227 Chapter 226 Doing Things and Dealing

Jon slowly opened his mouth and said.

"It's nothing Sir, I just helped a little bit, the reward or whatever if you think it's possible, can you give me that slab? I'm still interested in the ancient runes on it."

For this request of his, Sir Stoker showed quite a generosity, he said readily.

"That's certainly no problem, you can take that slate away with you at any time if you want."

Then he stood up from his chair and said politely.

"Because of this memory, I have some personal matters to ascertain, can you excuse me for a moment, Professor, of course, you and your students can still tour around this tower as you please."

"That's fine, go ahead and get busy."

Sir Stoker walked out of the study and disappeared from Jon's sight as he walked past the corner of the stairway.

Jon looked at his departing back and slowly reached into the inner pocket of his robe and pulled out the corner of the cloak of invisibility, but then he also touched the pact that he had hidden in advance.

Without dwelling on it for long, Jon stuffed the cloak of invisibility back in and walked quickly down the stairs to the lower level instead.

He arrived in the living room, where Neville and the four of them were still having afternoon tea and chatting, and the house elf, Rabier, was not there.

"Come and help me out, Hermione."

Jon didn't bother with any unnecessary nonsense, he placed the pact directly on the coffee table.

"Translate as much as you can read on it, interpret the context for me."

Everyone could see Jon's seriousness, Hermione did not linger, she looked at the old parchment with a serious expression, and quickly read it.

Soon she got a preliminary result.

"This is a pact, there are many professional terms on it, which I do not know many of them. But the approximate meaning of the pact is that it helps the signer of the pact to maintain a balance, a balance between beast and man. The term should mean blood curse."

Jon's brain spun quickly, he quickly thought about his previous visits to Sir Stoker's study, where he saw those materials about the treatment of Maledictus blood curse.

"That is to say, this pact is roughly a treatment plan about curing a certain kind of blood curse?"

In response to Jon's question, Hermione nodded affirmatively.

"Yes, if you take out the professional words that I can't understand, it does look like a healing plan, but this pact needs someone to maintain it, and it has to be a Stoker."

Jon's face became more and more serious, and the expression on his face was cloudy and uncertain, after a moment of thought, he immediately took the pact back up, and then said without hesitation.

"Now you go back to the ship immediately! Then sail the ship away from this sea!"

Neville and the others looked at Jon's gaze with obvious incomprehension, but because of enough trust, they would not ask why they had to do so but asked.

"And what about you?"

"I have to ask for some clarifications on something from Sir Stoker, you can absolutely rest assured, I got some small gains from this tower and will not be in danger like I encountered on Azkaban Island, but you can not stay, that will rather limit my ability to fight."

Jon's speech was fast, and his tone was serious, and Neville and the others could hear that now is not the time to joke.

Five people immediately got up and left the living room, Hermione walked to the corner of the stairs, her lips pursed as she turned pale and looked at Jon to finally remind.

"You must be careful."

Jon did not make any perfunctory and promised with immense seriousness.

"I'm sure I will."

Neville and the others did not stay and disappeared from Jon's sight along the descending stairs.

And Jon did not remain there, but went in the opposite direction as Neville and the others, and went up all the way to the top floor.

He climbed up the stairs in the study to the top of the tower, where Sir Stoker stood beside the gap covered by the stone slab, his face was gloomy as it had never been before.

After seeing Jon walk up, his original gloomy look gradually dissipated, and he turned to look at him calmly instead.

"You're not the professor of Durmstrang who brought his students out for a study trip, am I right?"

Jon also said flatly.

"You're also not a mere Sir who wants to be reclusive and just focus on astronomy, are you?"

Sir Stoker stared at Jon and was silent for a moment, and then he suddenly laughed.

"It's ridiculous, we both originally thought that the identity shown by each other was real, and then used this seemingly real identity to uncover a mystery jointly, but when our purpose was achieved and the mystery was uncovered, we found out that you and I actually all had ulterior motives."

Jon's voice gradually became cold, after figuring out part of the problem, he actually did not have much energy to chat with this Sir in front of him for so long.

"You're helping the Dark Lord!"

"Not doing much." Sir Stoker shook his head, "I haven't lied to you, professor, you must be a professor at another magic school. Although I come from a pureblood family, I don't agree one bit with the theory of so-called pureblood supremacy, and I really dislike that man Tom Riddle, but I had to make a deal with that man somehow."

He looked up and stared intently at Jon, the sky had become somewhat overcast at some point, dark clouds loomed over their heads, and the sea breeze, which had been abated by magic, gradually began to become faster, blowing up the robes they were wearing, making the sound of fabric being jerked.

"You took that deed?"

Jon's right hand stayed tucked in his sleeve at all times, the hidden hand clutching the end of his wand tightly.

"Such a powerful dark lord can't have a Maledictus blood curse, right? What is he trying to balance by getting you to make this pact?"


Without a moment's pause, Neville and the others stepped on the stairs that could move on their own and darted away towards the lower part of the tower.

However, just when they had descended to a distance of about the twentieth floor, the staircase that was still moving suddenly stopped.

Not only did it stop, but immediately after it began to drive sharply in the opposite direction, to the top of the tower!

Neville reacted quickly, or rather all five of them reacted quickly, holding hands together, and then stared at the gap in the passing floor as the stairs went up.


Neville shouted.

The five of them jumped together down the stairs that were moving rapidly, with huge inertia that threw them off a considerable distance, eventually colliding with the wall before stopping in their tracks.

"He wants to keep us?" Ron asked in disbelief.

Lee rubbed his arm, which was sore from the impact, and sucked in a cold breath.

"It must be the discovery that Jon made that caught that Sir's attention, and he wanted to keep us behind to restrain Jon!"


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