1 I Have Reincarnated Into The World Of One Piece!



In a jungle, seemingly strange if compared to the forests on planet earth, there was a body of a young man that was not breathing. He is like a corpse or he is indeed a corpse.

But! It didn't take long for the young man who is supposed to be a corpse to open his eyelids, then deep confusion appeared in the boy's brown eyes.

The young man struggled to get up and after trying so hard, he sat himself on the cold ground. His body is full of scrapes and bruises as if he had been beaten by a large group of people and then thrown out here in the open to rot..

This was exactly what happened. Lionel had completely absorbed the memories of the dead youth who also had the same name, and from those memories, he had seen the brutality that his current benefactor had suffered before his death. It was when he was peacefully gathering herbs in the forest and far away about trouble, he unexpectedly ran into a group of mountain bandits out of place today, and that resulted in his miserable death.

The former Lionel was just an orphan and poor boy who had suffered for eighteen years of his life.

He was five years old when he was taken out of the kingdom of Goa and thrown into the gray terminal, but he could not bear to live with the garbage, and so two years later, he moved to the mountains and lived In a small village not far from Foosha village, it is called Cloud Village.

(Foocha village is the village of the original hero Monkey D Luffy)

As for the current Lionel, he doesn't remember anything about his past life except the mangas and anime he watched. He had a feeling it wasn't as bad as his predecessor, but it wasn't good either.

Lionel took a deep breath and shouted in his mind. 'The Goa Kingdom! the Gray Terminal! Foosha Village! Mountain Bandits! Pirates! Nobles! Aren't those terms from the One Piece manga?!'

"No, it's literally the One Piece manga!" Lionel almost slapped himself for his stupidity.

"Am I dreaming now? This can't be a dream, can it?" He said before pinching himself.

"Ouch! So I am not dreaming! This is all real!!!"

Lionel then took a big breath and held his excitement. After calming down, he then stood up and slowly took his first steps in this life and went towards a nearby stream with his legs shaking from pain.

After he arrived in front of the river, he watched himself in the reflection of the crystal water; he saw a young man that was at least two meters tall, but as thin as a matchstick. He then looked as if he was 20 years old but he was sure that he was only 18 years old, with brown eyes, pale brown skin and short curly black hair with some white tufts.

Sadly, the former Lionel was very poor and didn't have the necessary foods to feed himself to become healthy, if not he would surely look handsome like a model on earth..

Lionel liked his new look very much, but he soon became as pale as a ghost.

He remembered that he was reincarnated in the world of One Piece!

He was reincarnated into a forest full of monsters and bandits, added that he is in a situation that needed medical attention urgently as he was still bleeding, and that's not all! This "One Piece" world is very dangerous, in his current state he will surely die within a day if not hours!!

Since he still had all his memories from the manga and anime, he knew very well the danger of the "One Piece" world, if he didn't get his golden finger he would surely die.

"Sigh, from those novels and fanfics that I read, most reincarnations like me got their gold finger or cheats to get to the top, so where's my gold finger!? It doesn't have to get me to the top, I just want something that allows me to live!" Lionel shouted in frustration while clutching his hair.

Lionel sat down at the edge of the stream and washed his dirty face, before drinking to quench his thirst.

Glup, Glup, Glup

After quenching his thirst, he felt some physical strength coming back to him, then he turned around and looked at the trees and grass scattered at the place. He then looked at the tattered clothes he was wearing, and he didn't have anything to change as that was all he had for now.

Before he became bitter about his misfortune, he heard a cold mechanical voice in his mind that interrupted his train of thoughts.


[You have obtained the main system, the (Destiny Steal System)!]

Lionel's train of thoughts blanked, then after a couple of seconds, it quickly became chaotic again with the intensity of the excitement he felt.

"Here! It's here! HA HA HA! My golden finger is here!!! System, hell I got a syst- Oww!!" He shouted and jumped in joy because of excitement but it died down when he felt pain wash all over his body.

Lionel wasn't able to curse when he heard another mechanical tone, which left his mind blank.


[You have acquired the (Dimensional Chat Group) subsystem!]

"The hell?! Another golden finger?! I have two golden fingers!!" He again shouted but didn't do unnecessary movements to avoid the pain of his injuries.

Lionel's mind was overwhelmed with excitement with adrenaline rushing into his mind, leaving his mind blank for a moment.

After he finished his hysterical celebration and returned to reality, he fell into deep thought.

Even if he missed his existential memories, it did not affect his current existence. From his memories in the world of entertainment (anime, manga, manhwa, novels, fanfic) he had obtained a huge amount of information, which made him unwilling to think about anything else about the past life He wanted to live free like an anime protagonist , he wanted to experience the feeling of having the strength and a higher level like a unbeatable MC of a novel, and he wanted to have fun and make a huge harem like the ones he read on fanfics!!!

And whoever stood in the way of his dream, he would become like (Yun che), (Fang Yuan), or simply become a God of Destruction to them! It didn't matter to him if that was evil in the eyes of the world. Anyone who wants his 'possessions' will become an enemy and the enemies must die.

Lionel is a very clever person. He analyzed all his memories and got a lot of ideas for how to live his life and survive in a cruel world like one piece. it's just that he was not brave before without any guarantee of his survival, but now? It's very different! He has two systems! Although one is the main and the other is a subsystem, the fact that they are two systems cannot be changed.

After the adrenaline in his body calmed down from the intensity of excitement, intense pain from his broken bones and torn wounds attacked him until he screamed.


He then fell to the ground, unable to move a muscle.




After a while, as Lionel was about to close his eyes from feeling such intense pain, he heard a deep and raspy voice not far from him. He was now laying in an open grassy area but there were few tall trees that gave him a shade that surrounded him from the sunlight.

A muscular old man came out of the trees and unknowingly walked towards him. He was carrying a bag of biscuits that he eats from time to time, He have white hair that signified his long years, his sunken eyes that bore the pressure of someone who had went through a lot, but his majestic white robe on his wide back proved that he was influential and powerful person, his brutal presence himself warns you not to mess with him, but his smiling face strangely denies it.

Lionel raised his head with difficulty and his gaze met the old man's eyes.

"Bwahahahaha! What is it boyo? You have a really strong will, with this kind of wound and a weak body, you should be dead by now!" The old man laughed while scratching the back of his head.

The old man then stepped forward to support Lionel to stand up and then asked him.

"What's your name, boy?"

"Uhm… My name is Lionel..." Lionel was still confused by the current situation, but the notice and the interface that appeared inside his head when the old man touched him made him even more confused.


[The host has interacted to the Destiny of 'Powerful Person']

[Name: Monkey D. Garp ❎

Nickname: Marine Hero, Iron Fist ❎

Age: 75 years old ❎

Gender: Male ❎

Occupation: Vice-Admiral of the Navy ❎

Skills: Physical Strength (Mastery, Peak) ✅

Haki of Armament (Mastery, Peak) ✅

Haki of Observation (Mastery, Advanced) ✅

Six Naval Skills (Mastery, Peak) ✅

Sword Mastery

(Mastery, Basic) ✅

Weapon Mastery

(Mastery, Intermediate) ✅

Navigational mastery

(Mastery, Basic) ✅

[The host can steal one Destiny from the list, However, The Host cannot loot identity, age, and job because the main-System level is not enough]

[By plundering the Destiny of a certain ability, the host will obtain it without any side effects, but the previous owner will lose it and will not remember its existence because its same Destiny will be transferred to the host]

The system summed everything up simply so that there would be no confusion, it is a good syste- No, it's crazy good!

When Garp saw Lionel's very excited face, he sighed in his mind and thought that the poor young man had recognized him as the marine hero Garb, as he seemed so happy when he saw him, but unbeknownst to him, he had fallen into a pit that he will never be able to escape..

Garb patted Lionel's shoulder before saying, "What happened to you, boyo? How did you get so hurt?"

Garp's voice reminded Lionel that he is in front of a powerful and influential person, he then looked at Garp with a complex look with some hidden guilt as he was going to plunder a special ability from this oldman.

"While searching for some rare herbs in this safe place of the forest, I came across mountain bandits, I was violently attacked by them." Lionel lowered his head as he told the truth.

He then continued, "And you, what are you doing here, old man? By the way, Thanks for helping me stand, I'll be happy to help you if I can!"

"Bwahahahaha, you're a good boyo! But you're still a hundred years young to help me! Bwahahaha!" Garp shoves some biscuit in his mouth at once, then adds, "I am here because my annoying grandson ran away when he heard I was back and I was looking for him to give him some love! Bwahahahaha!"

Hearing this, Lionel looked at Garp's right fist and felt goosebumps


Then he thought inwardly, `So there's kind of painful love... Well I've thought well of what kind of ability I'm going to take from you old man and I'm sorry in advance but it's essential to my existence, so good to meet you on my first day in this world!'

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