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It's already have been 5 months since Kirito got his template open.

Currently, Kirito was working on his Taijutsu. He also wanted to learn Shuriken Jutsu but could not because he didn't have the shurikens or kunai.

He doesn't have money either to purchase them and even if he gets the money somehow. He doubts that he can purchase them from the village.

Another very important thing which he was working on was shadow clone Jutsu.

Pretty much all the Jutsus that Tobirama Senju created are buggy as hell and Shadow Clone is no exception.

If conditions allow then this Jutsu can increase the learning process of any shinobi by miles.

Kirito wanted to learn this Jutsu for the same reason. Not to mention that with the help of this Jutsu. He can also fool others and use most of his time to train.

But there is a problem in learning this technique.

All the techniques which are in Minato's memories are hazy at best. So for him to remember this technique is harder than it sounds.

The unique thing is that all the basic techniques like normal clone or replacement are easily remembered by him from Minato's memory.

This made him believe that his progress in Minato's template is not enough to get the shadow clone Jutsu.

Currently, his progress is only 3 % which he improved by learning Minato's Fast Fist Taijutsu style.

He has not mastered it yet but it's coming along.

Once again Kirito sits down meditating to find the entire process of Shadow clone Jutsu.

The more he focus and the longer he focus, he find it was getting hard to focus but at the same time, he was remembering the technique more and more.

At one point he thought that he won't be able to hold on to his focus but he did that anyways and was surprised by what happened next.

[Ding. 10 Fold Critical Hit]

[Congratulation Host for gaining 10x critical hit points]

[Reward Focus has been enhanced and special skills have been created]

[Special Skill HYPER FOCUS]

Time slows down by 50% to 90%

Focus increased by 100x

All senses are 2x more effective

2x more chakra control

2x more speed

2x more strength

2x agility

Adrenaline peak

Photo graphics memory

Side effects

Mental fatigue

headache on long-term use.

Krito was stunned at the stats improvement which hyper focus bring to the table.

This skill works a lot like Sharingan.

Not all the Sharingan abilities but still and some expect it's even better than Sharingan like chakra control or agility boost.

Kirito was very happy.

Not only he got the Shadow clone technique but he also got a super useful technique.

'It's about time for Naruto to come back. I should meet him in the camp' mutters Kirito to himself.

When he reached the camp he saw Naruto talking with an old man and both of them were eating fish which he caught.

In any other case, Kirito would have scolded Naruto to give his fish to a random nobody old man but he knew better.

The old man sitting with Naruto was none other than Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage of the leaf.

He wanted to leave but he knew that the old man has already have sensed him so he have to go and talk to him.

"Naruto, who is this person." Kirito ask with curiosity in his tone.

He wanted to showcase himself as a good boy who had the will of fire in him to Hiruzen.

"Kirito see, I made a friend. His name is Hiruzen." Naruto said with enthusiasm.

"Nice to meet you Mr Hiruzen," Kirito said respectfully and bowed.

Hiruzen just wave his hand and ask him to sit and eat the fish like both of them were doing.

Kirito just does that.

He did not speak a lot. He only listens to his brother talking.

Hiruzen and Naruto talk about living in the out open and then ask Naruto whether he would like to live in a apartment if Hiruzen give him one.

Naruto sure was excited and Kirito also smile and agreed.

Hiruzen was not paying Kirito much attention.

Maybe the reason is that he does not have enough worth.

Later when Hiruzen leaves he also told both brothers that he will send someone to escort them to their new apartment.

Naruto was so happy that he almost cried but Kirito was angry.

Now he knows that Hiruzen Sarutobi is someone who wants to control Naruto.

He wanted to say this to his brother but that will create more problems.

What he needed to do now is the get stronger and protect himself and his brother.

The most important thing for him right now was to learn shadow clone Jutsu and then start completing Minato's template.

On the next day, Naruto and Kirito were sent to their new apartment by the Anbu.

More time passes and Kirito learns the shadow clone jutsu.

But unlike Naruto who learns this technique in just an hour.

Kirito took almost 2 weeks to learn this technique.

This confirms one of Kirito's suspicions.

Almost everything which he wants to learn is harder than what it usually should be but at the same time by working on the technique regularly and building focus he could not only learn the technique but also hit the critical hit points.

The moment Kirito learn Shadow Clone Jutsu there was a system notification.

[Ding. 10 Fold Critical Hit]

[Congratulation Host for getting 10x critical points]

[Master Muti-Shadow Clone Jutsu]

[No hand sign is needed to cast the technique.

Shadow clones are 10x stronger

50% less chakra cost for each clone

50% less memory backslash.]

Yup, Kirito was this time more convinced that almost all the techniques he learn are almost 10 times harder to learn but at the same time also 10x stronger overall.

And the most critical thing about this entire situation is that the more he spends time learning a technique or power the easier it becomes.

So even if a very hard technique like the flying thunder god technique gets 10 times more difficult.

It does not mean that he won't be able to learn the technique.

What it means is that it will just take 10 times more time to for him learn the technique.

Kirito signs and relax after successfully mastering the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.

"Should I teach Naruto some of these skills as well ?" Kirito asks himself.

Not knowing when is the right time to teach Naruto or tell him about their parents or him being a Jinchuriki.

Kirito sigh again and lay on the ground thinking about the upcoming ninja academy which he has to join soon.


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