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***** Beware! There is no proper logic in this story!!! The early chapters are very rocky since this is my first time but it gets better. I promise. ***** Akihiko, a person from Earth was reincarnated into the World of Naruto with his Slightly Perverted System although most of the missions the System gives are super perverted. ***** I'm just a amateur writer who wants to write fanfictions. So if my writing is a bit bad, sorry.

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Rest in Pieces Gato

The next day, early in the morning, Akihiko said farewell to Kushina, Mikoto, Izumi, Yugao, Anko and Pakura. All of them were still on the bed since they were still exhausted.

"I will come back together with Naruto and Sasuke."


"Yes, dear." Mikoto replied calmly just like always.

"We will have a surprise for you when you come back." Pakura said with a mischievous smile as everyone else giggled.

"Alright, I will wait for the surprise." Akihiko smiled and kissed all of them before disappearing from the house.

After that, Akihiko teleported to the forest near Tazuna's home and went on to lay down on his handmade hammock.

"Ahhh~ This is bliss~" Akihiko muttered as he created 3 more shadow clones.

"Oh shit, here we go again." (Clone 1)

"Number 1, massage my legs, number 2 massage my arms, number 3, feed me cookies." Akihiko ordered the three of them as they all moved.

"Shadow Clone Aboooose." (Clone 2)

"Shut up Number 2, you're annoying." (Clone 3) yelled at (Clone 2) since (Clone 3) got an easier job. He just had to feed Akihiko cookies.

Akihiko was peacefully laying on the hammock as Kakashi on the other hand was walking around the woods in a clutch. Kakashi then saw Akihiko who had his clones massaging and feeding him.

"Oi Oi Oi, Akihiko. You are having a leisurely life here, huh?" Kakashi faked an angry noise.

"Haha, Kakashi-san, do you want a hammock too?" Akihiko asked.

"Of course." Kakashi replied.

"Sure. Clone 2, go and prepare the hammock." Akihiko turned to Clone 2 and ordered him.

"Clone Abooose." Clone 2 was dissatisfied but he went and prepared the hammock two meters away from Akihiko.

After a minute, the hammock was already prepared.

"Clone 2, you can have a 5 minutes break. Kakashi-san, you can lie down there." Akihiko pointed at the hammock.

"Thanks, Akihiko. I really needed that." Kakashi said as he threw his clutch and lied on the hammock and started reading Make Out Tactics.

"Thank you very much for your kindness, Original." (Clone 2) changed his mind about Clone Aboose when he got a 5 minutes break.

"Tch." (Clone 1) and (Clone 3) just "tch-ed" and continued their work.

Kakashi also created one shadow clone to massage his body.

"Ahhh, this is too good. Akihiko, how did you learn to abus- *ahem* find a proper use for the Shadow Clones." Kakashi asked.

"Heheh, I'm a genius. That's all. Everyone else can suck my Swedish meatballs." Akihiko replied as he remembered a masterpiece back on Earth.

"Huh?" Kakashi malfunctioned for a few seconds before saying to Akihiko.

"Akihiko, as a senior older than you, I will tell you to find a relationship while you are younger."

"Huh? You're still an old virgin with a relationship with his hand." Akihiko retorted and imaginary arrows pierced Kakashi's heart.


"I-If I take my mask off, I can have a relationship with lots of women." Kakashi retorted.

"Doesn't change the fact that you are still in a relationship with your hand. Also, even if you took off your mask, I would still be more handsome than you."

Kakashi just ignored the truth and stayed quiet while reading his Make Out Tactics.

Both of them just lied on their respective hammocks for the next 40 minutes before it was disrupted by Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura.

"Hey, Akihiko, Kakashi-sensei. Why are both of you sleeping here?" Naruto yelled as Sasuke covered his ears.

"Hory Shet! Lower your voice!" Sasuke replied.

Sakura was trying her hardest to change her behavior to be taught by Akihiko as she saw how powerless she was yesterday. She was standing there alone while both of her teammates were leagues above her, fighting together with Kakashi.

"Hmm? It is good to sleep here." Akihiko just replied as he looked at Naruto.

"Yo, good morning." Kakashi raised his hand at Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

"Good morning." Naruto replied while Sakura also greeted him. Sasuke gave a nod.

"Kakashi-san, will you be helping us build the bridge today?" Naruto questioned as Kakashi grinned under his mask.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan, Sasuke-chan, your teacher won't be there today." Kakashi said as Sasuke yelled.

"Don't call me Sasuke-chan!"

"Alright, alright, you guys can go and help Tazuna. Me and Kakashi-san will come later." Akihiko said as Naruto and Sasuke nodded.


Sakura also didn't know what to do but she followed the two of them.

"Kakashi-san, let's just relax and sleep." Akihiko said as Kakashi also agreed.

They both fell asleep while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were helping Tazuna build the bridge. They were making lots of progress since Naruto helped with 150 of his shadow clones.

With this speed, they will finish building the bridge tomorrow. However, whether they will finish or not will be up to whether they will be able to defend the bridge.


"Haku, can you go and spy on their team? It would be better if you could distract Kakashi while I destroy the bridge. Can I leave it to you, brother?" Zabuza said as Haku nodded.

"Yes, brother." Haku replied while thinking, 'Brother, huh? He doesn't even know that I'm a girl.'

Haku then went to the forest near Tazuna's home to appear as a normal girl coming out to pick medicinal herbs. However, she saw both Akihiko and Kakashi sleeping on their hammocks.

She remembered Kakashi from when she saved Zabuza so she thought if she should kill him quickly while he was in a vulnerable state.

Haku pulled out a kunai and stabbed Kakashi's throat. But she was stopped as a hand grabbed the kunai and held it in place a few centimeters away from Kakashi's throat.

"Haku-chan, you shouldn't do that. You should be punished." Akihiko said as he took out a long rope and quickly tied Haku in a hogtie position as Haku fell down on the floor with her belly facing it and her legs bent upwards.

"W-what are y-you doing?" Haku asked as she tried to escape but just ended making herself feel better.

"I'm punishing you." Akihiko said as he spanked Haku's butt.


A meaty noise vibrated as the meat on Haku's ass rippled. Her face became red as she never had anyone do this to her.

She used her kekkei genkai to create sharp ice and cut the ropes with it.

"Y-you, I-I will get revenge for this." Haku said but she wanted to get more.

"What? Do you want to slap my butt?" Akihiko said as he pointed at his butt.

"No." Haku replied.

"So… what do you want?" Akihiko asked.

Haku stayed silent and used hand signs with one of her hands.

"A Thousand Needles of Death."

Several needles appeared around Akihiko and Haku before it all flew towards where Akihiko was standing.

Akihiko didn't even bother to dodge and his clothes were destroyed, leaving only his boxer shorts.

Haku immediately blushed as she saw Akihiko's body. The perfect abs, chest muscle, leg muscle and most importantly the bulging part of the boxer. Little did she know, it was not even the full power of the hidden dragon.

"Hey, my eyes are up here." Akihiko said as he smirked.

"Hmph!" Haku just pouted and dashed forward. Everytime she tried to attack Akihiko, she received a slap on her butt.

She knew that she would not get a hit on Akihiko but just dashed forward with a kunai. She didn't even use her kekkei genkai.

*Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap*

For the next 30 minutes, there was a slap and Haku was now extremely wet. She felt her knees give up and plopped on the ground. Her butt was sore from all the slap she received and her face was bright red.

Kakashi woke up around 2 minutes ago and saw all the kinky stuff Akihiko and Haku did.

"Akihiko, I'm still here. Please go and book a room for the two of you." Kakashi said with a deadpan face.

"Yeah, sorry Kakashi-san. Let's go, Haku." Akihiko said as he helped Haku up and walked away.

"Haah, I guess I will just go and check Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura." Kakashi muttered as he body flickered out of the woods.


Akihiko and Haku arrived at the edge of the woods and Akihiko asked Haku.

"Are you on a team with Zabuza Momochi?" Akihiko asked.

"Y-yes, but he isn't a bad guy. He is only doing this to earn money to kill the Mizukage." Haku answered.

"I see. Anyways, what do you think about my offer? About being my maid." Akihiko asked as Haku looked away and answered in a small voice.

"I-if you kill Gato, I will accept it."

"Isn't Gato your boss? Why do you want to kill him?"

"I know about him. He will betray both me and Zabuza after we finish our jobs for him. But Zabuza is too dumb to find out about that. He wouldn't believe it even when I tell him anyway." Haku just sighed and replied.

"Alright then, keep your promise." Akihiko said as he slapped Haku's butt another time.

"Tell me where Gato is." Akihiko asked as Haku led him to Gato's place.


Meanwhile, Zabuza was currently waiting for the perfect moment to kill Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura together with Tazuna. When he saw the chance, he immediately threw his sword which spun and almost hit Team 7 and Tazuna in the head.

"Heh, do you think I am some kind of emo-DUCK!" Sasuke didn't finish his sentence and yelled as he pulled Tazuna down.

Naruto and Sakura also ducked down as they saw a large blade flying past their head and hitting the bridge's pillar.

They saw Zabuza standing on the sword although they didn't know how he got there.

"Just as I thought, he didn't actually die." Sasuke muttered as Naruto just let out a smile.

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu."

"Fucking idiot." Sasuke muttered as he saw two of Zabuza's clones running towards both of them.

Naruto easily took care of both of them but they couldn't reach Zabuza.

Sasuke dashed towards Zabuza with his Sharingan activated and he released a fireball.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu."

"Idiot, do you think fire can win against water?" Zabuza looked at Sasuke as if he was an idiot but Sasuke was just trying to buy time.

Tens of Naruto's clones all gangba-*ahem* ganged up and attacked Zabuza with kunais but Zabuza easily defeated them all.

Sasuke quickly dashed towards Zabuza and slashed at him. Zabuza parried it with his sword and Sasuke slightly lost balance but he quickly recovered. He saw the sword slash coming towards him by Zabuza but he dodged it and let out another slash.

Naruto also created many shadow clones and attacked Zabuza trying to make Zabuza tired so they could easily win the fight. This went on for ten minutes and Naruto left some of his clones to protect Tazuna while Sakura ran to ask for Kakashi's help.

Kakashi arrived fastly and yelled, "Sussy Doggy Style: Summoning Jutsu.". Several dogs appeared and Kakashi told them what to do. The dogs all dashed and held Zabuza in place.

When the dogs held Zabuza in place, Kakashi used Chidori and pierced Zabuza's heart while Sasuke cuts off Zabuza's head.

From this moment on, Zabuza Momochi had died.

They all rejoiced and were happy.


"Haku, is this where Gato is?" Akihiko asked as Haku nodded.

They both entered the door and saw a fat man sitting on the large chair.

"Hahaha, Haku. Do you think I wouldn't be prepared for you?" Gato laughed out loud as several ninjas appeared in the room.

"Dude, chill. Take a cookie." Akihiko said as he shut Gato's mouth by perfectly throwing a cookie into his mouth.

Gato immediately spit it out and crushed it under his feet before complaining,

"Puuhh, what the hell is this trash. Even calling this trash is a compliment. Who the hell taught you how to bake these?Hmph! Even the sluts and bitches that you love will throw this shit away. Hahaha, those bitches will also bow down to me when I throw them some money. " Gato said, trying to anger Akihiko to exploit his weakness, however he didn't know how fucked up he was.

[a/n: Sorry but I haven't actually insulted anyone yet in my life so my insults are bad.]

"HUH?! CAN YOU REPEAT IT AGAIN?" Akihiko had his voice shaking in anger. These cookies were something he baked passionately; he was extremely proud of it like it was his only child. But this man just insults his cookies. This was already making Akihiko want to torture the shit out of Gato but Gato just had to add the last sentence. Bitches? Sluts? He was calling the ones he loved, the ones he cared for, as bitches and sluts. He even implied that his lovers were just gold diggers.

Telling a Cookie Lord that his cookies were bad was just pure blasphemy. He even insulted Akihiko's lovers who he cared about a lot. Those two were the things he loved the most so Akihiko was already shaking in extreme anger.

"Huh? Are you deaf? I told you that those bitches and sluts w- AGHHHHH!" Gato didn't even get to finish as he felt his throat grabbed tightly.

He looked up to see someone who looked like a devil. The golden eyes with black spots spinning around and Akihiko's smile which looked more like a devil.

[a/n: Mangekyo can awaken in extreme emotions. Sadness, Grief, Anger or things like that.]




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