1 Arrival

I was just on my phone arguing online about the best Rick Riordan series. Obviously, I was under the correct opinion that Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the best while others were debating about heroes of Olympus or the kane series.

As I wasn't watching my surroundings I didn't notice the lights Turing green as I was crossing. The last thing I heard was a loud honk from a vehicle as it ran through me. Thankfully, I didn't feel much probably due to the blow to the head.

I started to feel light headed as I started to zone out, the colours were fading as slowly drifted off.

Warm. That was all I could feel, it was like I was floating in a swimming pool just floating. Nothing had meaning as I floated just thinking and wondering if I'm dead or alive. I started thinking about Two of my favourite series Fate and Percy Jackson. I always loved the story and how it was written and the abilities and Noble phantasms were so fucking cool.

Cuchulain was my favourite character in Fate as I loved how he was down to scrap with anyone and I even looked up his original legend to get more information.

Percy Jackson was my favourite book series for similar reasons as I just loved the mythos and the characters though I will admit to Luke being my favourite character.

So here I was, back to floating when I finally noticed something different. A light started coming closer and when it arrived it me it spoke.

"Mortal, you have interceded in my domain though I can tell it is unintentionally done there will be unforseen consequences for this." It spoke. I just started as he spoke again.

" you are in what is known as the well of dreams where all wishes dwell, to remove you I will have to grant you 3 boons which will use up water your soul has absorbed" It stated leaving me to contemplate whether it can read my mind or soul I guess.

"I would like to be reincarnated as Cuchulain in the world's of Percy Jackson, with his abilities as a lancer from fate as well as keeping my memories." I asked the being, hopefully I haven't asked for to much. It stayed silent as if debating on whether it should when I suddenly noticed a shift.

I was in a forest, unsure of what happend I looked around before seeing my self or my new self I think. I was identical to Lancer and that's when it started.

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