19 Chapter 19: Kal Particles


"The only thing humans are equal in is death."

-Johann Liebert

Word Count 1346


Time Skip - 7 years later.

Seven years have passed and I wasn't getting any older like the rest of the world.

My physical appearance remained exactly the same as it had been seven years ago.

If I had been in Europe during the medieval times, I would have been burned to the stake and accused of being an immortal witch.

The church would have dubbed me the spawn of the devil and a heretic that practiced unholy and evil magic to make himself younger.

Just thinking about it made me die with laughter.

I realized I had extremely modified decelerated aging. My cellular activity was hyper and as cell apoptosis happened, almost instantly new ones were regenerated. This natural cycle of destruction and rebirth was what was maintaining my youthful vibrancy.

Mind you, seven years was a lot and I had the time to finish the Project 'REPTILIAN' - the project that involved the creation of a super-serum derived from the DNA of reptiles, especially Lizards.

I had been essentially replicating and perfecting Dr. Curtis Conners research project.

It had taken a lot of trials and errors to perfect that biological serum. Of course, it involved human test subjects.

Humans were the most viable option when trying to develop a human-intended serum. Easy inferences were guaranteed. The biochemical reactions in the individual test subject were lively... and precise.

It was just simple really - humans were just the best specimens to work with in the laboratory. They provided top-notch versatility to work around with.

The first subject, Specimen Zero, evolved under the prototype super-serum's effects, and became a giant reptilian just like Conner's first transformation. That had been a failure so I had Specimen Zero nullified. I didn't want reptilian monsters hanging around in my laboratory. Or something like a Frankenstein's kind of situation where the newly created monster murders his creator.

No, no, I was definitely not letting something like that ever happen.

I had then modified the serum, altering its chemical and genetic composition a little bit and used it on the second test subject, Specimen Two.

Specimen Two had been a pretty woman in her mid 20s. I still remember her pitiful and snot-filled face and cries for mercy. Oh, I forgot to tell you that with all the chaos caused by the Kaijus, kidnapping the dregs of society was pretty easy. A beautiful face can't save you when it comes to laboratory procedures.

I hadn't been exactly picky with my test subjects.

My society was open and welcoming to all and sundry. There was no discrimination and only equality to all species. A racial harmony. That guy that said that humans were only truly equal in death was not wrong.

The departed souls will surely be sent to Elysium for their meritorious services to humanity, er, me.

Anyway, so it had been like this, Specimen Two, didn't turn into a giant lizard. But she had developed reptilian scales all over her body parts like a Lizardman in the fabled fantasy. She had the natural regeneration capabilities of a Lizard and I had been meticulous enough to cut her limbs off in order to confirm the potency of her healing factor. I was not cruel, it's just that laboratory procedures needed conclusions to be noted for further analysis and corrections.

She had also been a failure. I didn't want her to suffer the emotional trauma and damage. I had been kind enough to relieve her of all the mortal sufferings.

The trial and error had continued like that and only after a series of the serum corrections and modifications, did the 20th specimen's show some positive results.

The 20th subject hadn't undergone any transformative phase. He could maintain his humanity while still possessing the regenerative healing capabilities of a reptile.

It was a success. The 20th subject became the perfect specimen. He had unknowingly saved the other experimental captives and I had been forced to wipe their memories clean - nothing a Neuralyzer prototype from the MIB Universe couldn't do - before releasing them back to the world. They would feel that nothing had happened before I had captured them.

And I was not a hypnotist like the big and meaty guys in Hentai.

Through the 'perfect' specimen (after a series of bone marrow, cellular, and tissue extraction), I had created the biological serum with no side effects whatsoever.

It was perfect up to the very minute details.

So just like that, my natural healing factor had been boosted to another realm - almost instantaneous regeneration of lost limbs. Thus, Project: REPTILIAN, became history.

The other projects that involved the oceanic invertebrates like the Immortal Jellyfish and Sponge, and the 'Cheat' Hydra, had yet to be concluded. Those were massive hurdles that needed a lot of time to break through.

So I had dived back to the mechanical zone of experimentation. Project STAR had been a smooth success. And the 'Solar' gem had been constructed.

The Solar Gem was layered with nanoscale level synthetic solar absorbent cells, capable of absorbing both stellar and solar radiations.

The prerequisite for it to be used efficiently was enough time for it to absorb stellar energy or solar energy. It was small, palm-sized exactly, but that was only from an outside perspective. I had once gotten limited technological knowledge on spatial paradoxes and spatial distortion fields. From Reed Richards.

Cool, right?

Yeah I had been happy when I had received the supreme knowledge, even if it was limited.

Reed Richards could casually create a room capable of dividing space into infinity, just from mulling over some theories entailing paradoxes.

To make it simple - the knowledge was like the concept of storage rings used to store the residual souls of immortal grandpas.

Anyway, the Solar Gem had an expanded space inside it, capable of storing all that energy.

How would it feel to send a concentrated solar beam straight through a Kaiju's head?

But I had other plans for the Solar Gem. Apart from using it on two special Jaegers, a completely modified Gypsy Avenger and Obsidian Fury, I was planning to use it on a new toy.

A humanoid creation designed like the Sentinels from X-Men: Days of Future past.

And finally... I was able to reverse engineer the Fenton Crammer from Danny Phantom.

If Hank Pym could do it, why couldn't I?

Since I was now capable of even analyzing the subatomic particles' interaction, it had made it easier to deduce the overall know-how of the Fenton Crammer's functions.

I had no ghost subjects since funny enough I couldn't see ghosts or interact with them. The Fenton Crammer didn't have specter detection functions so I had to once again work with animals.

Just a beam was enough to see the particles involved in shrinkage. I had shrunk a poor dog to microscopic level before it succumbed to the predatory gazes of other microbial organisms. Bless his soul.

It had been a great sight to see how those 'shrinking' particles were capable of compressing matter to such levels.

I had drawn my own theories and calculations based on what I had been seeing.

The Pacific Rim universe was incomparable to Marvel. Its cosmology wasn't complicated and it had no Quantum Realm or OverSpace. I had to come up with my own type of synthetic subatomic particles which I named - Kal Particles.

It had been best to maintain some sort of originality when giving names to my own discoveries.

The Kal Particles were only capable of shrinking matter to the Microscopic level at best. I had no idea yet on how to utilize Pym's multi-dimensional physics, since I didn't have his knowledge, to explore the macroscopic side of things.

Anyway, I was already relieved with the Kal Particles capable of shrinking matter.

And I was definitely gonna use it on my base - to be portable and all.

After all, the events at Alaska were about to begin. The plot was in its initial phase of thickening.


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