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In the Fast and Furious verse


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In the Fast and Furious verse with the twelve Zodiac Talismans and Tarakudo's Oni Mask. Some other worlds will be mixed in along with some oc's that will have similarities to other characters from other works. John Wick Bay-verse Transformers/Transformers Prime are the worlds that will have the greatest influence of events. some other worlds are Nikita and Charmed but they are mostly character grabs with heavy alterations and not there original source material selves. Also some main characters from the main verse which is Fast & Furious may be represented differently that what preconceived notions you have of them from there very limited screen time they have had and the glaring time skips of the movies where we miss their evolution into the people we see in F9 and above. So if you can't handle characters acting differently than in the movies then don't bother reading this. Also there will be smut definitely smut and a little bit of plot. please if you enjoy story show your support to me on either of these platforms and help inspire and motivate me to continue: patreon.com/Shane_towm https://cash.app/$Azazeal666


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