In The Multiverse With Two Golden Fingers! (Don't Read) Book

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In The Multiverse With Two Golden Fingers! (Don't Read)


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Lionel suddenly woke up in a strange forest, with no memories of his previous life except for his personal name, he realized that he was reincarnated! Want to know why did he realize he was reincarnated? He still keeps all his memories of all the novels, fanfics, manga, and manhwa that he read, even the anime and Marvel movies are still in his mind so that they have become very clear because his mind is empty of everything else other than them. [Ding!] [You have obtained the 'Destiny Steal System' main system] [Ding!] [You've got the 'dimensional chat group' subsystem] Suddenly he heard a mechanical sound in his mind, making his mind blank. (The novel will be a multiverse, the first world is One Piece, the second world is against the gods, I haven't decided the rest yet) {There's a really huge harem here, so if that's not your interest just don't read on} -------------------------------------------------- This is my second book, I only write for fun, and practice for my original novel, but I intend to keep working hard to the end if the audience likes it. *Reminder* This is an alternate world, everything that happens in this story has absolutely nothing to do with the original stories. Chapters will be daily, average words per class: 2000, no matter what characters I create, the rest is the property of the owners. The new cover is not mine, I just added some little tweaks like MC's Jolly Roger, if you don't like it you can change it. I don't own (one piece) nor its main characters, and I don't own all of the upcoming works, all I own is the hero and some of the few characters I will probably make. The worlds I've chosen at yet are One Piece. Against The Gods. Fairy Tail. Tokyo Revengers. The Legendary Mechanic. Naruto. Akame Ga Kill. Nanatsu no Taizai. and Solo Leveling. My account Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BlackStar_BH