35 Super Hax

Well, now then before I use my Dimensional Transfer I need to step up my game.

Thinking about it, I headed straight towards Jiraya.

"Oi sensei! I need your help regrading something." Jiraya raised his eyebrow.

"What do you want Akira?"

"Teach me Shadow Clone Jutsu." I said bluntly.

Jiraya was suprised for a bit and then he gave a lecherous smile, "I didn't think you had it in you. Here, this is the scroll for Shadow Clone Jutsu. Use it well my student. I am expecting quite a lot from you."

I finally realised what he meant, and I couldn't believe it.

How the hell didn't I think of that? I could use Shadow Clones in the future to pleasure multiple women at the same time... this is fucking brilliant.

"Wait... there is one more thing I have to ask you."

"Go on..." Jiraya motioned me to continue.

"I want to learn all the Jutsu available in Konoha... even the clans Hidden Ninjutsu." Jiraya frowned.

"You are on your own on that Akira. I can't help you with that. It belongs to them exclusively but the jutsu on Konoha archive can be given to you. After all you are the hero who singlehandedly saved Konoha and if you ask the clan I think they just might grant you your wish."

"Hmm... I guess it can't be helped then. I will be relying on you for other jutsus though."

Jiraya gave me a thumbs up, "Leave it me my dear student. Just focus on getting ready for your mission."

I went towards an empty training area to practice Shadow Clone Jutsu. After an hour, I managed to learn it. Wasn't that hard with my Absolute Chakra Control, just had some problem with the execution of the Jutsu.

[Shadow Clone Jutsu Lvl Max (Active) - Able to create a copy of yourself with 1/3 of your original stats with full skills at their disposal. Anything learned by the clone will be transferred to the original after they dissipate.]

"Alrighty then... Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


Hundreds of my clones were produced as I looked at them they smiled, "Yo big bro! Should we commense operation Super Hax?"

They were quite a cheerful bunch but that how I created them after all.

"Yes... commence operation Super Hax. Learn everything you can... don't leave anything behind. Learn everything by any hook or crook."

They saluted me and went their way.

Now I just have to wait and I will have countless skills at my grasp.

Gahahahaha... I love this cheat of mine.

In the Summoning realm of the crow clan, they looked at the blone whiskered baby in front of them.

"Elder Karasutenma, what should we do with this hatchling?" A random crow spoke out.

"We take care of this hatchling as our own. Itachi entrusted this hatchling to us and his eyes as well... Itachi was a boy with great compassion and kindness. We will honour him and make this child what he hoped for him to be. Prepare the medical room... we are going to implant Itachi's eye in this hatching. Itachi will guide his future through his eyes..."

With that Uchiha Naruto was born...

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