94 QnA #8


Here's the QnA for this week, and for once, it's on time.

In this segment we discuss story beats and ckear doubts.

Have any doubts about the story or characters?

Find any plotholes?

How's the story going lately?

Any ideas to improve the story?

Tell me in the comments below.

Special thanks to HerPingus, 123r97 and Unchanging for their advice this week. I used some of your ideas. Hope you don't mind!

Also, I noticed something this week.

Reader VatOfRedundancy has the profile pic of Crocubot from Rick and Morty so now I finally get why he's named VatOfRedundancy.

So that was fun.

Also, thanks to all thaie who donated their powerstones this week. You guys are awesome!

We reached a neat 561 powerstones at the end.


Thanks to everyone who's been reading this story. See you later with another chapter.


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