hope the ending is just as good as the rest of it has been.


The synopsis captivated me and the story truly does not disappoint 👏👏👏💙💙💙💙💙💙💙


I came for another book and added this one to my list of reading because of the nice cover. read a few chapters and can tell how good the story is going to be.


Beautiful , attracting , well written , tense , dense , romantic , hot , smart , rich , full of surprises , live it and love it .


I wish we had more profile pictures. especially with the males who are trying to get her attention. The ML picture is so hot. I like the FL picture, but I see her looking more beautiful than that. it would be cool to add her Falcon pictures, too. couple pictures. Like the Baron & wife. Her mother & father. Tian. I know it's a lot. I just love reading & looking at profiles. I love this book. it looks like it's been out for a while. I hope it got or gets all the attention it deserves


I picked this book up to read while I waited for updates of my other favorites. It was so captivating that I ended up binge reading it instead!!! I couldn’t put it down to even check my other books. The author did such a great job of capturing the characters emotions and pulling the reader into the story. WOW!! I am going to search for more of her books. I definitely recommend this book!!!


Great read, I like how the story was built without too many sexual scenes


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