4 Invitation chat group members! Makino's tavern


Whilewalking in the village street, Lionel pursed his lips when he sensed the unfriendly eyes of the inhabitants. It was because of his tattered clothes and his wild and unkempt appearance .

He took a deep breath and changed his direction towards a closed area.

"Arya, open the dimension store for me."

[Dimension Store is Closed]

"Why is it closed?!"

[You have to turn on the group chat first, add members to it and a full shop will open from the world of chat group members]

"Okay, I get it. Let me think about who I should invite first." Lionel Pondered.

Lionel had already decided who he would invite to the chat group from the one-piece world, but he's completely clueless about the remaining three. He didn't want to include male members at the moment as he was selfish, but it was his will, so all he had to do was choose three beauties-Ahem, three women from different worlds that he knows well.

"Okay, Arya, I've decided! How can I make an invitation then?" He asked excitedly.

[First, you need to define and validate the appropriate user policies]

"Okay, give me a moment!"

Lionel opened the yellow interface of the subsystem and he was directed to the user policy area. He then began to add the rules he saw fit, and the list was quickly filled with various rules and user policies, but it was not particularly difficult like Facebook, and others, just some easy laws.

"What now?"

[You can use the four invite opportunities for this month from the "Personal Invitation" icon. After choosing someone, the system will automatically connect to it via the interface and they will also get the interface of your subsystem, but you will control the features that you will allow them to use]

"Ok, Got it." Lionel did not delay any longer and immediately began to invite those girls he really liked.

[Boa Hancock from 'One Piece' dimension]


[Erza Scarlet from "Fairy Tail" dimension]


[Tachibana Hinata from the dimension "Tokyo Revengers"]

[Confirmation ]

[Chu Yuechan from "Against the Gods" dimension]

[Confirmation ]

He definitely wanted to invite more but the invite icons ran out, he had to wait a whole month or upgrade the system to invite more beautiful women-Ahem, chat group members.

He was so excited because soon, he would chat with the best girls characters in his belief!

You might think he used a precious invitation to Hancock who is in his world, but she is important to his plans so he preferred to invite her now.

As soon as he pressed on the four [Confirmation] Icons, four golden threads emerged from his facade that no one else could see except him. The three of them escaped through different space cracks whilst the fourth traveled at the speed faster than light in the direction of the Calm Belt.

He didn't wait long and he received a reminder from Arya that the four women had received their chat interface and from now on, they would be considered small sub-systems under his grand sub-system.

Before he could check it, he hurriedly entered the [Dimensional Store] and he found four were open. Namely; One Piece, Tokyo Revengers, Fairy Tail, and Against Gods. He could buy anything from them as long as he had Store Coins!

He didn't think much now and used the store for "One-piece". He then entered the clothes list and he saw a lot of clothes suitable for him and chose the most expensive one of them, which cost only 10 Store Coins! It surprised him, but not by much.

[You have purchased a complete suite x1]

[Deposited in your inventory]

"Thank you, Arya."

'Inventory!' Lionel called mentally and an almost empty inventory window opened, but he didn't think much and took the uniform from inventory space.

Out of nowhere, a black trousers and a shirt with some gray patterns and elegant gray shoes appeared in front of him..

[Why didn't you use the automatic equip function?]

"Is there such a function?" Lionel was pleasantly surprised that it would ease him into a lot of trouble. The battle would be the stage for this function to shine, but it's not bad to use it for dressing up also.

[You can think of returning them to the inventory and they will come back, then turn on the auto-equip function manually on the inventory interface and then you can equip by just thinking]

Lionel then did what Arya said, and the result was a young man as handsome as he was not before. Indeed, clothes make men and this is an indisputable fact. Although the clothes of the world in one piece can not be compared to those back to earth, it still has its elegance and it perfectly fits the figure Lionel.

After Lionel straightened his messy hair with a comb and mirror that he bought from the store of the system as well, and after making sure that he looks good, he admired himself before he finally came out of the enclosed space toward the main street of the village, and this time not receiving looks of disdain!

Their looks now werl full of curiosity, passion, admiration, and even love from some of the little girls!

"Is this the effect of elegant clothes or am I just too handsome?" As he walked across the street to a certain place, he spoke to himself with a narcissistic voice.

[This is the effect of clothes...]

Lionel's face instantly blackened.

"I want my sensitive and cute Arya! Where is she, Huh?!" Lionel was shocked at the gentle spirit of the system that had suddenly become mischievous. .

[Haha, did you think I'd always be lenient? I'm a live being and not an AI you can customize as you think! Even before you give me a specific name, gender, and voice, I has my ideas]



In a quiet bar that only had a few clients, a thin and beautiful woman with dark green hair and big black eyes stood on the counter. She wore a shawl over the back of her hair and a waitress apron. She looked simple, but at the same time she is a masterpiece..

She looked like a typical Milf with a bountiful breast and a delicious ass!

She had a gentle smile on her face as she looked at the boy who had a serious expression as he asked her in an unusually low voice, "Makino-san! Did my grandfather go back to the ship? He isn't looking for me, right?"

Makino chuckled and replied to the boy with a straw hat on his head. "Of course, all the villagers saw him supporting a wounded young man and took him to his ship."

Makino's reply was brief but for the boy, it feels like he escaped a calamity!

"Shishishi! I thought he was going to find me and try to take me against my will to the navy again!" He laughed out loud before adding, "That was unacceptable! I am the man who will become the Pirate King! How can I join the Marines, Shishishi!"

At this moment, Lionel entered the pub and his entry attracted the attention of everyone present as he used his brutal aura to pressure the drunken men in the pub, making their face pale. Then they realized their mistake and immediately bowed in apology and there was even someone who fled in fear!

With a bright smile on his face, he walked over to the table overlooking Makino and sat down elegantly.

"Welcome, what would you like to drink, my noble sir?" Makino secretly wondered about the origin of this handsome young man, but still gave a gentle smile and asked for her Client's request.

"Anything made by your hand will be delicious, I'm sure of it." He gave Makino a handsome smile before trying to flirt with her.

"You're right, Makino-san's food is delicious! Shishishishi!" The 'Straw hat' boy agreed before laughing.

Hearing this voice, Lionel Turned to his side and was surprised to see who the boy was. The 16-year-old young man appeared to be wearing a yellow straw hat with a red ribbon at the center, blue shorts, and a red sleeveless jacket.

This was none other than Monkey D. Luffy! This world's protagonist!

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