235 Chapter 234 Difficult

The smile on Voldemort's face gradually faded.

He looked at Dumbledore with a dangerous light in his narrowed eyes.

"I certainly don't think I'm truly invincible, Dumbledore, but since you're here now, you won't have the same opportunity tonight as you did that night in the Hogwarts castle tower."

A wand appeared in his hand at some point, and a strange fluctuation trembled in the room, then a spider web-like crack appeared in the window reflecting the fireplace without warning.

Dumbledore's face still has that same smile, as he slowly said.

"Some things, even if there is already a definite conclusion in mind, do not use definitive tone, Riddle, this world is very miraculous, so miraculous that almost no one has truly understood it."

Voldemort no longer wants to continue this nonsense.

He had been planning to wait and have Dumbledore appear before him at this time for a long time, and did not feel that anything else could go wrong in this, nor did he feel that anyone else could cause an error to arise.

A wisp of black mist rose around him, he stood up, and the chair originally underneath him seemed to slowly melt as if it were ice, the rising black mist surged around him, and the sheer magnitude of this vast power seemed to make the whole fortress began to wail!

"You know nothing at all about the true end of magic, Dumbledore, what is the true essence of magic? Where exactly does magic stem from? What is the nature of this world? And what exactly is a wizard? You are not yet at the level where I am, so what qualifications do you have to teach me?"


The windows around the room were all shattered, the cold wind flew into the original warm house, the fire in the fireplace swayed wildly, and Dumbledore's white robe and Voldemort's black robe were all blown around with a "whirring" sound.

Dumbledore looked at Voldemort's face, he sighed lightly, his wand had long been held in front of his body.

"You are blinded by an unknown force, before seeing the magic, the world, and other people, have you seen yourself?"

"That's enough!!"

The man whose black robe was dancing wildly said in a cold voice, he was already floating in mid-air, and a thick black mist was rising under his feet.

"Further talk is useless, which of us is right, there is a better way to prove it!"

Crimson flame rose from the tip of Dumbledore's wand, and the leaping fire was like a flickering star in the cold wind!

Black and crimson, as two waves confronting each other, at the junction of confrontation, everything melted.

Dumbledore gently waved the tip of his wand, and the next moment, the whole room seemed to be randomly kneaded and moulded like Play-Doh, it changed into the shape of whatever he wished.

This room that belongs to Voldemort seems to be out of his control, but he did not make a half-hearted countermeasure, the rising black fog directly exploded the roof, and then supported its owner to soar into the sky!

"Avada Kedavra!"

The killing curse, which has no counter, swept down from the sky to the place where Dumbledore stood.

Dumbledore did not dodge, a table at his side automatically extended, shielding his body.

The effect of the spell itself was resisted, but the spell's self-contained power exploded the table board to smithereens, shreds of wood flying in the background, and then swept up by the cold wind, floating away.

"Transfiguration, this is the means you always pride yourself on? The power to change material form is indeed a very useful technique, but do you still remember how I cracked it ten years ago?"

The cold voice came from high in the sky, black fog as if infinite spread out, and together with the dark clouds it isolated the sky, covering the top of Dumbledore's head.

The power that cannot be described in words, which can completely suppress the wizards who are fighting in the re-education camp, caused wizards near unable to be able to easily breathe due to physiological and spiritual pressure.

Even Dumbledore also felt the substantial pressure.

He understood why Voldemort would be truly confident that after luring him here, his plan would be a success.

Voldemort's state has now reached his peak, and even stronger than when he fought with himself in the astronomy tower of Hogwarts Castle at the time.

This is not an increase brought to him by growth with time, but he is adapting to some kind of power, a gradual process.

Dumbledore gripped the wand in his hand, since that defeat, he seldom took out the Elder Wand to use, especially when facing Voldemort.

But in fact, in the beginning, when he chose to come here, he never thought he could beat the dark lord in front.

Voldemort is not a fool, he went to great lengths to attract Dumbledore to lead his men to this fortress, and, it is certain, he will not pick his poor state when he prepared this plan, only after he had a certain degree of certainty he would have begun to plan it all.

Dumbledore's only purpose now is to hold Voldemort's full attention and buy time for the Witching Horizon wizards below.

As long as they succeeded in rescuing the muggle wizards in the re-education camp, the purpose of this project will be achieved, and after completing the task of escorting them, he will then find the opportunity to get away and put an end to today's plan.

But Voldemort obviously also saw what Dumbledore had in mind, and he also has only one purpose.

That is to kill Dumbledore, in front of everyone right now.

Kill him!

This is the perfect opportunity he has been planning for a long time, a rare chance.

So at the beginning of the battle, he did not hold anything back, trying to solve this in the shortest possible time, to completely remove this biggest nuisance to him in the magic world right now.

Dumbledore was under great pressure, this nearly ten years of contact with Voldemort allowed him to understand the ups and downs of Voldemort's state.

When he was at his worst, Dumbledore felt he could easily defeat him, and when he was at his best, he seemed so powerful that he couldn't describe it and felt like Voldemort had superimposed two of himself, which can be described as the existence with no rival in the magic world.

And at the beginning of the year, when Dumbledore met Voldemort in the British Ministry of Magic, his state was clearly in a slump, which is also the reason why there was no fight between them back then, and Dumbledore took the advantage of it to let Jon infiltrate in Hogwarts Castle, and it also guaranteed the success of Azkaban's jailbreak plan.

Now it is very different, the thick black fog seems to be boundless so that under the attack of Voldemort, Dumbledore can only defend himself passively with a furrowed brow.

Tonight's battle going to be tougher and more difficult than he originally expected!


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