217 Chapter 216 The Part Under the Sea

Simply by absorbing the magic power of ancient runes on the first line, the gem that had been completely used up by Jon in Azkaban actually shifted from blue towards red to a degree visible to the naked eye.

This is a change that has never been seen even when Jon absorbed the magic power of all the students in the fourth year on the whole wagon!

This proved that the person who inscribed these ancient runes was extremely powerful, definitely surpassing most people in the magical world.

This is a key piece of evidence.

Jon does not know how many wizards have this magnitude of magic power, but he can be sure that the former Voldemort must have been this powerful!

And he passed by this tower in that disappeared month.

When all kinds of coincidental traces are added together, some suspicions can become solid evidence.

Now not only does Sir Stoker desperately want to know what that person had hidden in his house, but Jon is also very interested in knowing what Voldemort actually hid.

What is hidden in this high tower is highly intriguing to him.

Of course, while obtaining the truth, at the same time, you can have the opportunity to stockpile sufficient magic power, which Jon does not mind at all.

The thousands of ancient runes on the stone slab, each containing a unique magic power, which Jon could completely eat little by little.

It's just that the gem has now been inlaid on the ring after all, and the ring is worn on his hand, with him as a transit point for absorbing magic, and there is no way to be like at that time in Hogwarts Castle, a direct one-time direct absorption of a powerful amount of magic, so he can only digest it slowly, character by character.

"I need some time Sir, the number of ancient runes on the slab is too many, there is no way to deal with it at once."

Sir Stoker could also see from the side that Jon's method did work, although he didn't understand how Jon was able to erase the magic in it by just touching the magic rune with his finger, he knew clearly that Jon was not lying to fool him.

"Don't worry, Professor Johnson, as long as you are not in a hurry, I can afford to let you stay with me forever, and even if those students you left on the ship are not very well organized, you can bring them with you here, as long as there are no more than a hundred of them, I have plenty of room for them to stay here."

Sir Stoker obviously showed his sufficient sincerity, but Jon did not intend to bring all the students on board the Hogwarts with him to the tower.

It's not like they are really on a tourist holiday, and besides, there is no way to guarantee that Voldemort has made only one arrangement in this tower.

If it's not for the need for people to help him explore the tower in its entirety, Jon didn't even want to bring up Neville, Hermione and the others at first.

And just when Jon and Sir Stoker are at the top of the tower re-examining the stone slab with ancient runes.

Hermione and Luna, two have come to the first-floor foyer.

After Jon took three boys back to the ship to move books, the two girls continued to wander down the tower with Rabier, even though the boys came back, they did not regroup with them but divided into two groups, the girls continued to go down, the boys went up from the living room.

Rabier can't follow them all the time, there are a lot of chores to do in this tower, not to mention that it is now close to lunchtime, and he has to prepare seven people's lunch alone.

So now Hermione and Luna are no longer followed by anyone else.

"It is hard to imagine that there are so many rooms, but there are only two people, that Sir and the elf are living here."

Hermione lamented.

They have come down this way, if not for those stairs are like elevators and able to carry people to move, their legs would have long been numb.

Even now, the two girls didn't feel much relaxed, when Rabier followed them, he would prepare tea for them at any time, but now they no longer can go to someone to ask for tea.

But Luna did not seem to hear Hermione's words, her eyes have been staring at the corner of the foyer, where a large potted plant was placed.

Hermione followed her gaze and then saw a black cat under the potted plant.

The cat was lying in the corner and looking at them with eyes reflecting the fire's light.

"The elf named Rabier said that these cats in the tower were bred from two ordinary black cats before they died, you are interested in them?" Hermione asked.

Luna shook her head.

"No, I just feel like these cats don't like us."

Hermione's face showed a puzzled expression, she approached the black cat lying in the corner, squatting down, reaching out to pet its fur. But, the black cat seemed very disgusted and stood up, lightly avoiding Hermione's hand, and left with an elegant stride.

Hermione didn't feel much frustration at being "rejected brutally", her parents had promised to buy a cat for her as a pet when she grew up, so she had some research on the habits of this animal.

"You can't exactly say that it doesn't like us, but most cats basically have this kind of nature, even to their owners who adopt them."

Luna didn't say anything else, and it did seem like she had just made that comment casually.

They wandered around the foyer a few times, not making any extra discoveries on the elaborate decor of the place, except that as Hermione stood in front of the window and saw the placid sea outside near her eyes, a thought suddenly struck her.

"We are not on land, if you consider the principle of building a house on the ground, the foundation of this tower must be rooted in the ground at the bottom of the sea."

She looked at Luna with a thoughtful look.

"This also means that the first level we are in, which is located on the surface of the sea, can't actually be called the first level of this tower. Below our feet, there should be other floors."

Luna showed full interest in this discovery of Hermione, she looked like she thought a tower divided into two sections by the sea is cool.

"So if there are floors below, where is the entrance? We're all done with the stairs."

Hermione did not answer, apparently, she also doesn't know where the entrance is.

But generally speaking, if the floor located below the surface of the sea really exists, then the access to it will basically be on the first level above the sea, which is the foyer they are in now.

"Let's look for it." Hermione said.

The two girls separated, and they began to search in the foyer which they had already circled a few times.

Luna lifted the carpet, but did not find any tunnels or flaps underneath, Hermione tried to touch the potted plants and various ornaments around, she felt that since such entrances are not on the surface, they must be hidden in an inconspicuous place.

However, when they searched, and Hermione looked at an ordinary portrait, Rabier suddenly appeared at their side.


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