In the Marvel Universe as Wonder Woman's boyfriend

Russel finds himself suddenly transported from your ordinary world to a super dangerous world that has a rabbit hole deeper than a black hole, but luckily he has a cheat code that will help him, but... cough... looks like he is now the boyfriend of the famous and mighty Wonder Woman? . . . . - Credits to Monster Apprentice

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Helping Hydra Steal Symbiotes

Justice League Headquarters.

Meeting room.

Russell, Kara, and Hulk sat silently in the room, not saying a word.

Hulk held a keg of beer and sat in his designated spot.

Russell and Kara faced each other.

Not long ago, Kara had her face pressed into the ground by Russell, and she had also experienced the torturous tickling sensation that made her wish for death. Yet now, she was looking at Russell with an intense "killing intent" visible in her large eyes.

Kara was demonstrating through her actions what it meant when someone's eyes revealed a desire to kill.

Russell paid no attention to the "killing intent" in Kara's eyes and was seriously pondering a question.

The battle between him and Kara had ended with his victory.

However, at the same time, he had encountered a troublesome problem.

Making a Kryptonian symbiote possession and achieving complete control over them turned out to be much more challenging than he had imagined.

When symbiote possessed Hulk, it only took fifteen seconds for preliminary control and one minute for complete control.

Yet, when possessing Kara, it required a whole minute for preliminary control and five minutes for complete control.

While Russell had expected that Kara's Kryptonian physiology would be stronger than Hulk's, he hadn't anticipated the gap to be this significant.

Although this discrepancy was only in the duration of possession, it clearly indicated a difference.

However, this only solidified his determination to obtain the Kryptonian Heritage reward.

The Kryptonian Heritage, he was going to obtain it!

Kara couldn't stop him; Russell said so!

While his determination was firm, activating the Kryptonian Heritage reward remained a complicated issue.

From Kara's expression now, it seemed that becoming her boyfriend wasn't easy, and even becoming her platonic friend of the opposite sex wouldn't be simple.

If he had the chance, Russell would never doubt that Kara would "kill" him immediately.


It certainly wasn't easy to activate a powerful reward.

Russell was starting to doubt the activation conditions for the "Venom Symbiote" reward.

Spending 24 hours alone with Eddie Brock!

This condition was practically being handed to him on a silver platter.

Currently, Kara had no idea what Russell was thinking. However, she was contemplating whether she should go to Diana to report him.

Having her face rubbed against the ground was one thing, but making her experience that agonizing, embarrassing itchiness was another. If she could, Kara would have lunged at him and bitten him to death right now.

After biting him, she would completely obliterate him with her heat vision and super breath.

"Don't give me that look like you want to kill me. Those who dare to look at me with such eyes have all been buried by me."

Russell glanced at Kara, who was still fuming, and said slowly.

Despite Kara's good looks and great figure, even in her alluring Supergirl uniform with the exposed midriff and ultra-short skirt, Russell's disapproval of her current expression wasn't swayed.


Although Kara was feeling quite resentful inside, she turned her gaze away from Russell when she heard his words, snorting with her nose.

Upon hearing Kara's response, Russell furrowed his brows slightly.

Is using this kind of nasal snort to express emotions a thing in this age group?

Gwen was like that, and now Kara is too.

Could it be that I'm really getting old?

As soon as this thought crossed his mind, Russell dismissed it.


I'm still young!

I'm strong, energetic, and not old at all!'

Looking at Russell and Kara falling back into silence, Hulk put down the keg of beer in his hand, raised his right hand, and pointed at Kara. In a low voice, he asked, "Does Kara live here too?"

"No, she doesn't live here. She lives in the apartment next to mine."

Russell answered casually.

Right after he finished speaking, Kara, who had been huffing, suddenly blushed.

Although she didn't say anything, both Hulk and Russell noticed her sudden blush.

What's gotten into this girl now?

Russell looked at Kara in puzzlement.

Seeing his puzzled gaze, Kara suddenly slammed the table, saying loudly, "No, I want to live here!"

"Are you sure? This place is quite far from the company. Don't tell me you plan to fly to the company every day."

Russell said slowly.


The confident Kara was momentarily taken aback.

Although Kara didn't say anything further, her delicate face was growing redder by the moment.

As Kara's face grew increasingly flushed, Russell suddenly realized what was happening.

"No! You should live here. I'll arrange a driver for you. You can come to the company whenever you want!"

Russell quickly said.

When Kara's fair and lovely face started turning red, he hadn't thought much of it.

However, as her face became even redder, he instantly caught on.

Kara had super hearing!

This superpower was usually fine.

However, there were times when it became rather embarrassing.

Especially at night.

Recalling Diana's behavior last night and their conversation, Russell's expression became a little strange.

Diana had been slightly more excited than usual last night, and her voice had been a bit louder.

However, that wasn't the main point. The main point was the conversations he and Diana had shared.

Those discussions that were not suitable for children and might easily trigger concerns about censorship.

Russell wondered if Kara was determined to challenge him.

When he said she lived in an apartment, she insisted on staying at Justice League Headquarters.

Yet when he suggested she stay at Justice League Headquarters, she outright refused.

"No! I want to live in an apartment!"

"Stay here!"


"Stay here!"

"I'm going to tell Diana that you won't let me stay in an apartment!"


When Kara moved out of Diana's place, the topic of whether she should stay in an apartment or at Justice League Headquarters came to an end.

Kara, continue living in the apartment.

Damn it!

He shouldn't have agreed to let Kara stay in the apartment from the beginning yesterday!

As Russell fell silent and Kara wore a smug expression that seemed to say "I won," Hulk slowly raised his right hand and earnestly said, "Hulk also wants to live in an apartment."

"Shut up, you're staying here!"

Russell replied irritably.


Hulk put down his raised hand and picked up the keg of beer again, looking somewhat aggrieved.

Half an hour later.

Russell was the first to return to the Octopus Monster Industrial Headquarters building.

Kara didn't come back with him.

She had gone back to the apartment to change clothes.

As Russell pondered whether to continue playing the Assasins Creed in his office or go out to find Gwen, his phone rang.

A call from Bakshi.

As soon as the call connected, Bakshi's voice came through.

"The organization has a task now and hopes you can help handle it."

Bakshi's tone was very polite.

"What task?"

Although Russell hadn't done any tasks for HYDRA so far, now he didn't mind hearing what task Bakshi was referring to.

"The organization wants you to help retrieve something from a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base."

Retrieve something?

The Tesseract?

An image of the Tesseract flashed through Russell's mind.

"What is it that you want me to retrieve?"

His tone became slightly more serious as he asked slowly.

"An extraterrestrial life form, a symbiote!"

A symbiote?

Upon hearing Bakshi's words, Russell was instantly taken aback.

"What symbiote? Explain it clearly."

As he spoke to Bakshi, he had 3 retrieve the most recent information on Eddie Brock.


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