221 Chapter 220 Star Sea

"This Sir is really weird."

On the fifty-eighth floor, Ron, who had just walked out of a room, whispered to Neville and Lee beside him and muttered.

"He doesn't look like he's short of money at all, so why did he bother coming to this place in the Norwegian Sea to suffer? Even if he really wants to study astronomy, won't it be easier to move to Sweden or Finland, where he can see the same starry sky as this?"

Neville shook his head and said.

"Everyone has different ambitions, maybe Sir Stoker experienced something when he was young that pushed him to live secluded here."

As they were talking, Lee looked left and right with a suspicious look on his face, and both Neville and Ron noticed his unusual behaviour.

"What are you looking for?"

"I always feel that someone is watching us all the time." Lee said with a frown.

His words made Ron's body subconsciously shiver, originally he didn't feel anything, but after Lee said it, he didn't know if it is a psychological effect or this time he became aware of it, he also had a feeling like he was being watched by something at all times.

Neville patted the two of them on the shoulder, gesturing for them to look in the direction of the corner of the stairs.

There is a black cat that looks exactly the same as the ones they have seen before.

It was crouching in the shadow of the corner, looking at Neville and the rest of them with eyes that glowed faintly in the dark.

Seeing the black cat, Ron breathed a sigh of relief.

He walked in front of the black cat as it watched him approach, and instead of leaving, it just kept staring at him.

"There are so many cats in this tower, and all of them are pure black like this, looking just like this one."

Ron said while trying to reach out and touch the head of the black cat that had scared him.

But the cat did not want to let his hand touch its body, with a leap it scurried away from Ron's side, and then darted down the stairs.

Ron shrugged somewhat uncertainly.

"It doesn't seem to like me."

"Come on, let's continue to look one more floor up, it's almost lunchtime."

Neville urged Ron, and the three of them continued up the stairs to the fifty-ninth floor.

There was only one closed room here, and the door was unlocked like the rest of the floor, so they easily pushed it open and walked in.

The room was dark, unlike the other rooms that automatically lit up with candlelight upon entering, here it was dark even after all three of them walked in.

"Why there is no light here?"

"Maybe that Sir forgot about it when he was working on this floor."

"Or maybe this floor has some big secret he can't tell, wait for me to take my wand out."

Lee was about to wave his wand and use the Wand-Lighting Charm when the centre of the originally dark room suddenly lit up with a faint dot of light.

At once, all the attention of the three of them was attracted by this light.

The light was originally only the size of a grain of rice, but it continued to expand, and soon under their witness, a fireball emanating light, with a surface that seemed to be constantly burning appeared in front of their eyes!

And at the same time as the fireball appeared, there were also countless points of light flickering around.

The entire dark room seemed to accommodate a sea of stars, a ball of light of different colours constantly surfaced around them, and then according to a fixed track to the centre of the fireball, they began to rotate.

And gradually smaller balls of light emerged around these balls of light that were obviously smaller than the previous one, and these balls of light began to rotate around them.

Neville's eyes reflected this splendid scene, and he said in shock.

"This is. This is a solar system!"

Even Hogwarts in exile has never suspended its astronomy classes, and they had already learned about the nine planets of the solar system (Pluto was removed in 2006, and it became eight planets) in their first year, and even learned about the moons that revolve around the planets.

So at the sight of this star system, Neville and the others did not feel unfamiliar.

However, the evolution of the planets in the room did not stop there.

After the entire solar system emerged around them, together with the sun in the middle, the entire solar system began to shrink, and soon the solar system became a sphere about the size of the original sun.

All kinds of other star systems appeared around them, whether they had learned them or not, surrounding them as if they were in a sea of stars.

Not only Neville, Ron and Lee both were also shocked by the scene in front of them and stood speechless.

And at that moment, someone outside suddenly pushed the door open from outside the door.

Sir Stoker, who had just come down from the top of the tower with Jon, stood in front of the door with a smile on his face, looking at the three children who are in the middle of a sea of stars.

He did not get angry, nor did he reprimand, but spoke and asked.

"Isn't it fantastic?"

Lee said excitedly, "It's fabulous!"

Ron's face looked fascinated: "I've never seen anything so beautiful!"

"There is nothing in the world, more mesmerizing than this starry sky above our heads."

Sir Stoker looked at the stars floating in the darkness, his eyes lit up with a faint light, and there was clearly a frenzy hidden under that calm gaze.

Jon stood at his side, also looking at the starry stars in the room that had been modelled and brought this breathtaking scene to the earth, neither disagreeing nor denying Sir Stoker's words.

He was surprised at the view in front of him, and even more surprised at Sir Stoker's ambition.

This sea of stars, even with magic can not be created overnight, and except for the solar system, the location and orbits of those planets in every other star system are not information that can just be obtained.

This room must have cost Sir Stoker a lot of effort, and to spend so much energy to create such a room, there is no other better explanation than personal passion.

Astronomy is an important direction for wizards to understand magic and observe the world.

But this direction is basically impossible to bring any substantial improvement to the wizard himself, so although the astronomical knowledge of the magical world has always been developing, they have no more understanding than the muggles who have been on the moon or two.

Because they have never left the earth and gone to space, not many wizards are interested in the starry sky above them, and their research on the stars is mostly related to divination.

They hope to discover the laws that affect the people on the land from the orbits of the planets so that they can make prophecies.

But Sir Stoker is obviously not a diviner, his understanding of astronomy is more like just pure love and fondness.

Love to the point of some obsession and even fanaticism.


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