239 Chapter 238 The Pact that disappeared like the wind

A gap was broken in the black dark clouds at some point, revealing a bright starry sky within.

Sir Stoker looked at those flickering points of light as if his whole world was left with these unreachable things.

Under the surface of the sea, the Soyuz 3 spaceship hidden under the tower was activated by some unknown program, it broke out of the sea, like a sharp knife cutting through bamboo, and the tower named "Starr" continued to be destroyed by the bottom to the top.

The whole place is shaking, the elf Rabier obviously can take his master from here at any time to leave, but ultimately he chose to respect the old Sir's wishes, accompany him and become part of his dream together, and die on top of the tower.

The Soyuz 3 spaceship, which had previously been kept under seawater without a chance to be freed from there, seemed to undergo tremendous pressure, and the fuel-generated boost only made at most a third of it rise to the surface!

Sir Stoker laughed out loud, and he opened his arms as if to embrace all the things in front of him!

"Starry sky! Is there anything more beautiful than you in this world?"

The next moment, an explosion loud enough to make the sky tremble rang out!

The sea boiled for hundreds of meters around, and the entire tower was engulfed in crimson flames that continued to surge upward and tear the sky apart!

The impact of that huge explosion sent shock waves across the sea!

Higher than any high wall in the world, the waves rose to the sky, and then fell to the sea like a waterfall!

Hogwarts although already deviated, but it still has not escaped from the range of this explosion.

The shock wave that spread in all directions came in contact with the hull of the Hogwarts, however, a transparent light shield appeared on the surface of the ship, with violent ripples it ultimately saved the entire ship without encountering direct damage.

Although the ship's hull was shaken by the aftermath of the explosion, as well as the waves of the sea, there was nothing that could be done to isolate it with the protection magic.

The good thing is, Jon has let all the students return to the cabin in advance, and stay in their own dormitory, firmly grasping the four-poster bed nailed to the floor, therefore although the swaying of the ship was great, it did not bring greater impact on the students.

And Jon did not return to the cabin, he floated in mid-air, his feet did not step on the deck, and thus he was not disturbed by the shaking, he just stared at Sir Stoker and saw him off for the last time.

He lamented how pure the old Sir held his ideals, but also very unashamed of what Voldemort did.

Because of the pact, he could not use magical means to force Sir Stoker to work for him, so he used the "exchange" method to complete the pact, and brought this spacecraft, which was unknown how he got it as a prepaid "deposit ".

Voldemort promised to help him fulfil his dream when he achieved his ambition, thus Sir Stoker made a pact with him.

The carrier to space, the spacecraft was sent to Sir Stoker by him as a sign that he could fulfil his promise.

But this itself is extremely complex, wanting to lift off and soar into space is countless times more troublesome than building it, it is simply unlikely that a wizard can control it without a proper decade of education, nor is it something that can be solved by grabbing one or two muggles over.

Unless in the future Voldemort not only ruled the magical world but also all the muggles have become slaves of slaves, then Sir Stoker's dream has the possibility of being realized.

Otherwise, even if this thing is mind-blowing, it is just a large toy hidden underwater.

What's more, Voldemort also added some hidden means to it.

Jon can roughly guess, Voldemort should have linked some kind of magic to the pact and this spacecraft, once the slate suffered damage, the pact was taken out, and then the spacecraft hidden under the tower will be automatically activated.

It is under the sea with no one to pilot, no one to assist with the takeoff, and there is no possibility of any successful ascension, the only thing that will happen is just an explosion in the place, all the living beings in the tower will be blown up.

And the pact itself will be protected by the magic, and drift in the sea until the day Voldemort found it again.

From beginning to end, Voldemort did not have any intention to make a fair deal with Sir Stoker, he learned about the spacecraft from Sir here, should also have gone through a detailed study, and found that if you can not rule the Muggles, then controlling this big guy into the sky is purely a fool's errand.

So Sir Stoker has been kept in the dark, even if Voldemort can really end up ruling the world, it is unknown how many years later from now it will happen, and whether he will still remember and fulfil his words in this tower or not is also unknown.

The entire spacecraft exploded with the tower, and its impact still continues to reflect in the sea.

But Hogwarts' forward direction has not changed in the slightest.

Jon looked away from the tower that has disappeared, as a huge mushroom cloud rose up.

Snowflakes began to fall from the sky in bits and pieces, and the snow is getting bigger and bigger, like a silent send-off ceremony.

There were vague sad songs coming from all around.

It was the merpeople who were mourning, they were mourning for the tower that once stood in the storm, for the elegant and funny old Sir.

"Your ideals and greatness are no less than Dumbledore's, Sir."

In the wind, snow and waves, Jon murmured, which was like a eulogy to himself.

"None of us will ever forget you, never before in the history of magic has a wizard taken such an interest in this astral sky as you have, and your name will be left to be remembered by all those who come after you."

He took a deep breath and took out the old parchment that, even amid the rain and snow, was still clearly written and not the least bit torn.

"But your death requires someone to pay the price, and will certainly pay the price!"

He fiercely gripped the pact with his five fingers!

The ring that was worn on the finger lit up with a faint light, and the next moment, the magic on the old parchment was instantly gone!

The pact, which had been maintained for more than ten years, was destroyed, and the parchment, like a crushed dead leaf, turned into countless scattered fragments, accompanied by the wind and snow, and flew into the raging waves ...

Under the same night sky connected to the coast of the sea, Voldemort who was originally suppressing Dumbledore, looking for an opportunity to try to completely solve the biggest problem in his life, suddenly trembled!

His voice was mixed with unprecedented panic and a harsh roar!

"Who the hell did you send to that sea! What did he do? What has he done?"


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