In Naruto with Slightly Perverted System

***** Beware! There is no proper logic in this story!!! The early chapters are very rocky since this is my first time but it gets better. I promise. ***** Akihiko, a person from Earth was reincarnated into the World of Naruto with his Slightly Perverted System although most of the missions the System gives are super perverted. ***** I'm just a amateur writer who wants to write fanfictions. So if my writing is a bit bad, sorry.

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Babysitting Sauce Gay (Future Step-son)

"Alright, everyone now, we will do a sparring session" Iruka said.

The matches were like this:

Sakura Haruno vs (No named Cannon fodder)

Result: Cannon fodder won

(No named Cannon fodder) vs Ino Yamanaka

Result: Ino won

Choji Akimichi vs Kiba Inuzuka

Result: Kiba won

Naruto Uzumaki vs Shikamaru Nara

Result: Naruto won due to Shikamaru forfeiting.

Hinata Hyuga vs Shino Aburame: Hinata won

Akihiko vs Sasuke Uchiha


"Alright everyone, the last match will be Akihiko against Sasuke Uchiha. Now both of you do the seal of confrontation."

Akihiko and Sasuke stood in front of each other as they did as Iruka said and did the seal of confrontation.

Nodding, Iruka then began the match "Now begin!"

Just after Iruka said begin, Sasuke rushed towards Akihiko and sent a kick to his head but Akihiko only smiled before he caught Sasuke's foot and threw him on the ground. Just as Sasuke was about to get up, he felt Akihiko pin his arm on his back as he had him locked down.

Sasuke tried to get loose but before he could hear Iruka's voice.

"Winner: Akihiko" The teacher said as Akihiko released Sasuke.

"Good now, both of you do the seal of reconciliation." Iruka said as both Akihiko and Sasuke did so.

After that, the class soon ended after Iruka explained that losing was a part of life and it helps a person grow stronger.


"Hey, Sasuke." Akihiko called.

"Huh? Do you need something?" Sasuke said.

[a/n: The Uchiha Massacre hasn't happened yet so no emo boy]

"Yea, do you want to become stronger?" Akihiko asked.

"Yes, do you have a way? I want to become strong like my older brother." Sasuke replied enthusiastically.

"Come to this forest spot at every evening. I always train there, sometimes Naruto and others are there too." Akihiko answered.

"Okay." Sasuke replied and Akihiko returned to the orphangae.

It has been a week since Akihiko told Sasuke to come and train with him. During this period, Akihiko and Sasuke became closer and he even went to Sasuke's house one time.

Currently, Akihiko and Sasuke were in the forest training their taijutsu skills.

"Come on, Sasuke, it that all you can do?" Akihiko asked.

"No, be careful I will use all my strength." Sasuke replied while throwing a punch.

"Hahaha, come on" Akihiko said while one of his hands was gesturing Sasuke to come.

Sasuke threw a left punch then a right kick and more punches and kicks.

Akihiko blocked every punch and when he found a weak spot he quickly took the chance and punched Sasuke with full force.

"Ahh!!! Akihiko, why don't you go easier on me" Sasuke yelled as he got up while rubbing his head.

"You won't become stronger if I go easier on you. Even Naruto is training hard. Leaving that matter aside, let's go to your house." Akihiko said and dragged Sasuke without waiting for any answers.


When they arrived at the house, they saw no one in the living room. Sasuke then told Akihiko,

"Itachi nii-san is out on a mission while Father is in the Clan Hall. Only Mother is at home these days."

Akihiko then sat on the floor while Sasuke went to take a bath. Akihiko then got a notification from the system.


[Make Mikoto cum]

[Reward: The D]

[Penalty: None]

'Time to put my massage skills to use' Akihiko thought.

After a few minutes, Mikoto came back home to see Akihiko sitting on the floor.

"Oh, Akihiko-kun, where is Sasuke?"

"He went to take a bath, Mikoto-san.'

After hearing that, Mikoto also sat on the floor and let out a sigh. Hearing that, Akihiko asked.

"Mikoto-san, what's wrong?"

"Ahh, it's just my muscles becoming sore. Not a big deal." Mikoto replied while shaking her head.

"Should I give you a massage, Mikoto-san. I am every good at massage." Akihiko asked taking the chance to complete the mission.

"Alright. Thank you Akihiko-kun." Mikoto smiled and lied on the bed.

After that, Akihiko started his massage. After a few minutes, the massage's effect was taking place.

"Hnn, Nhnn,"

Mikoto made smalls moans while covering her mouth so that Akihiko couldn't hear them. She also felt something rushing near her reproductive organ. After a few minutes, she couldn't bear it and let it out.



[Mission Completed]

[Reward: The D]

[The D]

[Anyone you had sex with will not be able to have sex with other man]

(a/n: No green hat for mc)

Mikoto then got up from the bed and weakly said

"Thank you, Akihiko-kun."

After one minute, Sasuke came out of the bath and said,

"Oh, mom you're back. Also why is your face red?"

"Oh, just some heat"

After that Akihiko went back to the orphanage. He has been saving money to buy his own house and open a cookie shop which he decided to name "The Dark Side"




This chapter is a bit rushed. Sorry and thank you for reading.]

Thank you for reading.

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