1 Chapter 1: Shadows.... Surrounded me

""Hiro... I'm in love with someone else"

That was the day my heart was torn open and stomped on, I never understood why, but from what just happened, she never actually cared for me, and it hurts, it hurts so much to see her walk away, but there isn't anything I can do.

How could she, how could she say that with a bright smile on her face? And she was so happy about it too?

What did I do wrong It's been a week since then and every time I think back to that day, it rattles my heart, I love her, I want her back... Yet I'm just so useless, I can't do anything.

I need answers, I have so many questions and thoughts swimming though my head, but it always comes back to this one moment, what if we actually met up, what if we actually talked about it?

Because, I don't know about you, but I'm not doing so well, I'm not okay right now, I feel like Seth Green in FGSW when his hand was cut off, I just want to fucking scream, because I know I'm bad at hiding things and everything feels like it's crashing down on me.

I'm a lost cause, and I can't do anything but lay in bed like a loser and just think over and over again about what if.

Like, what am I SuPpOsEd to say, not if, but when we cross paths again.

"Oh hey, Remi I didn't see you there? How's it been? Are you doing well? I'm not- oops, what I meant to say was I'm doing awesome~ it's not like you broke my heart and then tore it the next second by moving on that same day, and replacing me?"

Yeah, that fucking stings! I feel like a Sung-Ji because that shit happens, and I never thought it would happen to me!


Sure, I might've been pervy at times, but who wouldn't, have you ever seen yourself? Anyways, that's isn't the issue, okay that's a fat-ass lie, that's the main issue, but still, what has me down was her explanation...

Because there wasn't one?

All she had said was that she liked someone else and then left me there standing stupid, it was so unlike her, and even if it was because she lost interest in me, the Remi that I know isn't that cold hearted.

But anyways, other than me sobbing about my personal life, I guess I should probably say a few things to satisfy the author's ego of making an intro into my life.

My name's Hiro, I'm 18 and a virgin, also a Sorcerer, and that has nothing to do with being a wizard, being a virgin was more or less because I haven't had the best of luck with women, and if anyone says go ask out man because they'll give you a good time, I hope to find your kidneys on the black market one day.

Anyhow, I haven't actually dated anyone other than Remi since the beginning of junior high, so I don't know where to begin when it comes to even thinking about dating again.

And, even back then, yeah, I'm still on this, even back then we knew out rights from wrongs and I was done dirty, I was done wrong!!!


Anyways, other than that sobfest, I assume everything's going to get better, especially if I stop talking to myself and just go ahead and break the fourth wall to say who exactly I am and fluff.

I'm Hiro Natsu, I was born into a family of powerful Phyric Sorcerers, to be specific, we are sorcerers.

And to explain my people in simplest form, we're like elves but mainly human, occasional not but it's rare, and we're loved by the mana just like the elves... And by loved. . .–

I mean we're like the magic knights who come whenever she wants something dead. . .Which is half of the time.

And whatever clan we're born into decides our inmate magic power. And we use whatever magic power we have to mainly fuck over the others.

We're called mana enforcers and we enforce the Mana's will, but despite our supreme lord being the mana we have a simpler name for her, the ALLMOTHER.

And we are simply destined by the fates to annihilate that of the evil orders, oh wait I'm getting side track that's not the job of a mana enforcer, it's kind of our job.

Yeah so. . .Killing evil isn't the ALLMOTHER's job for us, the all mother has an exception to what is and what isn't killed by her enforcers in her name. Instead, it's more like my families job to kill evil shit.

You see my father is a paladin and my mother is a sorcerer, they never said how they met, but we just guessed it was on a mission. Once we got our mom so drunk this one time that she spilled it and told us they used to be enemies, but from the way they act, we can tell a shit load of sparks zapped them because... Eww, the moans every night are kind of. . . Disturbing

If they have another kid I hope it's a girl, maybe this time they won't hate my guts.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, I have an older sister and she pretty much despises me, we get along once in a blue moon, but other than that it's more of a hate love relationship. . .

And I mean there's a lot of hate for some reason. I don't know if it's because I turned my back on sorcery or even something else, but she hates me.

Either way she hates my guts and I can't blame here, I'm not the best, I'm not perfect and neither is she.

Or...It might just be the fact that our mother and father have business on another continent and their dealing with, I forgot if it was a Giant or Frost Troll? Either way their dealing with that while she's stuck at home in a smaller than average house with me.

But forget about that for now, we currently live in the SAN continent and it has 4 countries.

The country we live in is in the middle like our nabor country, but we're more to the west and their to the east.

This country has 3 regions that are shaped like a triangle put to together to make another triangle, the middle zone is a forbidden region that we don't dare counting nor do dare stepping foot on. We live, in the third region closer to the north which gives us access to all four season and firtile land masses, this region is known as the rosary region which I know sounds lame, but yeah, that's just how it is.

The kingdom we call home is called Nefumia, and the town we reside in is called Rosa marine, it's a large town with 6 districts, we live in district 3 and I used to go to school in district 5.

Now onto that actually, I'm just graduating from high school and now have to attend Ross Imperial University, Me and Remi were planning on attending there together and after graduating we were going to get married. . .But as you can already tell, that's not the case anymore.

I said I have to because, despite neglecting my duties and wanting a normal life, I'm still registered to them as a Fire Sorcerer in this country and by laws of this kingdom, even though their protecting my identity on a federal level.

I have to become a full-fledged slayer before I officially gain my freedom, but even after that, I'm going to be put on reserves so that they can summon me whenever a disaster strikes, meaning that as long as I live in this kingdoms I'm not actually out of the game, I'm just in the sidelines.


The boring stuff out of the way, I'll have to duel 2 lives, one as a regular student at Ross and then after school I'll study to become a slayer, but I doubt I'll attend any classes, I was already forced to learn everything at a young age so I might just appear for test and fluff.

. . . . . Narration Flip. . . . .

At His Best Friend's House

Later in the day Hiro and his best pals Tina and Peter came over to Tina's house for a movie night, he was more or less dragged out of his home by the both of them, however not long after getting there, they were asked to help Tina out and clean her room by her mom Ms.Zarutoen since that girl was seriously a lost cause.

And wanting to watch this movie both boys agreed.

It's been a while since the 3 of them had gotten the chance to properly hang out so they weren't going to keep a messy room from ruining their night, so they came to the rescue and helped her out because this was a great horror movie that the all of them were pumped to see, but then.

Suddenly as they were cleaning a tilted box on Tina's shelf was knocked over the edge and–

"I swear on my mum it's not a pink dildo!" Tina

she screamed out as both of her best friends Hiro and Peter had accedently knocked over a container, spilling out all of it's juicy contents onto the floor.

"Um sure..." Hiro

Not wanting to be apart of this situation, the last thing he needes was her grabbing it and hitting the both of them.

But awkwardly stepping back as Tina had steam puffs fuming from her head.

"Yo! My dad has the same thing!" Peter

God damn Peter, shut up she'll shove it down your–

But as cough-cough, the dumb narrator thought that that jelly rubber dildo was going to be shoved down his throat if he commented, the innocent Peter not knowing what exactly that was, said what was on the top of his head and the both of them dropped their jaws onto the floor.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Peter

"WHAT DIDN'T YOU SAY!" the both of them said in the back of their heads, and Hiro casually looked back and stepped away from this situation, leaving the room and leaving both Tina and Peter in thisoop of awkward silence.

'What I say?' Peter thought innocently.

And as fake as it might have seemed he was innocent, and it was because Peter was just an... Well, he was just Peter.

There isn't any explanation for his way of thoughts.

And as Hiro left Tina in there, he was soon to suffer the greatest consequence as he placed an empty box in front of the door... Pretending as if no one would trip over it and he just walked off to the side.


After whatever that was? The 3 of them sat in the living room and were watching a romantic horror movie when.

"So, there's this hot wolf boy in my class who graduated this year with us and he's also going to Ross just like us... A-And... And I'm going to ask him out!" Tina

Tina blurted out gathering their attention like when one of those new yorkers say those famous lines, "I'm walking here!", it's like crack and not the juicy one either.

"You talking about Derek?" Hiro

"Yeah" Tina

"Try challenging him to a fight or shoving a dildo up his a-"

She hit Peter over the head.

"No, Peter might actually be right for once? He's a wolf so if he declines your affection try challenging him to sum, and knowing his wolf traits, he'll do whatever to show his pride and dominate whatever it is... All you have to do is be better than him at it"


He explained and as he did Peter was going to call her manly when she hit him over the head again as she already knew it was coming from him.

"Then you can shove your dildo up his ass~" Hiro

Hiro was hit over the head as well. . .

"It's not a dildo and there isn't going to any ass fucking... probably...But it's not his ass who's getting fucked!" Tina

She blurted out with a heavy blush and steam rolling out her head, she couldn't believe she said that but there was no backing down now.

But then as she glanced at them, they both froze up like she clicked the pause button.

"What can I say... I like it rough~♡" Tina

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" they both shouted

Their voices yelled in sync as their virgin ears did not need to hear her talk dirty about that ravishing wolf boy who they both knew personally, and also knew was practically better than the both of them as well as devilishly hot and probably large as hell!

* * *

Returning home after dawn, he saw his sister casually eating crisps while laying on the couch, glued to the TV.

Just looking at her made him sigh, she was a strong rank 2 sorcerers yet her lifestyle at home isn't exactly what you call the life of a proclaimed prodigy.

But lately, he's learned to just ignore her, after all, she won't listen to a word he says and the only people who get to her are the people close to her...It's as if he's the outcast and he never understood why?

The only person who treated him like an actual human was his Three pal's, and his father, but that guy was the definition of justice and lived to fight evil, so it inflicted a few traits apon him in a good way,

Yet one of his friends and lover had fucked him over.



After preparing dinner for the both of them, he went to get some shut-eye while she stayed up all night and picked at her dinner.

Whatta fucking prick she is.


The following day it was the 2nd day of summer and there was a whole 4 months until he had needed to attend Ross Imperial University(RIU)

Feeling tired nonetheless, he got up... But something felt off, he had just woken up from a really long nap yet he felt drained.

Rising to his feet he felt dizzy, taking a few steps he heard something ominous in his room, immediately turning around as his he instinctively sensed danger he knew something was up.

And behind him was a shadow,

And not the shadow of another person. The monster was called a shadow, it was unclear if it was of Underdark origins or Shadowfell. But no matter how you look at it, that creature was very rare to be seen in town due to protective barriers around the towns, cities, and kindom.

But somehow there was one before his very eyes and in his house for that matter.


Turning to face the creature it had no face but he could feel it intensely looking at him. It was faceless and as he stepped back he grunted as unknowingly from under his very feet his shadow was being siphoned from a thin line to the Shadow monster and a giant chunk of his shadow came to the Shadow making it slightly bigger and him weaker In stamina.

Feeling himself grow weaker he knew it had to do something, something was very strange, and as he felt his physical energy(stamina) slowly fading bit by bit.

Backing away from the creature that got big and bigger he channeled a burning sensation from his lower belly and center spine and it surged through his body like a surge of thunder on a conductor,

Orange channels of magic started flowing through his body and through his arms where his eyes shimmered a mild orange glow and a blast of blue manifested and shot out of his hands, shooting ad tearing away at the shadow.

Blowing up and hitting the wall behind it, naturally damaging the wall and making wood chips fly through the air as it was still intact to a point.


Killing it, a [black energy fragmant] fell to the bed meaning it wasn't something of the Underdark, And to be frank it was strong as a [Black energy fragment] didn't just come out of a normal fuckin monster.

Meaning it could have been abyssal...

As he started thinking and his breath quickened, he started realizing that there was something wrong with this situation, and it was all confined to a soul purpose, or was it just sheer misfortune that led to this situation?

But that didn't matter as it felt like a dull knife was stabbed into his head and it hurt to the point where real blood came out of his ears, nose, and eyes.

As this happened he felt a rush of desire and regret filled him, it was as if he saw his life flash before his eyes,

Because as everything from over the years came back to him,

Down from the intense training and hardships he endured, to a certain heartbreak and practically giving it all up and trying to start anew as a normal person. And even all the way up to when he stained the battle feild with a river of bloody corpses with his father,

It was all just hitting him extremely hard.

And it got to the point where he remembered who exactly he was and what his purpose in life was for, and this wasn't about his old dream of becoming a paladin...




His voice in his head started screaming out as burning magic energy started enveloping him. And a certain thought started raddling him as he could feel it trying to emerge-

'Don't use it! Don't Use It! DON'T USE IT!!!'

As his mind was verbally assaulting itself as it was in a chaotic battle with his body, Eyes started glowing from a mild orange and it started getting bright and brighter.

He could feel the sheer power of an almost rank 4 fire/Phyric sorcerer burn within him with nothing but pure destructive power.

All of his mana was suddenly getting consumed by a particular energy and it was as if his consciousness was fading,

Suddenly out of nowhere 7 shadows grabbed onto him and it snapped him out of it, he instantly reacted and even tho they might not have attacked him and only grabbed onto him, be attacked to killed

He felt that this was a matter of life and death and he wasn't going to let himself die no matter the cost...

Shooting out 2 [mana missiles], he obliterated both of them on his sides and he kicked behind him, bouncing him forward and bashing his head against the shadow in front of him, causing a strand of blood to drip from his forehead.

Freeing himself from their grasp, he shot even more [mana missiles] and they tore through every shadow around him, it hit the walls, door, and he was causing a lot of destruction.




As this shook the house, Mari his sister ran to the doorway from downstairs "what the hell is going on up here!" but as she said that a mana missile came at her.

Luckily she blocked it by putting up a [mana shield], but she wasn't quick enough and slightly take damage from his strong attack.

As the blast was blocked and she slid back from its strength, the dust from the room cleared and she witnessed her brother coated in blood as his room was equivalent to a war zone.

Staring at him with wide-open eyes, a droplet of blood fell from his chin and she could see the desperate look for survival in his phyric eyes before he fell to his knees and collapsed onto the ground.

Dissolving her mana shield she was in shock as she ran over to her little brother,


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