29 CHAPTER 29 (final chapter)

"Good afternoon Miss Rodriguez.", my prof who always called me in front of his class to stand until the very end of his lesson greeted me.

"Good afternoon prof.", I smiled and greeted him.

"I heard what happened to your mom. My condolences to you and I'm sorry for treating you bad in my class."

"Nothing to be sorry for prof, I always come to school with a messy head. It's my fault."

"You're waiting for?", he asked.

I am standing near Josh's room. We'll be going home to my grandparents that's why I am waiting for his dismissal.

"I am waiting for Josh sir.", I said and he smiled.

"You two are dating?", he asked.

"We're exes.", I said.

"You should try working out again. I mean I've known him for years and he never dated anyone before neither do you right?", I nodded.

"Lucy, how long have you been here?", Josh suddenly popped up behind me.

"Excuse me love birds.", our prof said before he walked pass us.

"Where's Rain?", he asked again.


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