1 Chapter 1

It was a normal day for me, after finishing my classes I came back to my home all to find it empty as usual. Both of my parents have a job so they are rarely at home at this point of the day. I arrived at the dining room and saw a piece of paper on the dining table. It was a note from my mom which said that she and dad were gonna be late today. Well, doesn't matter much it just means that I have more time to enjoy myself. I took some snacks from the kitchen and went upstairs to my room.

After changing my clothes I thought of re-reading Naruto just to experience the nostalgia again and so I did. I sat on the computer table and opened up the manga and started reading it while taking in random chumps of the snack at frequent intervals. As I was reading the manga I reached the part where Naruto was pushed onto Sasuke and they ended up kissing each other.

"HAhahahahahha...*cough* *cough* *cough*"

I couldn't help but laugh my throat out at this scene again and ended up getting the food stuck in my throat. I thought just like earlier times my throat would clear after a few coughing but it didn't. Fear took over me as I quickly got up from my seat and started banging my back on the wall in an attempt to clear my blocked throat...it didn't work. I kept on banging my back until my mind blacked out and my body fell on the floor...with no sign of life.

*Cough* *Cough*

I woke up from the bed while clutching my neck with both my hands but soon realized that I was able to breathe normally. 'So it was just a bad dream.' I thought to myself but soon afterward I took a look at my surroundings which looked strange...I was in a room..a room that was not mine but it somehow looked familiar to me but what was even more mind-boggling to me was that my surroundings... everything looked...anime-like...even me. I pushed myself up from the bed to see outside the window but as soon as I got up on my feet I felt an immense amount of pain in my head.

"AHHHH" I cried out as I grabbed my head and placed myself on the ground in a fetal position as I gritted my teeth all in order to resist the pain and finally the pain went away like it never came...but what the pain left behind was the information regarding my current situation.

"So it was not a bad dream.....I really died earlier...Sigh." I said to myself

After a few minutes of remembering all the good and bad things that I could remember from my past life...I closed the book on it. I was truly dead in that world and now this was my new life..though couldn't be called completely new because I entered the body of Naruto. From the information I got from that pain, today should be the first-class after graduating...I should get ready and go to the academy now If I don't want to be late.

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