In Naruto with Slightly Perverted System

***** Beware! There is no proper logic in this story!!! The early chapters are very rocky since this is my first time but it gets better. I promise. ***** Akihiko, a person from Earth was reincarnated into the World of Naruto with his Slightly Perverted System although most of the missions the System gives are super perverted. ***** I'm just a amateur writer who wants to write fanfictions. So if my writing is a bit bad, sorry.

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Phak Yu Danzo

"Everyone, attack together!" The right-hand man of the right hand man of Danzo shouted.

Everyone attacked Akihiko but Akihiko just pulled out his katana with his right hand and snapped his fingers with his left.


[Hampster Dance Starts Playing]

Dip Di Dee Da Dee Dee Doh Doh, Dee Pa Dee Dee Do, Dee Di Di Dee Dee Doo Doo Dee Dee Doo Doo Dee Doo~

Akihiko just thought 'I'm not complaining about this song. This is a masterpiece. Thank you, system.'

Akihiko didn't want to waste any time and just threw Hiraishin kunai all over the room.

The root members who saw this just attacked Akihiko.

However, within a single strike, five of them died. Akihiko then just teleported using Hiraishin all over the place, killing root members like he was squashing bugs.

The scarier thing was that a cheerful song was playing while Akihiko was creating a massacre.

Just 40 seconds in and almost all of the root members in the room were dead. More root members came in as reinforcement as there was someone who informed more people.

"Huh? Fuck this shit. I am just gonna destroy everything." Akihiko muttered as he activated both sage mode, jugo's bloodline and his arm turned large while having a booster behind the elbow. He also had golden markings all across his body and his eyes.

He tucked his right arm backwards before letting out a punch that he put some effort in.

"Normal Series: Normal Punch."

[A/N: To clarify things, I really hate plagiarism. *Whistles innocently*]

Akihiko punched the air and wind flew towards the root members, throwing them against the walls of the base and the wind even destroyed the walls of the base.

"HAH?! CAN'T YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT HANDLE ONE PERSON?! DAMN IT! I AM IN A BAD MOOD!" Danzo yelled as he saw his men flying over the destroyed walls like they were some fairies from folk tales, except the fact that they were bloody while having no wings.

"Yo, Danzo, whatcha doing dawg?" Akihiko asked as he chewed his cookie that he took out from his inventory and walked slowly towards Danzo.

"YOU! WHO ARE YOU?!" Danzo yelled as he didn't remember Akihiko as Akihiko changed too much.

"Don't ask useless questions, just attack." Akihiko said as he finished his cookie and dusted off the crumbs on his hand.

Danzo immediately used Wind Release Slash using his katana to create a wind strike towards Akihiko.

Akihiko just punched it and dismissed it with his right arm while walking forward slowly.

Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves

Danzo released several wind blades in different angles toward Akihiko but Akihiko just changed his left arm and changed it into an armored arm.

Normal Series: Consecutive Normal Punches

[a/n: Once again, I hate plagiarism. *Whistle intensifies*]

Akihiko let out several normal punches destroying the wind blades and even throwing Danzo against the wall, creating multiple cracks on the wall before Danzo tried to stand up again by using the wall as support. He placed his hand over the wall and stood up again.

"Y-you, who are you?" Danzo asked as finally stood up.

Akihiko just threw two normal kunais and they both penetrated Danzo's hand and stuck them with the wall.

"I told you already. You don't need to know my name." Akihiko said as the Hampster Song finally ended.

"Sharingan." Akihiko activated the sharingan as he looked Danzo in the eye while in his right arm he took two Viagra cookies from his inventory.

Akihiko placed Danzo in a genjutsu that made him see that floor as Hiruzen in his naked form. The genjutsu also made Danzo perceive time faster and think that more time has passed.

Akihiko fed Danzo the two Viagra cookies. He took out his notebook and wrote,

"Experiment #2

How would two Viagra cookies affect a man?"

Akihiko waited before Danzo finally breathed heavily and removed his hands from the kunais.

He then started humping the concrete. Sadly, it didn't work like dirt in The Strongest System. It immediately smashed his little pp apart but he just kept going.

Danzo was thinking 'What the fuck? Why can't I escape this genjutsu? Why am I humping Hiruzen naked? And why am I feeling good from this?'

Akihiko just wrote in his notebook, "Nothing happened other than extended time of the effect."

Danzo felt unimaginable pain that he started begging in his mind 'Please, stop this. This is hurting me both physically and mentally.'

However, Akihiko didn't have any mind reading ability so it was bad for Danzo.


Fuck Danzo.

Type your anger in the chat.

Danzo kept humping the cement until his pelvic area looked as flat as a board and there was a deep mark left in the cement. There was also a pool of blood in where Danzo was currently humping.

[4 hours later]

Akihiko could now be seen sitting on a large rock as he removed the genjutsu on Danzo. Danzo was now in an extremely bad condition.

His body was tired, his pelvic region was almost grinded to dust and fucking Hiruzen in a genjutsu for 3 days straight gave him a severe trauma.

"Hey, did you like it?" Akihiko asked as he started walking towards Danzo.

"P-Phuck Yu." Danzo couldn't even speak properly now.

"Oho, you want to hump the great Third Hokage again huh?"

As soon as Akihiko said that, Danzo immediately shivered as he started shaking his head intensely.

"I see, then say sorry to everything you did and I will forgive you." Akihiko said with a kind smile.

"I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry for blah blah blah blah." Danzo kept saying sorry but it wasn't heartfelt. He was thinking how to kill Akihiko when he regained his strength.

It took around an hour for Danzo to finally finish talking about his crimes.

"I see, Danzo. You were really sorry about everything you did, right? As I promised, you will now be forgiven.





Sike!!!" Akihiko said as he just changed his right arm to a long and sharp knife and cut off Danzo's head.


Danzo didn't get to finish as his head rolled off the ground.

"Here, for your death, I shall open you a song." Akihiko said as he snapped his fingers.

[Coffin Dance Meme Started Playing]

After the song ended, Akihiko just threw Danzo's head into his [Inventory] and in his [Trash] folder.




After that, Akihiko teleported to the Uchiha household.

"Hey, I will only be coming back tomorrow. There are some important things going on. I will explain later. Sorry, bye. Tell the others for me too." Akihiko said as he kissed Kushina and Mikoto on the cheek.

Akihiko disappeared after that.

"Hey, Kushina, everyone is outside today since they have a mission. Let's go around and roam the village." Mikoto suggested as Kushina suddenly brightened up.

"Yay, let's go to Ichiraku's ramen~" Kushina then pulled Mikoto's hand and went to Ichiraku's ramen.

"Kushina, go slowly." Mikoto said as she ran to match Kushina's speed.

They arrived at Ichiraku's ramen and they were greeted by Teuchi.

"Oh, Kushina, Mikoto, Welcome. You haven't been here for weeks now." Teuchi said as he opened his eyes slightly for a split second, showing that his eyes had circles on top of a purple eye.

"Hehe, I was busy. I want two bowls of salt ramen and Mikoto will have beef ramen." Kushina said as Teuchi nodded.

Mikoto just sighed.

While Teuchi was preparing the ramen, Ayame was asking Kushina and Mikoto for advice.

"Kushina-san, Mikoto-san, can you give me some relationship advice?" Ayame asked as she blushed slightly. She was embarrassed to ask this question but they were the only ones who could help her. Teuchi was just teasing Ayame whenever she asked that.

"Of course, are you in a relationship with someone, Ayame?" Mikoto smiled and asked.

"N-no, but I am thinking if I should confess."

"Hmm, if you are really sure that you like him, then sure, you should confess. You don't know when he will get another woman." Mikoto answered.

"Right, you should confess." Kushina exclaimed, causing Teuchi to hear about this.

"Kushina, Mikoto, sorry about that. Ayame is just lovestruck with Akihiko-boy." Teuchi smirked as he finished preparing his ramen.

"DAD!!!" Ayame yelled with her face fully blushing and she ran back into the house.

"Hahahaha, here's your ramen." Teuchi served both of them their ramen.

However, Kushina and Mikoto were surprised to hear that Ayame liked Akihiko.

Of course, in Kushina's mind, she was already making plans on how to invite Ayame to the family.

After eating ramen, Kushina and Mikoto went back to the Uchiha Household and discussed things.

At night, when everyone came back home, they had a long hearty discussion about Ayame.


Akihiko teleported to somewhere near Tazuna's home in the Land of Waves and then walked towards Tazuna's home.

"Yo, Sasuke, Naruto. Where is Kakashi-san?" Akihiko asked as he saw Naruto and Sasuke sparring against each other.

"Ehh? Akihiko? Why are you here?" Naruto asked as he was genuinely curious. He thought that Akihiko would return to Konoha or something.

"Akihiko, can you teach me the next stage of kenjutsu?" Sasuke asked as he walked towards Akihiko.

"Sorry but nope. You still have to master this stage first. After that, I will teach you." Akihiko answered.

"Anyways, Naruto, where is Kakashi-san?"

"He should be around here." Naruto replied as he scratched his head.

"Oh, thanks. That helped me out a lot." Akihiko replied.

"Hehe, you're welcome." Naruto sheepishly smiled and waved his arms.

Sasuke, who knew Akihiko was being sarcastic just sighed at Naruto's lack of common sense.

Akihiko found out where Kakashi was and walked there.

After Akihiko walked away, Sakura asked Naruto and Sasuke.

"How strong is Akihiko? And why are you asking him to teach you, Sasuke?"

"Akihiko? He is our teacher so of course I have to ask him to teach me the next step. And about Akihiko's strength, I don't know. He never got serious as far as I know." Sasuke replied.

Sakura fell silent as she heard the answer.


"Kakashi-san, you there?" Akihiko asked as he walked near the forest.

"Yeah, what do you need, Akihiko?" Kakashi asked from the top of the tree branch while reading Make Out Tactics.

"Oh yeah, can you come down for a second, Kakashi-san? I have something important to talk to you about."

Kakashi jumped down from the tree and asked.

"What do you want to talk about?"


As Kakashi heard that word, he fell silent and he looked downwards.

"What about him?" Kakashi asked with a slightly angry tone.

"I found his location. He is near this area."

"Where is he?" Kakashi at this point wanted to kill Danzo immediately as he remembered what Danzo did to his father and to the village.

"*ahem* Calm down. I already killed him." Akihiko said as he fake coughed.

"What?" Kakashi at this point was really surprised.

Danzo was almost at the same level as Hiruzen and is at least at the Elite Jonin level.

Akihiko took Danzo's head out from the bag and showed it to Kakashi. If Akihiko took Danzo's head out from the Inventory since it would be suspicious to suddenly take out a head out of nowhere.

Kakashi just looked at Akihiko seriously as he asked.

"You seriously took his head as a trophy?"

"*ahem* It's just proof. Proof that I killed Danzo so that I can be promoted." Akihiko replied. Although there were lies mixed in. Akihiko didn't give a fuck about promotion and ranks. What can ranks do except bring trouble?

"Alright. Also, why did you follow us here? I honestly thought that you would return to Konoha to report to Lord Hokage." Kakashi said.

"Hehehe, I'm bored so I thought I would follow you guys."

After that talk, Akihiko went to sleep.


[The next day]


[Trap or Not? (Haku Edition)]

[Description: Do you want to do it to a cute woman? or a cute man? If you do not want to activate the trap card, check the gender first.]

[Reward: Steal]

[Penalty: You will never know the mysteries of his/her gender]





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