In scott pilgrim vs the world and more worlds with a system

The story about a guy transmigration in scott pilgrim vs the world with a system he also travel to other worlds, anime worlds and movies and animation series and and game world. MC doesn't have a tragic past or anything, he had normal life and had normal problems and then transmigration in the the Scott pilgrim world. The worlds: Scott pilgrim world konosuba world black clover world gamer manhwa world. (More worlds will be added later, he also don't leave a world for another one, he travel between them) Respective series mentioned are credited to their respective owners, I only got MC and some oc It's my first time writing and English is not my first language

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Chapter 7 first purchase from the shop and creating new skill

(MC pov)

I'm back in my apartment, and I gained so much from my trip, not only I reach level 10 and copied gamer mind I also unlocked the system shop.

I look at the clock and it seems that no time has passed since I was in another world,well that good.

Now there is a question I need to answer, do I become a fighter or a mage?

Who am I kidding in games I always pick something to attack From afar so magic It is, I put 5 points in int and 5 in charm maybe with a little cham I could convince people to do things I want and that it, it's not because I want to look good.

"Status screen"I said

[name Edward Kenway









charm:10(you are a little good-looking)


status point:00 

shop point:100]

Just a little good-looking? Well that disappointing anyway i can feel my mana increasing and getting stronger I like this feeling.

I check my phone and I see I have a massage from An unknown number, I open the massage and it read

"Hi I'm Stephen stills I'm the leader of the band sex Bob-omb, I got your number from Scott which he also got it from Stacey , anyway I just wanted to say I heard about your song and it's fantastic I hope you come over tomorrow so we sing it for you and tell if you have a suggestion" this was what he write.

I simply just send a okay to him thinking it's a good idea to know how much story is processed


6 hours ago

(Stephen pov)

'wow" I said after reading the enemy song for the 10 times.

"Right, it's great " Scott said 

" And he just let it our band have it?"I asked

"Yes he told me if we succeed later we need to give him 50% of our profit" Scott said

This, this is the change that only comes once in a lifetime I can't miss it i take my jacket and open the door to go out.

"Where are you going?" Scott said 

"I'm going to get the copyright and and contract bye" I said and get out without waiting for Scott I can't waste time.

5 hours later

"It's finally over I did all the necessary paperwork" I said with smile despite my tired face.

After finishing my job I take a taxi to home and massage Scott to give me Edward number after a few minutes he send his number and I send a message to Edward, I hope he comes tomorrow.

(End of pov)



(MC pov)

I put my phone down and decided to check the shop.





i chose items, and there literally anything from a simple rock to Excalibur and god killing weapons or iron man suit.

After that I chose skills and like items there is every skill in there from a simp throwing rock to a god killing magic or shadow extraction from solo leveling or the I.AM.AOMIC spell from that shadow anime I don't remember well.

And then I chose ability which like items and skill have everything and I find out the discount is only 24 hours so I find something I wanted to buy.

[Instant learning:

touche a book or a scroll to learn new skill

Original: the gamer


after discount: 90sp]

so expensive I'm lucky I have the discount and I want this ability because I can buy book of a skill from shop and honestly I'm not smart enough to understand a book like time magic or healing magic or something like that so this makes my job easier so I bought it.

[you purchased instant learning]

cool now items shop I still have 10 point.

[ how to unlock chakra book

price 100sp

after discount:1sp

Techniques Body Replacement Technique


after discount:1sp

Techniques shadow clone

price 1000sp

after discount:1sp

body flicker Technique


after discount:1sp

Hiding in Mist Technique

price 100sp

after discount:1sp 

how to unlock aura without anyone help

fom RWBY world


after discount:1

how to use Armament haki



after discount:1sp

how to use observation haki


after discount:1

Unlocking Conqueror haki


After discount:100sp

Flight magic book 


After discount:1sp

Unlocking chi guid book

From the avatar the last air bender and the legend of korra


After discount:1sp]

I bought them all Except the Conqueror haki book it was really expensive I better have the qualifications of a king because I don't think I'm going the get my hand on 100000 sp but deep down I know I don't have it.

I have all of this now and I can master chakra and chi and other thing but I don't use them now I need to create new skill with my limit knowledge.

I control my mana out of my hand but instead of shaping it like a ball like always I make it like a rope and that what I want a rope.

[you created a skill mana rope

Mana rope (active)LV 1:2MP: A rope made from mana. It has physical durability and disappears after some time as mana scatters. Duration: 10 minutes.]

well it worked now let's try make it like a web, I I control my mana and make it exist from Wrist and shape it like a web .

[you created mana web skill

mana web:2MP: A web made from mana. It has physical durability and disappears after some time as mana scatters. Duration: 10 minutes.]

call me Peter parker because I am spider man now but it doesn't matter much now I just bought flight magic but it will be collected if I swing in the city like Spiderman, I mean who doesn't want to do it.

Now I have enough attack skill I need defence.

I release my mana around me and shape to surround me and now I increase the distance and and make it look like I'm inside a blue ball.

[you created a skill 

mana shield (active)LV 1: 40MP: One of the most basic defense skills using mana. Handling the energy called mana has existed for a long time, and mana shield is one among many. The ability to handle the energy called mana has existed for a long time, and mana shield is one of the many abilities using mana. Blocks a portion of the impact. 50 additional MP used per minute. At lv 65 mana usage is reduced to 5 MP per minute.]

it take a lot of mana from me for now so I only used in necessary moments.

Now that I create any skill that I could, before going to use the books I bought I have to go to the bathroom.


I just read the wiki of Scott pilgrim and Ramona flowers and some other character and I must say I'm suprised the story is much more than what show in the movie, so I'm going to make it a mix of novel and the movie and I also saw 3 episodes of Scott pilgrim take off and I didn't really care for it and also not completely everything goes like the plot MC is going to bring change and also if you read this fanfic please leave a comment