225 Chapter 224 The Thing Under the Slate

Perhaps he is treating a gentleman with a small heart.

But Jon knew very well that everything about Voldemort and related to him would not affect just one person.

He could not be more careful, at least until he saw what was under the slab, he had no way to be sure that Sir Stoker would still treat them as he did until now.

The whole afternoon later this day, Sir Stoker followed Jon's side, watching him eliminate the magic on the slab without leaving.

But just as Jon expected, in the early morning of the next day, Sir Stoker did not follow him all the time.

He said hello to Jon, and went to sort out some materials and star charts in the office room at the bottom of the tower, saying that Jon could always call him if he needed anything.

And Jon was waiting for this opportunity.

Yesterday he deliberately slowed down, only a quarter of the ancient runes on the stone slab were absorbed, but today from the morning, he did not hold back, solving half of the rune's magic power in one morning.

The original light blue gem has become significantly redder, although not as blood-red as when he first got it in the Hogwarts library, but the magic on the slate is still half left, absorbing all of it should be able to reach the point where it is not far from the previous amount.

The main reason is that the quality of the magic power of the person who wrote these magic runes is really high, even far more than the magic power of those wizards who created the forbidden books in the library.

This huge magic power not only filled the magic power in the ring's gem but also revealed those forbidden books that originally lost their magic support.

Previously on the wagon, relying on the magic power of students below the fourth grade, Jon only retrieved a forbidden book compiled by Snape on Invisible Sword: Sectumsempra, he did not get any more forbidden books.

But now the contents of all the books appeared in the gem, allowing him to take a look, which is an unexpected joy.

But what Jon valued most is the slab itself.

After fixing lunch, Sir Stoker asked Jon about the progress, about which Jon did not hide a thing.

He truthfully informed him that the ancient runes on the slate had been half solved, only he didn't say that it would be basically enough if half of it is finished, rather he said that the result would be available tomorrow morning at the earliest.

To this Sir Stoker did not become suspicious, he really does not seem to know much about magic other than astronomy.

Neville and the others actually have no more tasks in the tower, Jon did not let them return to the ship in addition to not wanting Sir Stoker to see a problem, but also because they also didn't want to leave Jon alone, afraid that he will encounter any accidents again and bear the burden by himself.

"I am willing to accept your help, but you must likewise promise me that if something happens in my absence, you must return to the ship first, or at least let those of us who remain on the ship, know what has happened in the tower."

Faced with Jon's serious reminder, to which Neville made a promise.

In the overall situation above, Neville is still the most reassuring, his character right now is not like a Gryffindor, but more like Hufflepuff.

After returning to the top of the tower, and continuing to work on the magic runes for more than an hour, the slab finally showed signs of loosening.

Although there were still some of the thousands of magic runes flickering with the shimmering light of magic, the connection between them and other runes had been completely severed, and the sealing magic that was supposed to be effective had now become completely ineffective.

Jon slightly relaxed some frown, he took a long breath, and then slowly took the stone slab off the wall.

And underneath the stone slab, there was a narrow hole, and inside the hole, there was a wooden box placed openly.

Jon did not hesitate, he took the wooden box out of the hole, the box was not locked, and could be opened directly.

What was hidden in the box was simple, a rolled-up, old parchment, and a tube of paper that looked like it had been rolled up and treated like a bottle.

He first picked up the parchment, spread the whole thing out, and quickly glanced at the contents.

But the words written on it were all in French, and Jon is not a multilingual genius, he simply could not read the content, his eyes quickly skimmed down, and soon his eyes settled on a name in the lower left corner of the parchment.

This should be some kind of pact with magical effect, and the signature of the signer of the pact was in English that Jon could read, and this English name happened to be, coincidentally, incredibly familiar to him!

[Tom Riddle]

Jon subconsciously held his breath, he guessed right.

What was hidden under the slab was really related to Voldemort, although he could not see what was written on this parchment for the time being, Jon did not hesitate to carry it in his arms.

His behaviour can be said to be stealing, but even if it is stealing, it is necessary to figure out the contents of the above, to determine whether Sir Stoker can be trusted or not.

Just as he had hidden the parchment and was about to pick up the tube of paper and open it up, there was a sudden sound of movement on the stairs behind him.

Jon's reaction was calm, and his hands moved quickly, quickly opened the paper tube's lid, and after glancing at the contents, he immediately put it back in place, then closed the slate and turned in the direction of the stairs.

By the time he arrived at the stairway, Sir Stoker also happened to climb up.

"I was just about to find you, Sir, with good news." Jon said as if nothing had happened, "When the magic runes on the slab have been broken more than halfway, the sealing magic attached to it has failed."

Sir Stoker's face clearly showed excitement as he walked quickly in the direction where the slab of stone was located.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's see, which guy has hidden something in my house!"

He couldn't wait to get to the stone slab and then took out the wooden box in front of Jon, and subsequently opened the box.

Looking at the paper tube inside the box, Sir Stoker had a grave expression on his face as he took it out, opened the lid and poured out what was inside.

It was a glass vial like a test tube, and a silvery liquid was stored inside the vial.

The liquid was more like smoke, floating in the middle of the vial in a fantasy-like state.

"What is this? Some kind of magic potion?"

Jon had been paying attention to Sir Stoker, the change of expression after seeing the vial of potion-like substance, he could only see the confusion on Sir's face and did not notice anything unusual.

He narrowed his eyes and said softly.

"It does look like a potion."


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