6 Chapter 5: Goals and future plans (Edited)

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-- MC POV --

It has been three weeks since the day I found and read my father's will and inheritance. Since then, all I have done is reading all the books and scrolls available to me. I took my time studying them meticulously while recording them inside my mind palace.

My computers - the ones available to me at least, because I am still short on chakra - not only were great tools for processing and recording information and data.

But also have a collective AI that transforms information and data into a format that can be used directly by my brain, which boosts not only my memory but also my understanding and learning capabilities.

This AI can also simulate the information, especially regarding my chakra system pathways, provided it has all the inputs necessary.

Technically, I have mastered all the jutsus I have access to of water release and earth release. But sadly, I can only perform the techniques proportional to my chakra level. It is also the reason why I couldn't achieve chakra transformation and gain a kekkei genkai.

My chakra control was the area that got the most upgrade. It was top-notch. I doubt that I even surpassed the legendary sannin slug princess, Senju Tsunade, in chakra control.

The reason behind that is that I found a way to let my chakra control run on automatic mode. It was a huge investment on my part due to the lack of resources - my computers - but it will not be forever.

The main difference between manual mode - which all the shinobis use to begin their training - and automatic mode is the level of control that the user has over the chakra system. In manual mode, the user has to manually will his chakra and make decisions throughout the process, while in automatic mode, the computer uses algorithms and pre-defined rules derived from the scrolls and books I have read to make decisions and carry out tasks without user intervention.

The reason that even the dumbest ninja can climb trees and walls, walk on water, and perform a lot of great feats without breaking a sweat is that they have achieved to make those actions run on a subconscious level, also known as the autopilot, which is my ultimate goal.

Because running chakra control on an automatic level using that specific computer is still considered running on a conscious level. Only when I can control it on a subconscious level with the same efficiency as that of the computer would I have been achieved my true potential in that field.

For that, it is estimated that I would need about five years of continuous forced control on an automatic level to make it a subconscious action. "It is a dumb way of learning, but it still is considered learning," I chuckled at this thought.

Impeccable chakra control is one of the requirements to master fuinjutsu. Understanding the theories behind it and the little intricacies and huge calculations needed to invent and connect new seals is also very important and takes the lion's share of the field.

Fortunately, this problem is solved thanks to my computer processing capacity.

'At least I know the inner workings of most of the basic and intermediate seals, but I still couldn't even create the explosion seal. I was devastated and relieved at the same time knowing the limits of my cheat' I mused while sighing at this idea.

I couldn't create a proper seal because I needed to practice my calligraphy, and I surprisingly suck at it.

'I know calligraphy is the artistic process of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them in a way that inscribes words that possess integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry and rhythm. I did practice painting and I pride myself on having an artistic mind. So why did all my tries fail,

To think about it maybe beside practicing my calligraphy writings I need to practice putting my will and intent in them.

'I will need to look more into this matter'.

Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate the same feat I did to my chakra control for my physical body. Muscle memories need to be gained the traditional way.

'It's not like I have a nano machine or something.'

Taking the content of the physical body training manuals, I have a clear idea of how my daily routine will be from here on. These manuals not only contain the physical exercises but also a diet and sleeping habits.

Coupled with the modern knowledge about this topic from my past life, I could achieve the perfect physical routine based on many simulations of my body running at full capacity for a whole 20 days.

'At least running simulation on a 3D model of my physical body was possible, this not only allowed me see the results of every action but, it also could derive the perfect combination between resting, exercising and the nutrients necessary for growth. It did help to have a bank of recipes in your head4.

Predictions and deductions are the most powerful tool available to me now for research and optimization purposes. But it is limited to my physical body. I can't scan others to know their stats and simulate my ideas based on their 3D models on them

'Even if I could do that, the results won't be accurate and satisfying.'

But those predictions and deductions needed to be guided by my will and I need to provide hypothesis to let the AI start its work.

As for the taijutsu training, I am planning on putting more concentration on it. Martial arts always fascinated me.

' still remember practicing Taekwondo in my high school years.'

My parents did have access to a respectable collection of different taijutsu styles and techniques.

After deriving the best method for training every muscle on my body. I let all the available computers derive a unique taijutsu technique for my need and ideas.

'After all I was an avid reader of action and martial arts novels in my past life'

I provided the AI with a direction, trying to take advantage of my processing capabilities during fights to kite my opponents towards my traps.

'I want to be a chess player master, directing the flow of the fight and the movement of my opponents, putting them wherever I want you them to be. But my style needs to also be adaptative and flexible and pack a power behind it'.

'Now that I have a clear understanding of the capabilities of my cheat, I need to plan my action for the long term' I contemplated while walking around the training basement.

I sat down and started meditating. I entered my mind palace and headed towards my 'properties tablet' and added a note with the title 'goals'

'I also did figure out the exact timeline. It seems the second shinobi world war is about to begin' I mused while commanding the screen of the tabled to start writing.

'I have fourteen years before the birth of Naruto and about thirty years before Kaguya would be unsealed. I still don't know how my attitude should be towards her, I don't even know if everything in the show should be trusted'

I was debating on this matter for days now and still couldn't make a decision.

'I want to live a long and fulfilling life with no regrets whatsoever. To achieve this, I need power.'

Power to decide my fate, power to be free and power to protect my future.

'I need individual power to be a strong shinobi that even by hearing my name people will regard me like Voldemort.'

Not daring to mention my name. after that I need political and economical power. I do have some ideas and I need to make sure they will see light before the third shinobi world war begin, or at least during it.

[*Major goals*

Goal 1: build strength as a ninja

Goal 2: gain political power

Goal 3: gain economic power]

'Now that I put in place my major goals, I need to lay a practical plan, a good plan, an assured plan with the minimum of variables.'

I was an avid believer in "Kaizen" philosophy in my past life.

I wasn't a genius and I didn't have a photographic memory, I struggled learning new subjects, and found learning foreign languages the most excruciating process ever. But I did manage to overcome all these obstacles by following "Kaizen" philosophy.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement. It means making small changes over time to improve something rather than making a big change all at once. The idea is to make things better in a gradual and sustainable way, by constantly looking for ways to improve and making small changes to achieve that improvement.

'To be a legendary ninja I think that I need to specialize and concentrate on one direction. Learning fuinjutsu and developing ninjutsu for the kekkei genkai, I intend to create, are going to be my main focus.'

'Then, I will focus on the technique my father left me. Taijustsu and sage mode will come next. Medical ninjutsu won't take a lot of time and it's useful. I won't train in weapons and genjutsu. They would be useless in the long term'

'To gain political advantage, an organization is the most optimal way to go, while still being in the shadows. I just need to make a detailed plan regarding its goals and development'

'The economic aspect is perhaps the most aspect that I would enjoy during my stay here. I want to create a trading system using the mastery I would gain from fuinjustsu. I want to crate a device in the form of a metallic tablet. This tablet needs to provided commercial services to other tablet holders. This process would be regulated by a small AI algorithm.'

'The services are: storage of goods in the tablets. Trading the goods between tablets using the same principle of summoning jutsu, but with some modifications. Holding virtual auctions. Providing face to face communication service between tablet holders. And other privileges.'

"Those tablets need to be safe and encrypted. I wouldn't risk Orochimaru or Kabuto or even an Uzumaki survivor crack my products and reverse engineer them. I am not that arrogant to expect that they would not achieve it. Thankfully I have my modern knowledge and it can delay the process of hacking as long as possible. And at that time, I would be working on another project more lucrative than this."

'I could even combine the economic aspect and the political one. There is a lot of work for me to do. I need people that I could trust'

While contemplating on this idea I started remembering that little girl Emi, she was visiting me daily bringing me food and making sure I wasn't down.

'She is cute too' she is the most optimal candidate to be my right hand.

'And if she grew up good, why not make her my wife' another idea for the future.

'But before that, I need to correct the wrong my mother inflicted them. Sorry mother but I am not a naïve 5 years old and I could take care of myself. I would always be grateful for you and father but I need to be honest with them.' I decided to talk to them tonight and see how things would go from then on.

After sending a message to the sisters inviting them for dinner. I refused Emi's helping hand, explaining that it was a surprise. In the end she accepted begrudgingly.

As the evening rolled around, I found myself staring blankly into the pantry, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided to go for a simple yet satisfying meal, using rice, eggs, meat, and vegetables.

I started by washing the rice thoroughly and adding it to a pot of boiling water. While the rice cooked, I diced up some vegetables: carrots, bell peppers, and onions. I also sliced up some meat, which I had thawed earlier in the day. In this case, I chose chicken, but beef or pork would also work well.

I heated up a skillet with some oil and added the meat, seasoning it with salt and pepper as it sizzled. After the meat was browned, I set it aside on a plate and added the vegetables to the same skillet. I stirred them around, letting them cook until they were tender but still had a bit of crunch.

At this point, the rice was almost finished, so I cracked a few eggs into a separate skillet to make a simple omelet. I seasoned the eggs with salt and pepper and flipped them over once they were cooked through.

Once everything was finished cooking, it was time to plate up. I scooped some rice onto three plates and added the sautéed vegetables and meat on top. I also cut the omelet into strips and added it to the plates.

As I sat down waiting, I heard a knocking on my door.

'They are here'

I walked and opened the door with a small smile on my face.


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