219 Chapter 218 Building Blocks

Northwest France, at the northernmost tip of the Cotentin Peninsula, near the coast near the Strait of La Manche (English Channel).

A pitch-black castle, undetectable by muggles, was built here.

This fortress does not have a long history, and compared to many ancient castles in Europe that have a history of thousands of years, it is not even called a baby as it was only just built and sprung up this year.

But in today's French magical world, no castle is more famous than this one.

But in fact, this castle has never been named since it was built, and it is just a residence for a new establishment, it's just the name of this new establishment is unforgettable to every French wizard.

Re-Educational Camp.

After Voldemort finished collecting the wands of all the French muggle wizards, this re-educational camp was officially established.

All the muggle-born wizards who are over 16 years old and have been deprived of their wands will all be brought here to receive the pureblood supremacy theory discipline and reform.

The new ideology will be imposed on all wizards to give them a new form of thinking.

"Humanoid house elf" - this is the uniform name of the muggle wizards who came out from here.

In fact, for the magical world or wizards, there is no need for these kinds of muggle-born wizard slaves. House elves are generally only kept by pureblood families in captivity, but it doesn't mean that other wizard families can't afford to keep them, they are simply slaves who take care of their lives and clean up after them, which is simply dispensable for them.

The biggest benefit for purebloods and half-bloods is the jobs and social resources that these people who lost their rights as human beings left behind.

These resources will be shared by all the wizards who obey Voldemort's rule, while the biggest purpose of the muggle-born wizards who have become slaves would be to be dispatched to all walks of life as oppressed labour.

As long as they don't die of hunger, there is no other human cost at all, and they can also be squeezed to death.

Thus, the cost of all kinds of magical utensils began to fall, and the most obvious manifestation is the various magical companies that produce flying brooms, floo powder, quill pens, parchment and other such essential items began to develop rapidly.

The cost dropped, and the price remained the same, causing their profits to skyrocket, and the direct beneficiaries of these companies and interests are purebloods and new school purebloods.

As for the half-blood wizards, they were not sidelined due to these influxes of cheap, if not costless, manpower in the market.

Because the "mudbloods" are forbidden to own wands, which means they can only perform some basic crafting processes, and the key steps still need to be done by the half-bloods who can cast spells with their wands.

In addition to the status and social rights that have become second-class citizens, the substantive benefits let the half-bloods still feel that the bloodline supremacy theory still has its "truth".

So the French wizards, who were a bit scared at the beginning when they accepted Voldemort's rule, got such a result under very low expectations, making them feel that the days were actually not that bad.

It's just that such a not-bad life, who exactly is sacrificed to get that, they have no ability to make a decision, anyway, they can't see, so they pretended like it has nothing to do with them.

The root cause of all this change in France is the castle called "Re-Educational Camp".

Since the official start of the re-educational camp, the French minister rarely appears in the Ministry of Magic, although no one has accurate information, most people believe that the gentleman who brought all this change to their lives is in this castle.

Indeed, Voldemort has always personally been in charge of the re-educational camp.

He even summoned the head of the British Ministry of Magic's Obliviator Headquarters, one of his right-hand men, Gilderoy Lockhart, to France in order to get the first batch of "thorns" to change their minds quickly.

Lockhart did not join the Death Eaters, which means he did not enter the real core of Voldemort's subordinate circle, but this did not prevent his excellent memory magic skills from "shining" throughout the magical world.

At first, he was just a prisoner who illegally used the Memory Charm on wizards to tamper their memories for his own benefit.

Aurors caught him in one case red-handed, so there was no need for him to even be judged by Wizengamot due to the fact Wizengamot was extremely busy at that time, and he was put directly into Azkaban until Voldemort, who had nothing better to do, saw his criminal history and became interested in the wizard, who could not perform any other magic spells that well, but had repeatedly used the Memory Charm like a pro.

So, Lockhart met the "greatest gentleman" in the magical world.

When he was brought before Voldemort, he was scared to the point of pissing his pants, really scared, not some adjective.

He swore he was just trying to get one last shot, and then he was ready to change his face and leave the dangerous and crime-prone Britain to continue his life in luxury in another country.

And then he was caught.

The Aurors' operation quality and work efficiency are extremely high in Voldemort's government, as there is no chance for half-bloods without the ability to enter the Ministry of Magic or Auror office, and most of the positions held are reserved for pureblood lords; the half-blood wizards in position due to their ability once made a mistake, they will be subject to a policy involving a crime of incompetence and be disciplined together with their family members.

The most distasteful thing for Voldemort is personal incompetence and mediocrity, he even specifically added a "crime of incompetence" in the magic law.

Once the crime was determined, even for the slightest mistake, they need to go to Azkaban to squat for six months (generally a person with a weak 'will' will be sucked crazy in three months).

So it is not unusual to find highly educated Aurors like Scabior in the Auror office or Ministry, and there are very few jolts like Macnair who have low ability to still be able to live well.

This is why Lockhart was spotted by Auror and subsequently fell into the net.

But after that he got lucky.

Originally, according to his guilt, the minimum sentence should be three years in Azkaban, but Voldemort recognized his talent in the memory charm, gave him a pardon, and arranged for him to work in the Obliviator Headquarters to pay for his crimes.

After entering the Obliviator Headquarters, the frightened and disorderly Lockhart worked diligently, turning from a dashing criminal into a social animal.

His excellent memory charm has solved many stubborn elements, giving the Order of the Phoenix under Dumbledore a great blow.

After all, there is nothing more painful than becoming fanatical pureblood dogs after being caught struggling for freedom together with their close comrades.

There are also some "mudblood" thorns in Hogwarts Castle, all of them were also handed over to Lockhart to solve, in whose hands the "mudblood" rarely remain disobedient.

It is also because of such a feat, his promotion was like a rocket, only three years after joining the Ministry of Magic, he became the head of the office from the ordinary staff.

Even now he is still not forgotten by Voldemort and was summoned to France, to contribute to the pureblood cause.


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