231 Chapter 230 The Windbreaker Sent Out

"To be honest, at first when I met him, I didn't even think that person would have such achievements."

At the top of the tower, Sir Stoker calmly looked at Jon, he also held his wand in his hand and faced Jon head-on.

"He was courteous, talkative, and although he seemed strange at some times, he generally did not seem difficult to get along with."

Jon did not risk making a first move, he was not sure what reliance Sir Stoker has now, and the pact is still in his hand.

It is easy to destroy the magic on the pact, just use the second gem on the ring to absorb all the magic power attached to it.

But this pact is used for separating something like a blood curse from that person using the Sir Stoker family and the tower as a medium, after being destroyed, what kind of effect does it have on Voldemort, in addition to Sir Stoker in front of him, only Voldemort himself knows.

Jon now has to capture him, and then give him the same Truth Serum just like the two Azkaban Aurors, to clarify all the causes, and then decide how to deal with the pact.

He slowly raised the wand in his hand.

"I remember what you said, Sir, except in astronomy, you are not proficient in other magic, and because you have not stepped out of this tower for decades again, you have even forgotten how to use the Apparition properly."

Sir Stoker looked at him with his head held high, the calmness on his face didn't change a bit.

"So, are you ready to fight me? Professor."

"Of course, I don't want to fight you." Jon looked at him coldly, "But will you honestly listen to me, and drink the Truth Serum and tell me all that I want to know, after?"

"You even need me to drink the Truth Serum to believe the words that come out of my mouth, it seems that you guys really made this trip just for me." Stoker said indifferently, "But are you that confident that you will be able to ask about him from my mouth after I drink the Truth Serum? He doesn't even trust me, the person who assisted him to complete the pact, and went to great lengths to extract all my memories about him and hide them here, so why do you think he won't do anything to protect this memory besides that?"

"Whether there is protection or not, I will naturally know after you drink the Truth Serum."

The moment Jon's words fell, he waved his wand without hesitation.


However, just as the tip of his wand flashed with red light and the full body-bind curse was already halfway through its recitation, Jon suddenly frowned.

He abruptly stopped the original movement of reciting the spell, and his body dodged to the right quickly!

A dazzling beam of light brushed past him and flew into the dark cloudy sky.

The house elf in this tower - Rabier without a sound appeared behind Jon at some point, full of hatred, stretching out his fingers to use magic on the wizard!

And just as Jon dodged, Sir Stoker didn't hesitate half a second, he aimed his wand in the direction Jon was dodging, and the sea breeze that gradually fierce up blew the sound of his spell, and the spell itself flew towards Jon with it!


Even if he is not proficient in many magic spells, he certainly didn't forget these most basic magic spells.

While Jon was trying to get that memory in his head, he also wanted to retrieve the pact that Jon had secretly taken away!

This Stunning Spell is very ingenious, which forced Jon not be able to avoid it at all in this narrow space at the top of the tower.


In Sir Stoker's eyes, Jon did not swing his wand, he even pronounced the pronunciation of the General Counter-Spell wrongly, but as soon as the sound of his incantation fell, the Stunning Spell that flew towards him was erased without a trace at a distance of twenty centimetres before his body!

In such a sudden situation, whether it is Sir Stoker or Rabier all froze.

But in their daze, Jon did not stop his counterattack, his wand tip was aimed at Sir Stoker's hand, and the fastest and most effective instantaneous spell was recited from his mouth.


The invisible sword instantly formed in the air, it met the sea wind, cut through the wet and salty air, and flew towards Sir Stoker's arm like a lightning bolt!

And just as Jon's incantation sounded out, Rabier shrieked out, as if sensing danger, he desperately clung to his master's arm, followed by a distortion of space that sucked both him and Sir Stoker all into it!


The sharp sword fell short and chopped down on the stone wall behind where Sir Stoker was standing, and countless pieces of debris burst up and spilled down to the sea from the high altitude.

At that moment when Sir and Rabier disappeared, Jon's face had become grim.

He had no way to stop the Apparition magic of the house elf, and as long as Rabier took Stoker away, even if they did not escape from the tower, just by hiding inside this 77-story tall tower, Jon had no way to find them.

At that point, he could only take the pact away, and then give it to Dumbledore to study when he next contacted him.

But what Jon did not expect was that Rabier did not take Sir Stoker away, they did not even leave the top of the tower, and after the distortion, they reappeared in a place not far away from that place.

Sir Stoker's face was cold as he held his wand towards Jon, while Rabier threw his arms around him and cried out in pain and pleading.

"Let's leave! Master! Let's leave! As long as we can hide! We can escape anywhere! You can continue your research wherever you are!"

The expression on Sir's face, however, did not waver a bit, and that gaze even vaguely revealed a scowl.

"You can escape on your own, Rabier, you've done enough to deserve rest after all these years of care." He violently ripped off the trench coat that was flying wildly with the gale, and shoved it into Rabier's hands, "From today, you're free! The Stoker family no longer needs your services!"

Rabier stared at the trench coat that was thrown into his hand with those big eyes, staring dumbfounded.

To be given a piece of cloth by one's master, any house elf understands what such an act means!

Yet soon he reacted, screaming, crying and throwing the windbreaker like a madman as if he was throwing away a hot piece of coal!

"No! Rabier doesn't want to accept this!"

He stared at Jon with resentment and hatred to the point of distortion and stretched out his fingers to release the magic belonging to the elf continuously.

However, those beams of magic had no half effect on Jon, after absorbing magic power from the stone slab, he has more than enough to use on himself to be immune to the most spells of an adult wizard and a house elf.


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