229 Chapter 228 The Matagot Cat

"We can't continue to stay here, we have to find a way to leave!"

Neville was calm, he looked at the stairs that were still going up and said in a serious tone.

"The more that Sir does not want us to leave this tower, the more we have to leave!"

Ron frowned at the stairs which looked like they wouldn't stop at all.

"But we don't know how to fly like Jon, and the only way to the exit is this one staircase, so how are we going to get there?"

Five people fell into a moment of silence, they are trying to think of a way, but for a while, there were no good ideas.

Hermione pursed her lips, she looked at the fast-moving staircase as if they were chains hooking her soul, somehow her mind thought of the beginning of this year, Jon no matter what saved every one of them that day.

She had been prepared to commit suicide in advance, at the moment of being hung in the entrance hall by Dolohov, Hermione knew very well that only two paths were waiting for her in the future.

One is to be cleansed of memory and be like those senior students, turn into a slave from the heart, while the other is to die.

Rather than being inferior to even a dog by being a slave from her whole being, she would prefer death!

The boy who claimed to be a Hogwarts professor did not break his promise of "another Hogwarts professor" who never lied and saved her in full view of everyone in that castle.

The feeling of having someone to lean on was magical, and it makes you want to cherish that feeling.

But Hermione was never a girl willing to be a parasite, she did not want to spend her life being protected by someone, and she did not want to spend her life hiding behind someone else.

So after coming to the wagon, she doubled her hard work, like a sponge constantly absorbing knowledge, not expecting to be able to be as good as the boy, but at least not to be a burden to him and others.

Her eyes were fixed on the moving staircase, just when the other four were at their wits' end, Hermione suddenly spoke.

"The stairs can be structured into a ramp by adding a flat surface at right angles! We need a board, a big enough board, as long as we sit on the board, even if these steps constantly move up, we can use gravity to keep sliding down!"

Neville's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Good idea, Hermione!"

He then turned around and without half a moment's pause removed one of the door panels on that floor by Severing Charm.

The panel was large enough, and there seemed to be more than enough room for the five of them who were yet to be adults to sit down.

Luna raised another query.

"But this place is still dozens of floors above the first floor, the further down we go the faster the speed will be, and when we finally rush out from the stairs, no one will be able to withstand that force."

Hermione took out her wand and whispered.

"Jon had once mentioned that in addition to telling me not to forget those natural sciences I learned while at Muggle school, I must also keep in mind that I am still a wizard. You're all wizards too, and when something comes at you extremely fast, there's actually a very simple spell that can negate its speed."

Lee was the first to respond.

"Impediment Jinx! Impediment Jinx will help slow us down!"

The solution to the problem and the afterthought all no longer a problem, Neville and the rest of the five of them quickly applied a levitation charm to the board and then carried it together to the stairs that moved up.

The width of the board is just narrower than the width of the stairs, the entire spiral staircase, from the top floor to the first floor there is no in-between obstruction for it, but considering the corners collide against the stair rail, Hermione still proposed to cut off all four corners of the board into a rounded arc.

After doing all the preparations, they did the final countdown together.

"Three, two, one!"

Five people loosened their hands together and placed the board, which was lightened by the levitation charm, on the stairs that kept moving, and then moved quickly together to sit on it!

Like an escalator, the stairs constantly moved up, but the overall downward slope added a force to the board, this force and gravity together, after Hermione and co sat on the front, it began to slowly slide down!

At first, the speed of the slide is not fast, but with the increase in inertia, they went down faster and faster, and soon exceeded the speed of the staircase itself!

The wind blew all of their hair, and Hermione's long chestnut hair fluttered backwards like a flag at the end of the board, and on the way down the slide, she kept watching the floor they were constantly passing.

"This is the ranch! 17 floors! We've already passed the 17th floor!"

She had to increase her volume to be able to give the alert to Neville and the others.

However, just at that moment, several unnoticeable dark shadows suddenly skipped by in the corner of Hermione's eyes!

Her heart couldn't help but rise with an extremely bad feeling because at this time she suddenly remembered some slightly weird points that they found while observing the whole tower before!

Black cats!

There are many black cats in this tower!

"Watch out!!!"

She suddenly gave a warning to Lee, who was sitting at the front, and just as her shrill voice shouted out from her throat, those black figures had already swarmed to the front of the stairs, blocking their way!

The boys sitting in front, Lee, Neville, and Ron, all three reacted quickly, and they then gripped their wands and pointed them forward as soon as Hermione shouted out!

"Petrificus Totalus!"



Their incantations were uniformly released, and three dazzling red rays instantly illuminated the entire space around them.

But the black figures in front of them did not have any intention of dodging.

The three spells hit them with unmistakable precision, and then, under the shocked gaze of Neville and the others, the black cats, whose bodies had become thick and whose eyes were glowing blue, were not only unaffected by the effects of the spells but also split into countless copies in the next second, just like dandelions that had been scattered!

In less than a second, the black cats, whose number had multiplied, completely blocked their way down the stairs, while the black cats at the very front flew up in the air and pounced on the Neville trio at the front of the board!


The moment the black cat flew up, Hermione did not hesitate to use the Impediment Jinx, but the target of the spell was not the black cat, but the board underneath them that kept sliding down.

Those cats that originally seemed cute and petite, at this time are like small Panther-like black cats bursting out with a strong force, combined with the force of the board sliding down, directly knocked the boys sitting at the front off!


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