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Anime was fun but the reality is much more serious. No one is Good or Bad. They are what benefits them the most. Corrupted Konoha System. Hard childhood and manipulative third Hokage. Hiding from Danzo and his root while getting strong. This is not an Anime any more no. Its the real life and every little thing matter. Thank god I have a system. Need to get strong because its the survival of the fittest. I do not own Naruto or any other character name I use in this book beside my main character and the one I create. Join my Patreon and get 20+ chapters ahead of Webnovel updates. patreon.com/Kamidemond

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Chapter 166 : Tenchi Bridge Misson (Rewrite)

So what exactly do you mean" I asked to Asuma and Shikamaru.

After beating everyone I ended up becoming a Joinin. Got my Jonin vest and now I am a full-fledged Jonin.

Shame Jiraiya did not enter into the sage mode. Otherwise, I might really have a good fight with him in sage mode.

Currently, only Jiraiya, Tsunade and Guy is my opponent.

I looked towards Asuma in front of me and remembered that this guy ended up dying in the anime.

I won't let that happen. It's not like they are weak. It's just that they did not have any way to handle the situation. And Kill Hidan.

Don't estimate their power according to my fight with him or other Jonin. They are strong. Neither I nor them were fighting seriously.

If it comes to really a serious fight then I am sure that only Jiraiya and Kakashi can completely occupy me.

"Although you are a Jonin now but still I want you to join this mission. There is a possibility that we will face Orochimaru. You have already fought him and honestly, you are very strong. If you are with our team then I will feel secure " Asuma replied.

He is talking about the Sasuke capture mission which happened in the Shippuden after Sakura got the information after she beat Sasori. This time around I was the one who got the information from him and gave it to Tsunade.

"Hmm, what about other Jonin? Kakashi Sensei, Guy Sensei and others. Are you sure you want me"?

"All of them are busy. For a mission like Kazekage rescue, the village has no problem dispatching two or more Jonin but this is different. To rescue Sasuke and capture Orochimaru. Tsunade sama can't dispatch more Jonin.

You are though an exception. You just became a Jonin. Currently, you don't have any mission under your belt.

You are the only one currently I can ask" Asuma said and looked at me with expecting eyes.

Kirito was previously in team 10. After becoming a Jonin, that team placement does not matter but still he will help but team out.

'Honestly, Kakashi should be on his mission. Sasuke was his student,' Kirito wanted to complain.

"Who else are going".

"Beside me, it is Shikamaru, Sakura and Choji"

"hmm, fine then I will come. But you got to treat me with some barbecue later" I smiled.

He too at this just smiled and nodded.

After he left I just closed my eyes and tried to remember the plot.

I remember that originally this mission was done by Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato.

I killed Sai long ago when I took care of Danzo. I at first thought to keep him alive but then considering that in future he married Ino in the cannon.

"Nah that guy is better dead than alive" I shook my head.

Naruto won't be coming with me. I am sure that Tsunade will not send him. 

So the only person who really might want to bring Sasuke back will be Sakura.

Shikamaru and Asuma might attend the mission but that does not mean they will risk their lives to bring him back.

"Well, then I might as well as tell this to my team before I leave".

Time Skip Kun

So that is how I ended up coming to this mission.

"Long time no see, Shika, and Choji," I said to both Shikamaru and Choji.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since I saw you Kirito. You now look exactly like lord fourth".

"Man this mission is such a drag"

"What did you say shika"

"Nothing nothing"

Choji, Shikamaru and Sakura said respectively.

"So any idea why Sasuke went with Orochimaru back then" I asked, keeping the conversation going.

"For power," Asuma said with narrowing his eyes.

"I am not sure exactly but apparently he wants to kill his brother because he killed all his family" Choji chipped in.

"Let me guess, We are talking about Itachi Uchiha, right? The one who is now a member of Akatsuki right" I said giving more information on the table.


"One minute you fought with him when he entered the village 2 years ago right." Shikamaru suddenly remembers what happened.

"Yes I did" I nodded.

"Then tell me, you have fought both of them. Do Sasuke have any chance of beating Itachi?"

"Well, there is no way in hell he can touch Itachi let alone beat him and kill him the way he was 2 years ago. But I bet that he is much stronger now.

It's hard to say but I'll say that Sasuke will lose even if he is as strong as Itachi right now. It's not the pure power which makes Itachi strong. It's his mind" I said with exaggeration.

Asuma at this just nodded.

"What are the chances that we can bring Sasuke back" Sakura asked with a concerned voice.

"I am not sure Sakura but considering that Kirito has fought both Sasuke and Orochimaru. He might be able to answer this question better than me" Asuma added.

Everyone then looked at me.

"Hmm well, let's put this in this way. If Sasuke is alone then even if he is stronger than Itachi, bringing him back will be possible. But if Orochimaru also enters the fight then it will be hard.

I am not particularly worried about the power of both Orochimaru and Sasuke but rather their means of doing things.

At that time, it's mostly likely that both Sasuke and Orochimaru will just run away."

I did not even consider Kabuto at this. He has been my spy for a long time.

"I too agree with Kirito. And don't forget that bringing back Sasuke is just a part of the mission. The real mission is to capture Orochimaru" Shikamaru added. And this just everyone nodded beside Sakura.

hmm, well that's the issue. I am a little confused about this part of the story.

How the story will change if I bring changes here.

"Alright then let's get going. Increase your speed. We need to be at the Tenchi Bridge.


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