246 Chapter 245 The Compensation of Fate

In the Great Hall, the bright yellow fire after sprinkling the floo powder soon turned into a cluster of green flames.

Immediately after, the flame changed into a human face, and Dumbledore's face that has not changed much appeared in the fireplace.

On this occasion to meet with Dumbledore, Jon did not bring all the students together.

Some of the things that are happening on land won't bring any benefit to them to know it early when they are on the sea, and the issue regarding Voldemort's pact, before things are made clear, there is a need for a certain amount of secrecy.

So it was just Jon and Nick in the great hall for this meeting, and the rest of the students were in class.

"I asked Fawkes to bring you the letter that you should have read, Jon, but we should leave the contents of the letter aside for now, there is another very important thing you need to do."

Dumbledore had a serious expression.

"On the Headmaster's office in the cabin, on my desk, I put a crystal orb commonly used to keep divination, but that orb did not contain any divination information, rather it has the voyage route mapped out for you guys to follow. But in line with the recent events, you must change the next route."

Jon frowned as he followed his thoughts, on the letter yesterday, the battle regarding the attack on the re-educational camp was very clear, especially what Voldemort said to Dumbledore.

He could think of the reason why Dumbledore had to make such an arrangement.

"The Dark Lord, he's going to send people to find us?"

"Not going to." Dumbledore corrected his words and said seriously, "He is bound to have sent someone there already, he should have noticed the problem after we showed those two Azkaban Aurors in public, and at that time he probably would have already sent someone to look for you guys, and he speculated you as another person, someone who is also very powerful."

Jon caught what Dumbledore was trying to emphasize.

"The men he sent out were based on the standard of his guess of us being that powerful foe?"

Dumbledore nodded.

"Not only that, after this incident, he is likely to go over to you personally. Of course, it also depends on to what extent he is recovering from his current state, and whether what was hidden in the past is important to him or not."

"But no matter what is going to happen, we have to stay absolutely cautious on this, because the situation on the French side needs us to expand the success of that battle, plus Hogwarts itself was protected by the age restrictions I placed on it for the sake of the safety, I didn't send more people on board to protect you guys all the time. But I'll let Fawkes stay with you guys from now on, and once the worst happens, you need to let Fawkes come to me immediately, and I'll come and deal with the things."

Jon and Nick looked at each other, there was no objection to Dumbledore's arrangement.

Jon did not fall into blind confidence because of his several achievements after sailing, even if he can put aside Voldemort for a short while due to his condition, if he had to face the elite Death Eaters head-on, he would not be able to gain many advantages, especially in the case of not knowing how many people there are on the other side.

Of course, after Sir Stoker kept his promise and gave him the slate on which he had only absorbed just a little more than half of the magic power while there were still a lot of magic runes left on it, as long as he maintained sufficient magic power in the gem, even if he really met them in the end, he could stay calm.

"Then how do we change the voyage?" Nick asked Dumbledore about this.

"As long as the magic on that crystal orb is erased, the whole ship's automatic navigation will disappear, which, Jon, you should be able to do easily. After that, you can determine the final destination following the nautical chart on the crystal orb, and then choose the direction of travel by yourself, but this can only guarantee your safety in the process of travel, after finally reaching the destination there is a great possibility that you will encounter risk when you have to act according to the circumstances, and if you encounter problems that cannot be resolved by you, contact me immediately."

Dumbledore has arranged things properly, and Jon only needs to do according to his words for now.

After finishing these things, Dumbledore looked at Jon with a wink and a smile.

"Now that we've talked about the key points, we can talk about what has happened. So can you tell me about what has happened to you guys these days?"

To this Jon naturally did not hide anything, he began to tell how they arrived at that tower, until later met Sir Stoker, to the discovery of the stone slab, and finally the confrontation at the top of the tower was told in full.

Dumbledore listened very carefully and when he heard that Sir Stoker died along with that high tower, after being blown up by a rocket that started from under the sea, his gaze clearly showed a trace of regret.

"He was a great man."

Dumbledore said softly.

"But the Dark Lord buried the ideals and aspirations of his vision for the wizarding world and all wizards for himself."

"If he had requested you and wanted to come to Hogwarts as a professor, would you have granted his application?" Jon asked.

Dumbledore's answer was not half hesitant.

"That's for sure, Jon. A talent for magic would perhaps attract the attention of most wizards more than anything else, but Sir Stoker himself possesses a mind that the vast majority of wizards do not, and a professor at a wizarding school must not only teach his students magic but also impart the right philosophy to them about magic and the world.

This is what Hogwarts previously did not have. Since the loss of Hogwarts Castle and the beginning of the exile, I have been thinking about whether it is right or wrong that magical education has not changed much since the beginning of time. If it is wrong, then what is it that we lack? I would love to make improvements in this area, but because of the turbulent times, there has never been the right opportunity or person to do something about it.

Sir Stoker is obviously a very suitable candidate, if he is willing to come to Hogwarts to teach, I don't have any reason to refuse."

Jon said with some sadness.

"But Sir, he is dead, I had a chance to save him, and his house elf had a chance to save him, but he himself has chosen to give up his life completely."

Dumbledore sighed.

"You've done well enough Jon, it was his own choice, you claimed that what he had done had received little recognition in his life, but in the end, you praised his beliefs, didn't you? This is perhaps fate's final compensation for him."

Finally, Dumbledore mentioned the matter of the pact.

"Luck is on our side, you broke that pact at the right time. If it had been a little earlier, the Dark Lord would likely not have confronted me head-on, and if it had been a little later, then my own life would have been in question."


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