237 Chapter 236 Two Selves

Sir Stoker was silent, he couldn't say a word.

Jon's questioning was like a sharp spear poking into the depths of his mind.

He knew very well what Jon was saying is right, his morals, his philosophy, all of which made him ashamed of his choices today.

But shame, embarrassment such thoughts did not help to change the current situation in any way.

"The pact on the Maledictus blood curse is actually essentially a restraint."

Jon floated above the high tower, he held the old parchment in his hands, looking down at the master and servant sitting paralysed on the ground.

"The dark lord found you and signed his true name on this pact, representing that there is another, originally not his soul in his body that is haunting him and seizing his body, and he needs the research of your ancestor to help him balance the two souls in his body."

"What I want to know is simple, Sir Stoker, at the time of establishing the pact, you must have already understood about the two souls that were kept in his body, who is the one who occupies the dominant power in the body of the Dark Lord? And who is the other soul that was kept away?"

Sir Stoker's face was full of struggle, his eyes were filled with blood, and his messy white hair fluttered in the wind.

He misjudged Jon's methods, this kind of flying in the air, as well as the ability to erase magic power, has never been passed down in any spell book, according to his idea if Jon had the ability to subdue him in the first place, then why bother working with him all these days to overcome the secret on that stone slab?

However, everything is now no longer redeemable, the pact is in Jon's hands, and he simply does not have any chance of taking it back.

As for those memories in his mind, Sir Stoker did not lie, these memories that were stored separately were subjected to extremely strict protection by that man.

Regardless of whether using Legilimency to access his mind or feeding him the truth serum, Jon had no way to get any information relevant from his memories.

He sat dishevelled on the ground, with only a blank look of death on his face.

"Can you ... defeat him?"

Jon could see him wavering, he knew very well that Sir Stoker is by no means that kind of hopeless bad guy, he is on the contrary very pure, otherwise he would not have talked to him so much in a bitter way.

"Not until the final moment, it is not clear whether we can defeat him."

Jon did not lie or be perfunctory, he said with a serious face.

"But it's because the outcome is unknown that it's worth trying hard, isn't it?"

Sir Stoker looked like he had made up his mind about something, and he let out a long sigh.

"There is not much I can tell you, because even at the time of the pact, what I know is very, very little, and it is possible that those things were known to me before, only that part of the memory has been erased forever afterwards."

"You are right, that man with my ancestor's research did not try to separate the souls of man and beast, but rather between man and man, but the souls he separated were actually all his own."

Jon frowned tightly, repeating Sir Stoker's last words

"His own?"

"I can conclude that even after making the separation, those two souls are definitely the same person, only they have different minds, and the consciousness that found me and made me make this pact is the one in which he keeps taking the active role."

Sir Stoker looked at Jon.

"My ancestor did not really solve the Maledictus blood curse, he created this pact to separate the consciousness of human and beast, to extend the time of full bestiality of the pact signer so that they can live beyond 30 years. He knows about this as well, so he must also be looking for other means to completely solve this hidden problem in his body."

"If you want to do something about it, destroy this pact, that will bring the originally separated consciousness back into contact, they themselves are naturally opposed to each other because each consciousness wants to get control of the body, which will cause him big problems."

"Finally ..."

As he spoke, the paleness of his face and the disillusionment in his gaze had subsided, and Sir Stoker's face became calm as he rose to his feet with Rabier's assistance.

"I'll give you one last piece of advice as a friend, Jon Green, you better get out of here now, take those students of yours, and leave immediately. The control of that pact you have is not in my hands, it is independent, and that man up there must have left something behind that I don't know about, and he doesn't trust me, or anyone else."

Jon didn't have time to think about what he was saying about this pact from his mouth, but his face suddenly turned hard, and he stared into Sir Stoker's eyes.

"Neville and the others didn't leave this place?"

"After that man came here, this tower is only nominally under my control, but in reality, I don't know exactly what kind of arrangements he left behind in this tower, but what I am sure of is that after the secrets on the stone slab are unlocked, those arrangements he left behind will start to work, and you don't have much time left now. "

Jon gave Sir Stoker a deep look as he put away the parchment and, without any delay, turned and flew straight into the high tower.

He used the Amplifying Charm with his wand against his throat, and instead of taking the stairs that looked like they were in a state of chaos, he flew straight down one floor at a time.

As he passed each floor, he shouted out the name of each of Neville and the others, yet he never had any luck at all up ahead.

Just when he had flown to the 20th floor, the tower suddenly began to shake!

That trembling feeling obviously came from under the tower, and the movement became louder and louder so that the whole tower began to become shaky!

Jon's heart suddenly became incomparably anxious.

As if he had already guessed what might happen next, he shouted in an almost roaring voice while still descending.


"Here! We're here!"

Finally, Jon heard the response, in front of the door on the 15th floor, three sheep were running wildly out of a room without a door, the transfiguration spell effect on the three sheep is failing as they changed back into the human form of Neville, Ron and Lee while they are shouting at Jon to make a response, and behind them, there is a large group of black cats in pursuit!

After seeing their situation, Jon waved his wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa!"

The spell instantly took effect, and the vast majority of black cats all suspended in mid-air, they subconsciously waved their limbs, but could only float in mid-air seemingly weightless.


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