2 Helen and the group

A few hours after Edward breathed his last, sounds of hurried footsteps came from outside the room where Edward had met his demise.

The female zombie raised her head abruptly, looking at the door with its empty eye sockets, giving the impression that it could see through the door.

Immediately, it dashed towards the door with the speed that was slightly faster than that of a human, slammed itself into the door, causing the door to crack slightly.

The party who were hurrying over halted on their track, they looked at the shaking door with frowned faces. They clenched their equipment tightly, ready for whatever was going to come out of the almost broken door.

The banging sound continued until the door finally shattered, revealing the beings on both sides to each other.

The female zombie, like seeing an exclusive dish that might be snatched away by another, rushed towards the group of four. With a blood bathed body, bloody fingers, hideous face, mouth dripping with mixture of red and green blood, the zombie looked spooky.

The group of four, one man and three women, subconsciously took a step back, they were shocked by the speed of the zombie.

Without a doubt, this zombie was going through evolution, they had to end it right here or it would turn into a bigger threat in future.

Regaining their senses, one of the women who seemed to be the oldest of the group, stepped forward with a long steel bar in her hands, the steel bar was slightly curved, making it suitable for slashing even when the steel was blunt.

 Seeing that one of its food had wholeheartedly presented herself, the female zombie opened her arms wide and jumped towards the woman.

The woman had expected this because this was almost like an auto attack pattern for all zombies, so when the zombie dived at her with even that remarkable speed, she didn't panic.

She moved fluently, her hands that were wrapped with some bandages held the steel bar tightly as she bent and slashed with all her might.

When the steel bar came in contact with the zombie's legs, it fell face forward, the group weren't surprised that its legs didn't come off, after all, they had speculated that it was already in its evolution stage.

The woman felt numb in her arms, the force of the zombie had surpassed her calculation, thankfully, she had gone all out just in case.

Immediately the female zombie landed, the remaining three rushed towards it and started to stab its chest and brain with their own steel bars.

The zombie was unable to retaliate and was successfully destroyed by the group of zombie executioner's (hehehe).

After making sure the zombie was finally dead, the group stormed into the room and the sight they found left them aghast.

Some would surely be unable to sleep peacefully for at least a week.

One of the women covered her mouth as she wept silently, tears ran down her faces like it was tears bluffing ceremony (a ceremony where the best tear shedder is rewarded, don't bother checking the web, it's fictional)

The only man left in the group just shook his head in grief. Edward was his friend and curse mate, they were all that was left from their group of friends that escaped the school together.

Luckily, they met these three women and since then had formed a group to survive together, Edward would often joke about how he would have two while he took the last.

But this funny memory only made him more aggrieved, his eyes were red and he turned his face away, unwilling to look at Edwards' terrible state.

The other two women had indifferent gazes, this wasn't the first time they were seeing such a thing, the past three years had been filled with nothing but hell, Edward was just one of many cases.

"Let's keep moving before it turns dark, the smell of the blood will soon attract other zombies, if not stronger ones" The eldest woman said expressionlessly.

Her name was Helen. She used to be a police officer before three years ago, now she was like a big sister to all members of the group. Although their age difference was not more than two or three years, she had a very matured womanly charm that would make one want to call her big sister.

She was tall, slim and had red long hair which she tied up with a hair band. She had a nice curve with medium assets, not too explosive and not too flat.

"Can we really leave him like this?" The only man in the group, Mark, asked Helen. He knew Edwards corpse would soon transform, he didn't want that to happen.

"What do you want to do then? He had always been useless when he was alive, and now even in death, he's still a burden" The other woman scoffed.

Her name was Elsa. A teacher from one of the schools in the country. She's currently 27 with a fit body and long black hair that had blood stains on them.

She was the first to meet Helen before the crying lily, after Edward and Mark joined. She had always hated Edward because of the way his eyes roamed their bodies when they weren't paying attention.

She also hated how Helen treated Edward with great care like she was his older sister and how Lily always chased after Edward. Though they were in a doomsday era, it didn't stop them from having side thoughts when alone with their group.

Lily wanted to refute Elsa's words but was unable to speak because of her sobbing. Mark was lost for words and didn't say anything next, he won't be able to win her in an argument nor in a fight.

Helen glanced at Elsa and said softly "He was just unfortunate, and don't say he was a burden. We have all been through a lot, we should cherish our members. would you be able to live well if all of us died ??"

Facing Helen's speech, Elsa could only click her tongue and look away. She had no plans of arguing with Helen, not for that idiot's sake.

"Let's leave, he is already like that and he won't be able to leave and no zombie will trouble him. Let him be" Helen said while walking out of the room.

Mark looked at Edward one last time before following Helen, Lily followed closely behind.

Elsa was the last in the room. After everyone left, she walked over to Edward and smashed his already deformed face with her bar.


She snorted and left also.

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