215 Chapter 214 The same is true for General Counter-spell

But Jon did not have a fetish for digging into other people's privacy.

He was not interested in what oath Sir Stoker had made, only interested in this suspected stone slab left by Voldemort.

Jon squatted down and looked at the dense ancient runes to figure it out carefully.

In fact, the majority of the magical world's runes are known as Ancient Runes.

In Hogwarts Castle under Voldemort's control today, there is still a "Study of Ancient Runes" elective subject available in senior classes of pureblood and half-blood houses.

The script on this slab is obviously Ancient Runes, and Ancient Runes is just like the majority of old scripts, also divided into common characters and rare characters, and there are many rare characters, which even experts specializing in this field may not be able to fully recover and decipher in their lifetime.

Because these characters are magical when they are created, and back in ancient times, especially when wands were yet to be invented, magic runes were an important aid to ancient spell casting.

Many talented wizards kept inventing new magic runes, but there were no magic schools created at that time, and the transmission of magic was still maintained in the oldest master-apprentice system, so, many magic runes were buried in the background of such times.

In fact, there are archaeologists in the magical world who visit the relics or graveyards of wizards around the world, not for substantial wealth, but for the knowledge belonging to the ancient wizards.

Jon stared at the slab for a long while, but in these dense, almost a few thousand ancient rune characters, he only recognized a handful of characters that looked familiar, and there was no way to put together a complete sentence.

Without being able to find clues from the meaning, he took out his wand and gently tapped the tip of it against the slab.

Then, the ancient runes all lit up with a faint shimmer, as if Jon had triggered something.

"All of these ancient runes still possess magic power on them."

He said in surprise.

Sir Stoker said with a serious face.

"The reason for the constant uneasiness in my heart is also this, even if I don't understand it, I have some rough understanding of ancient runes and know that the runes left in the magical world nowadays are basically just characters themselves, and the magic power that was originally attached to them has all been worn away with the passage of time. Nowadays, there are very few wizards who can still write ancient runes with magic power, except for the professors who specialize in teaching such courses in magic schools, there are not even a few to be found in the entire European magical world."

Jon's eyes, however, glowed a little as he stared intently at those runes on the slate.

"Not to mention being able to write so many."

"Right, the person who left this slab must have a deep study in the field of ancient runes, such a person would not be unknown in the magical world, so why did he arrive at my place and leave this behind?" Sir Stoker's tone was full of confusion.

But this point added further support to Jon's speculation, someone who could write and possess so many ancient runes, not to mention the European magical community, in the entire Western region, such a wizard could be counted on one hand.

Voldemort is obviously a person of this level.

This stone slab is most likely something he left behind!

Jon did not have that deep attainment in ancient runes, but in the library on the Hogwarts wagon, there are a lot of grimoires about the ancient runes, and now they are still in the cabin of Hogwarts.

He can completely study now, after all, there's no need for him to read and write the ancient runes, he rather just has to recognize them relying on the wealth of materials available in the library, which may take some effort, but is not impossible to do.

"When I came out for this trip, I also brought some materials related to ancient runes on board to read, if you are willing to be patient, Sir, I can bring the materials over and study this slowly."

Hearing Jon's words, Sir Stoker's face showed a joyful look.

"I certainly have enough patience, Professor Johnson. Don't worry, if you can help me to solve the secret on this slab, I will reward you with a generous reward."

"Payment or something is not necessary, if I can figure out these ancient runes, it will be considered as a return gift for bothering you these days."

Jon did not continue to talk overly, after which he did not stay any longer and turned around to leave with Sir Stoker.

On the 17th floor down, they met Neville who happened to come out of the pasture after observing the living conditions of the cows, Jon called up Neville, Ron and Lee the three boys, and returned to Hogwarts with them.

As he send them off from the tower, Sir Stoker was evidently curious about the Hogwarts ship staying on the seaside, Jon could see that he had the idea of visiting, but Jon didn't make an invitation.

Even if the ship has been well-prepared, he will not easily take an outsider up until he can guarantee the safety of the students, although, from the current point of view, this Sir Stoker is indeed still a good person.

After returning to the ship, Jon immediately gathered Nick and George together and told them what he had found on the high tower.

"Actually, I know quite a few ancient runes." Nick said, "In the time when Hogwarts was first founded, magic runes were not all that forgotten in the magical world, and although I had never written them myself, I can still recognize quite a few."

Hearing Nick's words, Jon pondered for a moment, and eventually, he dismissed the idea of trying to bring Nick with him to the High Tower.

"You have no way to hide your identity, you being a resident ghost in Gryffindor in the past is not even a secret, it's not worth the risk to bet on whether this Sir will recognize you for this matter. However, although you can not go to that tower, but I still remember some of the ancient runes at the beginning of a few sentences."

Jon tried and wrote the very first sentence of the ancient runes that are on the slab, on parchment and held it in front of Nick's eyes.

"Can you decipher any information based on this sentence?"

Nick, who apparently really knew a lot of ancient runes, said conclusively after just one look.

"I've seen this opening before, it must be ancient runes about sealing magic spells, usually ancient wizards would use this kind of magic rune to seal something valuable."

Jon's eyes glowed.

"Then do you know how to break this kind of magic rune?"

"This kind of magic rune is actually similar to the Locking Spell and the Unlocking Spell of the current modern-day spells." Nick explained, "A lock that has been enchanted with a locking spell generally cannot be opened by an unlocking spell, but if the magic power of the caster is strong enough, then this locking spell can be easily broken, even without the unlocking spell, a General Counter-spell is enough to do the same."

"But now few people can still be able to write the unlocking spell which can reverse these magic runes, moreover you said that there are as many as thousands of characters in that stone slab, so the magic power attached to it must be extremely powerful, which is even more difficult."

Listening to Nick's words, Jon not only didn't frown, he instead got a mental jolt.

"What did you just say at the end? Nick!"

Nick froze.

"I said this isn't easy to crack."

"No, I meant the end of the last sentence!"

"Uh, a General Counter-spell is enough to do the same?"

Jon hammered his palm with his fist in excitement.

"Yes! A General Counter-spell is enough to do the same!"


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