In Naruto: With Shanks Template

A 21st century Otaku died and reincarnated as Naruto with Shanks template. Influenced by Pirate like traits with a bit cunningness from Shanks

LordRaphael · Anime & Comics
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40 Chs

Chapter 30: Flashback no Jutsu

"Roger-San, my swordsmanship has become stagnant for a long time, what should I do?"

Naruto was on his knees after practising with Gol D. Roger. His body was covered with bruises and cuts but it didn't deter his fighting spirit as he asked for guidance from the legend standing in front of him.

"Young man, you have shown a tremendous potential here, even greater than mine. I know that this is what you called the 'Shanks template'. That boy in my crew was also just as talented as you.

But young man, you might have the same body or talent as Shanks, but you are not Shanks.

From what I have seen till now, you are trying to copy his experience.

But swordsmanship is different. Your sword and Shanks's sword might be the same but your and his swordsmanship can never be the same.

That is all I could tell."

A couple of days later:

"Any solution to my problem Mihawk?"

"What Roger said is correct. You are nothing but a copy. You might have crossed the threshold of sword grand master, but that is how long you can go by copying others.

Have you thought about your sword spirit?"

"Sword Spirit? like the one Zoro showed?"

"Yes, he calls it Asura. Every sword spirit represents a sword master or a sword grand master's sword path.

Shanks has his own sword spirit, but even if you can copy it using your template system or whatever you call it, you will never be able to bring out its full potential.

That guy Zoro is a talent on his own. He formed his sword spirit just as a sword master. Generally, you will find many great swordsmen in the seas, but even after reaching the next realm, they cannot advance their swordsmanship because their own path is unclear. But this guy did it just as a sword master.

If you want to beat me, make your sword spirit, not a copycat, else you will always be just a shadow of that man."


"What am I doing wrong here?" Naruto groaned inwardly.

After talking with these legendary figures about his swordsmanship, he fell into deep contemplation.

"Sword Path huh, sounds like a plot of some Chinese cultivation novel.

But what they said has some truth.

No, all of it is true.


I am just a Shanks copycat at this moment. True, but that's what a template system is supposed to do right?

From all my experience in the template novels, I should inherit every power and just give a little bit of tweak here and there.

Aggh! Damn it! Again with this mentality. 

Even after getting this template, I worked hard, really hard. Every day I get up and train until my body can't take it anymore. 

After some lunch and system-provided treatment, I train again. Is that not worth anything now?

Wait a minute, is this the legendary heart demon on the path to Dao? Are those Cultivation novels so useful now?

Sure they might be repetitive. Same young master, killing some random clan which has a relation with the elder of some mysterious sect, then someone kidnapping your jade beauty childhood friend or the MC reincarnating in the waste body of a young master with his golden finger.

Such good times...I am wasting my time on these useless thoughts again.

Ok, it's decided. I will start with this introspection and achieve my Da... achieve my sword spirit. One that is mine and not Shanks'.

Then the question is, who am I?

Now that I think about it, I am just a copy. I am in Naruto's body with Shanks's powers. But what about me? The genius, one who made a name for himself in the field of AI. 

I have abandoned my name since the very moment I died. It hasn't been mentioned even once in the 30 chapters.

I know this is a major mistake in the reincarnation and transmigration trope but did I really just abandon my previous self in a jiffy? There was no coming to terms with this life segment either.

In my previous life, I never tried hard when things didn't go my way. My education came naturally to me and I went on to become some young genius earning royalties on my patents.

But when it came to relations, I never pursued them. I kept on complaining about being alone but was there really anything I did about it?


I just let it be. Self pity huh, I whined about being alone but never put my 100% in any relationship.

It was the same with music. Vocals and music though hard for me, I kept on making progress, but when it came to producing something original, I failed and after that...

I gave up.

Yeah, I gave up, on relations, music, Judo, sports and many other things. If things don't go my way, I just gave up.

I dived deeper into those feelings of self pity. Being orphaned, being cheated of my inheritance, being betrayed by my friends or at least the ones I considered to be my friends, I blamed the world for my miseries, but now...I achieved so much, but what did I do? I locked myself and became an otaku.

Now that I think about it from a neutral perspective, I only have myself to blame. People faced much worse than I ever did and they faced those challenges again and again, until they win.

But I just gave up.

This time, I will not give up.

Aren't those reincarnation and transmigration all about second chances. So this is also my second chance.

And this if my first vow in this second chance:

Never give up.

This time I will be my original self.

Naruto, Shanks or Ambrose, it doesn't matter. I will become a unique existence.

I will do what I want. I will achieve every goal I set for myself.

If I want to copy someone I will copy it. If I want to create something new I will do that also.

I will rise above all,

I will shine brighter than them all,

I will be a beacon of unwavering resolve,

I will be a phoenix amidst the ashes of my past selves."

As Naruto's introspection deepens, a faint shimmering begins to surround him, a radiant aura pulsating with the essence of rebirth and renewal.

A wave of conqueror's started spreading around him, stronger than it ever was indicating a level up in his conqueror's haki.

In this moment, Naruto stood up from his spot and unsheathed his sword as a bright figure began to envelop him.

The phoenix spirit, symbolic of resilience and transformation, manifests around him, its fiery plumage casting a warm glow upon his determined features.

With each word spoken, the phoenix spirit grows stronger, its wings unfurling in a majestic display of power and determination. As Naruto makes his solemn vow, the phoenix spirit lets out a resounding cry.

Bright flames surged around Naruto as embraces the changes brought by his Sword Spirit.


"See that Roger-San, this is my Sword Spirit. How about it, aren't these flames beautiful.

And the best part is, these flames make me feel more comfortable then ever."

"Naruto, you have surpassed all my expectations. This majestic and sacred spirit shows me your resolve.

These flames are hotter than normal flames, almost as hot as lava, but according to me, with you increase in swordsmanship and understanding of your spirit, the temperature can rise up to the level of magma or even greater than that.

All that remains is one thing now."

"Oh, thanks for your praise Roger-San, and what is remaining now?"

"Young man, what will you name this sword skill, the name should be worthy of the majestic phoenix you have formed."

"There are a lot of sword moves using my sword spirit and it will only evolve with my strength.

I haven't decided a name for all these moves, but for a few of them, I have a good name in my mind." Naruto replied with a knowing smile on his face.

"Oh, what is it?" Roger was also intrigued and wanted to know what is this special name.


Naruto unsheathed his sword. Bright flames covered the Gryphon, and the temperature around the surroundings increased at a rapid rate that all the plants surrounding them became dry. Even the shinobi in the surroundings became full of sweat and it was even worse for those who were around Naruto.

A loud song of a Phoenix echoed throughout the forest of death. Sasuke and Kabuto who were near Naruto and held a semblance of movement, sensed that there was no chakra in those flames covering his sword.

A cold voice echoed throughout the silent surroundings.

"Bankai-Zanka no Tachi"