Incubus's Curse: Path To Incubism Book

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Incubus's Curse: Path To Incubism


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To have your heart broken is one thing, but to be cursed by a witch and fed to a succubus is another. Hiro is just an ordinary teenager, well except for the fact he was born into a family of sorcerer's. But that's besides the point and don't worry about the secret imperial academy he's attending after normal school haha. Hiro Natsu just wanted a peacful life, forgetting about his family's legacy and just having fun, but the fates told him he could go fuck himself as his girlfriend which he loved more than anyone broke his heart and then he was captured and his body was messed with. The witch which captured him used him as a toy, just a plaything for her pet succubus in hopes of evolving her and getting her stronger since she could sense he was busting with strong magical energy. But at the same time he thought the fates abandoned him, he ate the forbidden fruit and was cursed. He didn't know if it was by the gods, Satan, the fates, but that day he died and was born anew, Hiro the cursed incubus, He who was once human but is no more and now must travel the path of incubism and to survive he must gain power througnt the erotic arts. -basic Characteristic- [ Willpower: ? ] [ Promiscuity: ?] [ Deviancy: ? ] [ Seduction: ?] ------------------ The cover isn't mine, if the owner wants, find any way to contact me and I'll remove it if this what thou desire. -Oh and- *Edit: I'm not editing this novels, anymore* • I'm currently battling monarch6319, we're kinda having a author vs author war, so show some support and vote using power stones. • They help me to beat Monarch6319 • They give me the ability to write and add more chapters, so show some love and this author-san out


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