10 Chapter 9: The training (3) – kekkei genkai & Fuinjutsu (1)

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-- MC POV –

Inside the mind palace.

"I finally achieved my first kekkei genkai two months ago"

In the ninja world, the elements of water and earth hold immense power but when combined, they give birth to even greater possibilities.

The process of combining these two elements is a well-guarded secret among the most powerful and respected ninja clans, and is only passed down from generation to generation to the most promising and talented members.

'Such as the example of Dust release, that was passed from the second to the third tsuchikage'

The process of combining water and earth is a delicate one, requiring great skill and concentration. In the information my parents left me, it is said that the first step is to gather a large quantity of earth and water from the most pristine and powerful sources available.

These must be carefully mixed together in a special container, blessed by the richness of the elements, and left to ferment for several days.

'That was very confusing and took me a lot of time to understand what it meant' in a very simple words, it means that the environment will affect the chances of success of the process of giving birth to a new kekkei genkai.

During this time, the mixture undergoes a complex transformation, as the elements merge and react with each other, creating new bonds and energy patterns that were previously unimaginable. The container must be kept in an isolated place, and sealed, to prevent any outside interference or any kind of energies from disturbing the process.

Once the fermentation is complete, the user needs to study the new element, using their chakra, for more understanding and insights.

The process of combining water and earth is not without risks, however. The ninja performing the ritual must be of the highest caliber, with years of training and experience in controlling the most powerful techniques of their respective elements. Any mistake or deviation could lead to disastrous consequences, including the unleashing of untold chaos and destruction.

As such, the process of combining water and earth is only undertaken by the most elite and experienced ninja, with decades of study and practice under their belts. It is a testament to the power and respect that these elements hold in the ninja world, and to the limitless potential of those who wield them.

"I disregarded a lot of what was said in the scrolls and books, as many information were utter bullshit and long, and only took what can be possibly done using what was available to me and what I thought it's possible" Also I had a variety of choices regarding how to gain a good kekkei gengai.

My list of choices for the moment are: vapor release, pressure release, sand release, metal release, mud release, blood release, wood release, plant release etc.

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My first choice to go was wood release because of its versatile use. It can also seal tailed beast at its peak. But I needed to start small.

I decided to go for mud release, for the simple reason of the environment of the land of rain and my familiarity with some earth jutsus such as mud wall jutsu.

The area surrounding the lake was dense with foliage, and the ground was spongy with mud and littered with mossy rocks.

As one approached the lake, the vegetation grew more tangled and the smell of decaying leaves and stagnant water became more pungent. The water's edge was a mix of soft, malleable mud and murky, stagnant water that seemed to churn with unseen life.

Thick, twisted roots emerged from the water and snaked their way across the ground, creating small pools and eddies that were home to a variety of creatures. The surrounding swamps were alive with the sounds of buzzing insects, croaking frogs, and the occasional bird call.

Despite the area's eerie, swampy atmosphere, there was a sense of teeming life and vitality, with every inch of the land brimming with potential and possibility. And it was the perfect place for learning the mud release. 'I spent one hour daily for the duration of a month and a half in there trying to understand the nature of the mud using my chakra'

"I could do it in a week if not for my tight schedule and my limited chakra" I said while scrolling the list of ninjutsus I came with for this new element.

The ninjutsus were not so different from the water and earth elements, and were all depending on how much chakra I poured in them, and I could perform them without using hand seals:

Defensive Techniques:

Mud Shield Jutsu: Creating a thick shield of mud to block attacks it was more flexible than that of earth.

Mud body transformation: This technique the user's body into water. The user can withstand physical attack without taking any damage.

Attacking Techniques:

Mud draining wave Jutsu: releasing a fast-moving wave made of mud that drain chakra from whatever it touches and made itself more powerful, faster and bigger.

Mud Golem Jutsu: Creating simple minded golems made of mud to fight for the user, the number and strength of the golems depending on chakra.

Mud Puddle Jutsu: Sinking opponents into a deep puddle of mud while draining their chakra.

Cloning Technique:

Mud Memory Clone Jutsu: This technique creates a clone made of mu that has the same memories and knowledge as the user. If the clone is destroyed, the memories and knowledge it gained are transferred back to the user.

"For now, I should concentrate more on my other project and try to unlock new kekkei genkai for the future" I said while scrolling down to the fuinjutsu part.

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My eyes were literally sparkling while counting my arsenal of my fuinjutsus techniques and seals "I knew that fuinjutsu is broken, but this is on a whole other level" I said while sighing.

"Sadly, it seems I don't have talent regarding the art of fuinjutsu, but that could easily be remedied with practice and I already saw some success by the continuous practice of my calligraphy. Though using ink imbued with chakra is just for elementary level. After mastering a seal technique, experts need to only use their chakra to make it" I said while remembering my struggle the first time I tried to make seals.

"Fortunately, to create a new seal one must first develop the 'Jutsu shiki' then 'seal' it." It was understandable why only few people could use advanced fuinjutsu. Because it's like doubling in mathematics and physics.

One must understand the rules and theories behind the working of their creation before creating them, it's not like willing something to work and it would magically work.

Jutsu shiki, also known as technique formulas, are used to create new techniques, modify or enhance existing ones. They consist of various symbols, in kanji letters, that represent different aspects of a technique, such as the chakra nature, shape, and power level etc.

technique formulas can be thought of as programming languages, in the sense that they provide a way to write Kanji symbols for specific actions or outcomes. By arranging these symbols in a specific sequence, a ninja can activate a technique with greater speed and efficiency, without the need for complex hand seals.

"Though what I discovered during my experiments - with technique formulas - is that those symbols are not fixed to kanji letters, in contrary as long as a proper 'code system' - that could cover the different aspects of chakra - is established, it can be used".

It was actually quite easy to convert kanji letters to my own 'proper code'. I used Arabic letters, "that white 'room' really was a mystery and I chose Arabic language because I mastered it in my last life and has a rich vocabulary and complex grammar.", Though the 'grammar' was modified to suit chakra usage.

However, unlike computer programming, technique formulas rely heavily on the user's chakra and mental abilities to execute the desired action.

'I have literal computers inside my mind' I was smug about this fact. "Technique formulas was also basics on which I relayed heavily to modify and create my ninjutsu techniques"

On the other hand, the 'sealing' part of fuinjutsu is primarily used for preservation and restriction.

The purpose of fuinjutsu is to preserve objects and beings for long periods of time, such as in scrolls or other containers, or to restrict the movements or powers of a target.

"I didn't change the kanji letters used in fuinjutsu for the 'sealing' part, because the established system was good enough and it would just be a waste of time and resources." That said I needed to twerk the Arabic symbols for technique formulas to link it with kanji symbols perfectly.

In summary, 'technique formulas' and 'selaing' are both important components of fuinjutsu. 'Technique formulas' is used to create, modify or enhance techniques, while 'sealing' is used for preservation, restriction, protection.

On the screen of the 'properties tablet' funjutsu technique were divided into two parts. Personal and Project use.

**** Personal ****

*** Assassination package: is a special set of techniques used to create a seal on the user's body. This seal contains a number of seals combined into one. The seal takes the shape of a black triangle made of Arabic letters. I inscribed the seal in the back of my head.

(Image of the seal here)

* Sensing Seal: is a seal that enhances their sensory perception. When activated, the seal expands the user's ability to sense the environment around them, allowing them to detect subtle changes in the air or vibrations on the ground. This can be useful for detecting the presence of nearby enemies or avoiding traps.

The Sensing Seal works by imbuing the user's chakra with a special set of frequencies that resonate with their environment. This creates a feedback loop between the user's senses and their chakra, allowing them to pick up on details they would normally miss. The seal can be activated, individually, or be in passive state at will, allowing the user to conserve chakra when necessary. Passively it could cover up to 1.5 kilometer. The range increase with chakra usage.

* Stealth Seal: when activated, it enables the user to blend into the surrounding environment and become nearly invisible. The seal works by manipulating the user's chakra and light around them to make them less visible to the naked eye. It also muffles any sounds the user makes, making them nearly silent when they move. It also suppresses the odor of the user. This makes it an excellent tool for stealth missions or espionage.

The activation, individually or with the other seals, of the Stealth Seal can be controlled by the user, allowing them to turn it on or off at will. It can also be customized to work with different environments, such as forests, mountains, or urban areas. The strength and duration of the seal's effect can also be adjusted to fit the needs of the user's mission.

One downside of the Stealth Seal is that it drains the user's chakra at a faster rate than normal, meaning it cannot be used for extended periods of time. The user also needs to stay aware of their surroundings, as the seal does not make them completely invisible or impervious to detection. It is still possible for keen observers or sensors to detect the user if they are not careful.

*** Versatile Clothing package: is a special set of techniques used to create a seal on the user's clothes. They provide various benefits that can help the wearer in different environments and conditions. The seal takes the shape of a rectangular tennis racket made of Arabic letters. All our clothes are inscribed with this seal.

(Image of the seal here)

* Durability Seal: this seal can be inscribed on clothing to make them more durable and resistant to wear and tear. The seal can also repair any minor damages or tears automatically. This would be useful for clothing worn during outdoor camping, training and fighting.

* Defense Seal: this seal can imbue clothing with defensive capabilities, making them resistant to attacks and damage. The seal could work by creating a layer of chakra around the clothing, which would act as a protective barrier. This would be useful for clothing worn in dangerous environments or situations.

* Cleaning Seal: this seal can be used to keep clothing clean and free from dirt, stains, blood and other contaminants. The seal could work by repelling dirt and grime, or by cleaning the clothing automatically when activated.

* Comfort Seal: this seal can make clothing more comfortable to wear by regulating temperature and humidity. The seal could work by adjusting the clothing's insulation properties, or by creating a microclimate around the body.

* Cold Resistance Seal: This seal can be used to keep the body warm in cold environments. The seal could work by generating heat or by insulating the body against the cold. This would be useful for people who work or live in cold climates.

* Heat Resistance Seal: This seal can be used to keep the body cool in hot environments. The seal could work by reflecting or absorbing heat, or by creating a cooling effect. This would be useful for people who work or live in hot climates.

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