233 Chapter 232 Soyuz 3

Hermione was reminded by Luna's words.

According to the current situation, the words of the house elf are not really credible.

And in any case, in the absence of a way to open the door, the only thing they can do is count on this.

They walked quickly in front of the portrait where they were stopped by Rabier as soon as they probed it yesterday.

This looks like a very ordinary portrait. It shows a woman with a sun hat, without a Developing solution applied to it, and the woman is not able to move.

Hermione stared dead at the portrait, without rashly touching it, but the sound of movement coming from the direction of the stairs grew louder and louder in their ears!

Luna was also looking at the portrait, but her focus and Hermione's were obviously different, she was staring at the eyes of the woman in the portrait, the right eye to be more precise.

"Her right eye is not identical to her left eye, it doesn't feel like it is painted on-."

Just as she finished these words, a jet-black tide finally surged out from the stairway entrance!

Muscular, black cats with blue ghostly light in their eyes, resembling small panthers, surrounded Luna and Hermione.

Hermione knew they could not wait any longer, she grabbed Luna's hand and stood on tiptoe to touch the right eye of the woman in the portrait that looked different!

A kind of feedback with great suction appeared on the unusual eye on the frame and spread through Hermione's hand just at the moment she touched the eye, the black cats rushed towards the two girls!

And just when their claws were about to touch Luna and Hermione's robes, the next second, the two disappeared instantly from the spot!

Several "plop" sounds rang out, and the black cats all hit the portrait of a woman with a sun hat, but they did not disappear together.

They did not notice that the right eye of the woman in the portrait was only left with a dark, empty hole, the original incomparably realistic and beautiful turquoise eyes have disappeared.

At the same time, in another dark and overwhelming place, Hermione and Luna two simultaneously landed on the ground again, stepping on the solid ground.

The surroundings were dark, nothing could be seen, and Hermione could only be sure she was beside Luna as she grasped her arm.

Hermione then raised her wand, and just when she wanted to use her Wand-Lighting Charm to check out the surroundings, an inexplicable buzzing sound suddenly rang out, followed by countless lights lighting up around her one after another!

It is a place with metallic colour all around, the free space is very cramped, all kinds of complex instruments are lit up with their own light, and on the wall, a metal plate is put together, and Hermione and Luna both stared blankly and saw the name of the place they are in -

[Soyuz 3]


In the night by the coast, the cold sea wind carried the seawater, lapping the reefs on the shore.

On this empty rocky beach, through the obscure moonlight, one can vaguely see that the surrounding air is showing an irregular distortion.

But those French Ministry of Magic Aurors who flew from time to time from the sky on their flying brooms, patrolling back and forth around, did not notice this scene.

Lupin, with his group of seven people in total, hid behind a large rock, and the effect of the disillusionment charm was gradually eliminated, and they revealed their own forms.

Looking at the Aurors, who were high in the sky, riding a broomstick and heading off in another direction, he said in a gruff voice.

"Is there any news from the people we sent into the re-educational camp earlier?"

The squad's second-in-command, a French male witch, said in a deep voice.

"The last time a message reached us was four days ago, after which we had him stay hidden and wait for this night when we break into this prison."

"Then let's wait for a while." Lupin took a deep breath, "Repeat our mission one last time, wait for a signal from the squad cleaning the flies overhead, and we will blow up the gate of that fortress."

"According to the information obtained from previous reconnaissance, a wide-range shield charm was applied all around that fortress at all times, a design deployed by the Dark Lord. Dumbledore will help us to crack this shield charm first, and the rest, we will have to rely on ourselves."

Everyone in the squad nodded with a solemn look, and at this time, not only them, in the western part of this re-educational camp, there are dozens of squads like Lupin and them, lurking in silence.

The cold wind slapped their faces, but it did not make their bodies shake in the slightest.

Lupin's body pressed against the cold stone wall, and while waiting for the signal to be sent, he thought about how his students are doing today.

Dumbledore did not conceal from the Hogwarts professors the goal of Jon and the rest of them after they went to sea, so in fact, many professors are worried about this group of children, in which the oldest being only 15 years old, and the youngest being 11 years old, about whether they can take care of themselves at sea while still burdened with such a daunting task.

Dumbledore did not give much explanation and comfort, but after Fawkes brought back the two Azkaban Aurors from the ship, the professors no longer have any doubts about Dumbledore's decision to do so.

After receiving Scabior and Macnair, people in the Order of the Phoenix naturally carried out a new round of interrogation on them, including how they were captured by a group of children.

The result of the interrogation with the truth serum was beyond everyone's expectations.

Originally Lupin and they thought that the students would have spent a great deal of effort to catch the two Aurors, and perhaps even the entire ship's students had joined the battle to capture them.

But the truth is, there were captured only two students and one ghost!

They all heard exactly which boy played the key role on that prison island.

Lupin has a deep impression of the boy who used to come to his office to ask for advice on Patronus charm when he was on the wagon, not just because he went deep into that fallen castle to rescue those children in the second year.

It was hard not to be impressed by his desire to learn about magic and his unique talent.

And now he's leading other students, living on a vast sea, and has teamed up with another to capture two trained Aurors alive on the enemy's home turf.

Whether it was Lupin, McGonagall, Flitwick or even Lily, they all felt incredulous at Jon's performance.

Because this boy, who is only fourteen this year, has done too many things that even adult wizards are not necessarily able to do.

Just as Lupin's thoughts had drifted off into the ocean, in the distance, a dazzling red spark suddenly rose into the sky, followed by a bloom under the dark clouds!

Instantly, he and everyone around him clenched the wands in their hands!

His students had already done so much, then as a professor, surely he couldn't lag behind, could he?


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