244 Chapter 243 Boys and Girls Experience

A few weeks later, when the first month of the new year just began, the merpeople who returned to the sea, spontaneously tried to find Sir Stoker's body who had been quite kind to them at the bottom of the sea, but there was no luck, and they weren't able to find his body.

Later on, the merpeople were able to pick up some broken bones at the bottom of the sea, not knowing whether they belonged to Sir or the house elf, Rabier, who followed Sir.

To express their gratitude and nostalgia for that Sir, several merpeople tribes gathered together, and they carved a statue of him on the surface of the sea in line with the appearance of that Sir.

The merpeople and Sir were old neighbours, they all knew Sir's preferences, so they carved a stone statue of Sir holding a star map in one hand, holding a telescope in the other, looking solemnly up at the sky.

They found a way to stabilize the statue on the surface of the sea so that he would not sink to the bottom of the ocean and never see the stars, nor drift away from the sea with the waves, and be found by the muggles.

Time passed day by day, and it is not clear when, at night when the merpeople showed up on the surface of the sea to enjoy the sea breeze, they would often see a hazy person sitting there near the statue of Sir.

That person almost looked identical to Sir when he was alive, and he didn't make any response when the merpeople tried to call out to him, just sitting quietly, staring at the bright starry sky in silence.

It was as if that was all that existed in his world.


After leaving the sea where the tower is located, the life of the students on board gradually returned to the right track.

In the first few days, the students who stayed on the ship during those days, listened to Ron and Lee with great interest as they recounted the experiences of the group in the tower.

"In the end if not for Jon, we might have really died there, those black cats forced us into the ranch ..."

Ron was speaking in a colourful style when a fourth-year girl reminded him.

"According to the characteristics you described, those black cats are a magical creature that looks like a cat and is known as Matagot, a magical creature that basically only lives in France and has a very high level of threat."

"Well, regardless of whether it's called Matagot or a black cat or whatever, their numbers seem like they can increase indefinitely regardless of what we did." Ron went on to say.

"Neville, Lee and I were forced into the pasture, it was a grassland used for sheep, although the place is big enough, it was just a little too empty, we were chased by those black cats and ran around the sheep several times, then Neville came up with an idea, saying that if we continue to run on, even if we are not bitten to death, we will sooner or later be exhausted, so we can only try to take on the sheep form and become part of the herd. "

"But neither Neville nor I have learned anything about human transfiguration, luckily Lee did! And he said that during his third-year finals, Professor McGonagall specifically praised him for his excellent skills in human-to-animal transfiguration."

George and Fred on the side pierced it down without mercy.

"He's bragging! Professor McGonagall has never praised his transfiguration skills."

Ron also said in exasperation.

"Yes, and what happened later showed us that he was blowing his brains out! But at the time, Neville and I didn't know about it and hearing his assurances like that, we put the technical task in his hands. We rushed into the flock and then took he took the opportunity to turn us into sheep, we disguised ourselves as sheep who were frightened and fleeing, and those black cats were really fooled."

"They tried to find us using the smell, but the smell of sheep around us was too heavy and had helped us cover up the smell. Our plan had gone well up to this point, but there was a problem with Lee's transfiguration."

"He turned us into sheep with no tails or hooves! Those black cats soon noticed this and found us out, we could only continue to escape, and finally luckily found the opportunity to escape from that room when we heard Jon calling for us, otherwise, now we are estimated to have turned into poop to be pooped out!"

Lee did not justify his bragging, rather he said proudly.

"In that situation, I have to reassure you guys first before anything else, and there was no other better way, besides, didn't it turn out well? My Transfiguration bought us enough time until Jon arrived to save us!"

He said it as a matter of course, not at all ashamed that he had to be saved by a student who is years younger than him.

No one at Hogwarts will treat Jon as an ordinary third-year student, in the hearts of everyone on this ship now, in the absence of Dumbledore, he is the leader to lead the journey, and everyone can absolutely trust and rely on him.

After the boys' experiences were told, everyone was curious about what happened to the two girls as well.

Through Ron's narration, they all knew that the five of them were separated in the last most urgent moment, so where did Hermione and Luna go at that time?

"Do any of you know what happened under the ocean and what that thing flew up and ended up bombing the whole tower?"

Hermione questioned others before saying what happened to them.

The people around them all shook their heads.

They are, even if most of them are children from muggle families, basically, no one can recall things like rockets and spacecraft, not to mention that Britain itself has not invested much of its energy and prestige in this.

"That is a rocket that can send people into the sky, similar to the magic world's flying broom, only it can make people fly higher and faster, even out of the planet we live on."

Hermione explained to them.

"That Sir hid such a thing under his tower, when Luna and I escaped to the ground floor but could not open the door, we broke into the cabinet of that rocket when there was no way out."

The students looked at each other.

"You guys entered inside the thing that exploded!"

Luna said with an affirmative nod as well.

"Yes, there were a lot of flashing lights and instruments, we went in and were looking for an exit to get out back to the sea, but before we could find it, the instruments suddenly flashed red and there were shouts everywhere all around us like a fierce ghost!"

Luna's voice was already very wispy, and when she told this story it gave people a sense of fright.

Hermione helplessly revised her numerous times.

"That's not the cry of a fierce ghost, Luna, that's the sound of an alarm, an alert sound of muggles in an emergency. When we heard that sound, we felt something was wrong, and there was no way for us to do anything else in that situation, but to risk breaking a piece of glass inside the rocket with a Severing charm and going into the sea from inside."

"We were very deep under the sea, Luna almost failed to make it up, because there was no oxygen we almost choked to death by the seawater, good thing I have some swimming experience, and eventually was able to return to the surface with her, and was picked up by Jon."


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