Naruto's timeline

Naruto's timeline is one of the most complex and intriguing in the anime world, spanning from Kaguya's arrival on Earth to Naruto's rise as Hokage.

Despite its shortcomings, the history is well-written, and Kishimoto masterfully weaves in themes such as the cycles of hatred and the passing down of will.

Since the anime does not have proper years to go by, I'll be using Naruto's age as the timeline.

Here's a breakdown of the major events:

- First Shinobi War: 34 years before Naruto's birth

- 16 years before Naruto's birth: Kushina moved to Konohagakure

- Second Shinobi War: 14 years before Naruto's birth

- Akatsuki Formation: 12 years before Naruto's birth

- Third Shinobi War: 4 years before Naruto's birth

- Naruto's birth: Year 0

- Itachi Obliterates the Uchiha Clan: 7 years after Naruto's birth

- 13 years after Naruto's birth: The main story arc begins

- 16 years after Naruto's birth: Naruto returns to the village

- 17 years after Naruto's birth: Pain arc

- 18 years after Naruto's birth: Naruto is still a Genin, and Kakashi is now the Sixth Hokage

- 20 years after Naruto's birth: Naruto and Hinata get married

- 25 years after Naruto's birth: Naruto finally becomes Hokage!

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