137 The Council of Final Quest

Herman and the rest of the Fireblades couldn't speak for a while until they return from the shock. There was no shouting of surprise or 'What!' but rather a emotional suprise that can be seen through their faces. Even though its been short, Fireblades considered William to be their own after William's first combat against bandits as adventurers made strong bond of brotherhood through battle.

With initial shock passed and William eager to show his old friends their rewards for the intel they provided. William got up from his throne and welcome the adventurers with open arms as he personally guide them around the fortress including where they will be staying.

For next few days, Fireblades lived like a nobles as William's honor guests and able to move freely with few places limited to them. As for the rewards, William gave each and everyone twenty thousands golds each and chance to live under Cain's Community as new members.

After hearing this offer, everyone accepts as they saw an opportunity to finally retire with no financial burden. Except for Herman who have wife and three children, everyone decided to settledown right away with decree given by William and Lord Commissar Cain.

As for Herman, he decided to leave so he can bring his family to their new home. Hearing this, William order his best men from newly founded company of former White Scars to escort Herman with Thunderhawk. With help from the Khan of speed, Herman managed to bring his family next day with few bags on their backs as they depart from the Astartes transport ship.

As for the rest of the Firebaldes, they settle down in the ever growing Cain's Community as people of all races, classes and races build homes. Each of the members end up getting a job as guards and hunters as their years of experience as adventurers made them expert in those areas.

Later in the year, William later learned that each former members of the Firebaldes end up getting married and to his surprise, all of them end up with former all women adventurers who were members of the former hero's party. William wondered if there was a divine hand work on this or was it a dumb luck of wonder but he decided to just let it go as he and his men soon leave the New World.


Next day,

William was busy making battle plans with his logistics team as he now know where the dragon cults are. Just as his third hours into the meeting, Rana entered the room with her causal clothing but rather in serious face for some reason.

"Let us take a break for a day. We will resume tomorrow." William dismissed the whole team for the day after realizing Rana wasn't here to hang around or kill boredom. After last member of the logistic team left and closed the door, William stand up to get some refreshments while Rana approach the table and took her sit.

"Sorry if I was in the meeting for so long. Why are you here suddenly? Also, coffee or tea?" Asked William as he pour a cup for himself.

"Nothing for me. I'm here to speak to you right now." Said Rana as she wait for William to come back to his table with coffee and plate of snacks.

"Wow, I haven't seen you this serious since our first campaign to the Fort Stormfist." William finally sat down with two plates in his one hand while third plate full of tea pot and cups on the other hand.

"I'm serious, William. This conversation was suppose to happen after we escape from the dungeon but with all the craziness happening, I didn't had chance to speak with you till now." Rana said to William in the manor of very seriousness but it didn't help as she immediately grab few snacks from the first plate to eat it. Seeing this, William pour a tea onto two cups as he knew she can't help herself from eating the snacks if presented.

'Women… Can't stop themselves from eating fries when asked if they wanted some before ordering.' William thought to himself as he pass the first cup of tea to Rana in which she takes it and took a sip.

Seeing his wife (Yes, wife as she accepted William's propersal under the Emperor Class Titan) enjoying a moment of peace, William took his own cup to join the moment. After few minutes of peace of enjoying snacks and tea, Rana put her empty cup down to get back into business of being serious.

"The reason I need to speak with you alone is because of this." Rana bring out a item from her purse in which shock William as he recognized what it was. The Trazyn's Tesseract Cube that holds the splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Leviathan.

"How did you acquired this? I thought none of the Alpha Marines didn't possessed the cube in the first place." William said to Rana as he accepts the cube from her hand to place it on his inventory. The moment he place the cube onto his inventory he saw the description and it was terrifying.

[Trazyn's Tesseract Cube (Contains the former Splinter Fleet of Hive Fleet Leviathan) x1: A former scattered remnants of the main fleet Leviathan, in which grew strong enough to take its own form of hive fleet. After decades of consuming various species of aliens, Imperials colonies, and other natural worlds, this fleet became known as Hive Fleet Wendigo. The Hive Fleet Wendigo's primary way of finding their next planet size meal is by consuming small fleet of spacers such as traders or patrols out side of the star system. After completing the consumption of the fleet, Wendigo trace back the victim's previous planet in which lock on as primary target for consumption for the whole fleet. Hive Fleet Wendigo's main tactic is to use Shadow in the Warp in fullest similar to Hive Fleet Kronos, in which main units are built to fight against beings that possess power of the warp. The key trait of the Wendigo is their ability to regenerate from any wounds including replacing missing limbs. With monster units capable of blasting Shadow in the Warp and ability to regenerate faster than normal regular Tyranid, Hive Fleet Wendigo have potential to become next threat to the Milky Way Galaxy. Unfortunately, during a system to system travel, Trazyn the Infinite intercepted the hive fleet and captured the whole fleet while it was in deep sleep to reserve energy (Translation: Sleep mode). Current status: Trapped in a time loop of traveling to another system. Total number of the hive fleet: 2,783 Bio Ships, over two billions of creatures.]

*Note: In the future if there is a offical Hive Fleet Wendigo, please discard this Hive Fleet as it is for the story of this fanfic.

'By the Emperor's name. This is a world ending item. Damn it Trazyn, I should have just kept him in my inventory when he told me be brough a splinter fleet. This is entire Hive Fleet ready to consume.' William said to himself as he begin to generate a fearsome scenario if Alpha Legion managed to summon the hive fleet. It would have been game over and complete destruction of the New World entirely. As William shake his hands, Rana place hers onto his to comfort him as she also understood what was going on William's mind.

"It turnes out after my resurrection, I received same ability to yours. The ability of storage. It took me really long time to figure things out such as command words and how to bring things out, but I managed few weeks ago. That's why Necron Overlord couldn't find the cubr. It was inside of my inventory this entire time and he didn't know I have one just like you. Silimar to you." Rana said to William as she approach him closer to kiss him.

After the kiss, William smiles as he fully recover from the shock of how close they were from the blink of death. William hold onto Rana and whipers to her ear.

"The Emperor's work is never done, my Living Saint. Emperor protects."


Four Days Later,

William assembled all officers for the final campaign. The number of people assembled for this meeting was massive as everyone from Astra Militarum to captains of different Astartes companies were present. The giant sized war room is capable of sitting three thousand individuals and center have five sits for the Chapter Master and his chosen individuals.

The war room was rowdy as everyone was speaking to each other of wondering what this meeting would be about. From rumor of leaving the New World to finally conquering the rest of the nations, more rumors are invented and spread like a wild fire. That was until main doors to the center sits opens and grand music of the Imperium played, sliencing the whole room.

First to appear from the main doors are Chapter Master's elite honour guards entered as they held power swords with both hands and place themselves face to face as they went down towards the center. After their entrance was done, a dozen soldiers of Astra Militarum appeared above the war room as they place flags of each branch of all military forces under William's command on the flag stands mounted on the high walls. Finally, the flag of the Imperium, the Imperium Aquila lower from the center ceiling, to present the central power of the Imperium overall.

Seeing the Imperium Aquila, everyone stand up from their seats to show respect. After Imperium Aquila is completely lowered, the light shines towards the main door as individuals begins to appear and approach the five chairs but not seated.

First to enter is Lord Commissar Cain, the Hero of the Imperium and founder of a community that carries his very name.

Second person to enter is Lord Castellan Ursarkar E Creed, the last supreme commander of the Caidan forces and living legend to all Imperial Guardsmen.

After Lord Creed is Magos Callis, recently promoted Archmagos of the Admechs and representatives of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Titan Legion.

Fourth is a Living Saint of the Emperor and carries the title of Lioness of Holy Terra, Rana Bassilo Beckett of Argus.

Finally, Chapter Master of the Blacksouls and the one who holds the title of Imperator Fratrum (Commander of the Brother) enteres the war room as his terminator armor weight can be heard with each step he took. William Nullinanis made his way to his chair, the center of the room and position of command as room remain silent.

Before taking his sit, William scan the room and after he is satisfied, he sit down in which everyone including four senior members of the military forces. The meeting of final quest begin as success of this quest will allow William and his forces to leave the New World once and for all.

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