3 Chapter 2: Nikko Zemichi & Cheat (Edited)

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-- MC POV --

Zemichi Nikko, the name given to me by my new parents, a name that echoes with the beauty of wisdom, embodies an unusual combination of maturity and youthfulness.

'It sounds weird, but I will use it nevertheless in the memory of my now dead parents'

A five years old boy was reflected in front of a full body mirror.

'My appearance is really striking, nowhere close to my last face, I'll grow to be a killer ladies huh'

With spiky black hair that seems to have a mind of its own, deep blue eyes that twinkles with mischief.

'I stand tall for my age, and I inherited the face of my mother Nikko Zumio and it seems to exude a natural handsomeness that makes me stand out from my peers.' I mused narcissistically while observing every inch of my new body.

Despite my young appearance, I have already lived a past life as an engineer in mechanical engineering and was skilled in the art of business.

'And now I'm handsome to top it all, all I need to do is to have a cheat and my lefe in this world would be a comfortable ride'

'I have exceptional chakra control, it seems I inherited my parents talents which grants me a great potential as a ninja'

Although my love of books and reading would make me seem more like a scholar than a ninja.

'Despite my expertise in fixing cars, people never took me seriously in my past life because of my scholarly appearance. AKA nerdy appearance.'

'Although I can't recall for sure, I still have that impression. It's not like my memory was strong to begin with, but it has definitely gotten worse since some of my memories were taken away.' I mused.

'I need to write everything I knew about this world, before it's too late'

After three days of thinking, I found that I have a clear motivation to travel the world, gain strength as a ninja, research and achieve the pinnacle of my potential that I wasn't given in previous life.

'But my driving force is not to bring peace to the world, but only to protect those I love, or I would love, at all costs.'

'I'll let Naruto worry about these matters, he is supposed to be the protagonist after all' I mused while not sure what position should I take in this new world.

'Though I might mess with the events because of my actions, but I don't care. The plan is to be so strong that even Kaguya can't mess with me'

'Well, my goal is actually quite simple, yet profound at the same time: to survive and strive to live life to the fullest.' I concluded.

'I seem to have inherited my mother's affinity for earth and water elements'

In addition to my parents' inheritance, which give me a distinct advantage in my path as a ninja without the need to swear loyalty to the big shinobi hidden villages and be brainwashed and used till my death.

'Oh yeah, they have Edo Tensei here' I mused while remembering that even after my death I wouldn't be at peace.

'Maybe I need to cremate my mother's body, I don't want it to be used against me in the future, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth'

'However, I am aware of my weaknesses that are equally notable, as I can be a coward sometimes in the face of danger and avoid confrontation and have a tendency towards mediocrity, which I need to strive to overcome.'

'No shame in admitting that'

This world isn't for faint hearted and mercy is the arrogance of the strong

The last quote means that only the strong have the power to show mercy, and doing so can be seen as an act of arrogance because it assumes that the weaker party is helpless and in need of mercy.

In other words, the strong have the power to help the weak, but their choice to do so can also come from a place of superiority or condescension.

It can also be interpreted as a warning against abusing one's power, even when trying to help others.

'And I am not strong, and I need to remember that 'there is always a mountain higher than another mountain.'

"Meaning: If you think you are good, there's always somebody else who's better" I said to myself out loud so I can put emphasis on this idea even more.

The obstacles that lie ahead for me are great, as I navigate the treacherous and complex world of the ninja.

The way of the ninja world and the need for adaptation will be my greatest challenges, but I am determined to overcome them.

For now, my conflicts are only internal, as the small village my mother chose seems to be quite isolated and out of reach, but as I grow and gain strength, I will surely face formidable enemies.

Despite my short stay in this world, I have a deep connection to my new parents, Nikko Takumi and Zumio.

'They were the only relationships that mattered to me. I looked up to them with admiration and respect. Now they are gone. I can do what ever I want, because I had no family to be used as hostage'

'But as I grow and embark on my own path, I will surely forge new relationships and alliances, but for now, I am content to bask in the warmth of this small village and guidance left behind by my parents.'

It has been three days since coming here and I need to start taking action for my plan soon, but first I need to eat something, fortunately I was living by myself for years, before I got married, in my past life and I was obliged to prepare my own meals.

'let's see what we have here' I contemplated the next day as I entered the kitchen, my stomach growled with hunger.

I scanned the ingredients in my pantry, searching for something quick and filling. My eyes landed on the rice, eggs, potatoes, onions and some spices sitting on the counter.

I grabbed a pot and filled it with water, placing it on the stove to boil. As I peeled and diced the potatoes and onions, I felt a sense of satisfaction in preparing a home-cooked meal. The smell of the ingredients frying in the pan made my mouth water.

Next, I added the rice to the pot of boiling water and let it cook. Once it was ready, I drained it and added it to the pan with the potatoes and onions. In a separate pan, I cracked two eggs and cooked them sunny-side up.

Finally, I plated my simple yet satisfying dish: a scoop of rice, potatoes, and onions with a sunny-side up egg on top. I poured a glass of water to wash it down.

'Beautifully done, I am really a great cook' I complemented my skills as I took a bite, I could feel the nutrients fueling my body.

The rice provided the necessary carbohydrates for energy, the eggs offered protein for growth, and the potatoes and onions supplied essential vitamins and minerals.

I felt grateful for the abundance of food at my fingertips and the ability to create a nourishing meal. With each bite, I savored the taste and felt content knowing I was taking care of my body.

'That was satisfying'

After finishing the meal, I took the empty plates to the sink and began to wash them. I filled the sink with warm soapy water and began to scrub each plate and utensil thoroughly. I rinsed them under running water and placed them on the rack to dry. These actions took my mind off the problems that haunt me for a moment and relief some of my stress. It always works for me.

As I washed the dishes, I noticed some food crumbs and spills on the kitchen counter and floor. I grabbed a rag and started cleaning the mess. I wiped down the counter and picked up the fallen pieces of food from the floor. I then swept the floor and mopped it until it was spotless.

I noticed a lot of inscriptions inscribed on the walls, ceilings and floors of the house. Even though my mother wasn't proficient in fuinjutsu she has mastered the basics for everyday needs.

The house is warm and despite looking in a bad state it's quite sturdy, it's just a camouflage to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Satisfied with my work in the kitchen, I moved on to clean the rest of the house.

'The old me wasn't paying attention to the hygiene of the house because of his mother's state of health and young age, but the me now is different.'

I started with the living room, dusting the furniture and cleaning the carpet. I then moved on to the bedrooms, changing the sheets, organizing my clothes, taking off my mother's clothes intending to stock them in the basement later, and cleaning the floors.

Finally, I ended my cleaning spree by washing the bathroom, scrubbing the toilet and sink, and wiping down the mirrors. I stood back and admired his work, feeling accomplished and content.

'Now with the house spotless. I can feel a sense of calmness and tranquility washing over me'

I grabbed a glass of water and sat down on the couch, feeling satisfied with my hard work and the cleanliness of his home.

In that state of calmness and tranquility, I closed my eyes, when suddenly I was sucked inside what appears my mind.

'What now? Can't a man have a nice moment for himself?' I mused at the change of scenery.

'Where is this place? did I die again? no way right' I asked out loud bewildered and I know for sure that I didn't die, because I have experience of dying.


As I wandered through the place that seemed to be a small library like space.

'Why is it so small? If this is inside my mind, why is it so small? It must be a scam' I felt offended by the size of the library.

'Is this my mind palace? And in the form of a library? Computers?' I noticed a lot of computers, around a hundred of them, some were working and a lot of others were dim and inactive, as if they had run out of energy.

Blue, glowing chakra-like aura seemed to emanate from the surroundings to them, indicating that they required some sort of replenishment to become operational once again.

'I assume this is my chakra?' I mused while observing the blue energy coming from under the floor under my feet.

'It seems that each computer represented a different aspect of my mind, and it was clear that the ones that had shut down were connected to areas that I had neglected or not used in some time or forever, or are new to me'.

The glowing blue energy surrounding them seemed to pulse with a life of its own, and I knew that I needed to find a way to channel that energy back into my mind, because I am feeling tired.

'I also need to reactivate these dormant parts to see what they had to offer'

I made my way over to the nearest computer, its screen dark and unresponsive. As I approached, the blue chakra-like energy grew brighter and more intense, almost as if it were urging me to interact with it. I reached out and placed my hand on the computer, and suddenly, the energy surged through me like a shock heading towards the computer.

Images and memories flooded my mind, reminding me of tasks and skills that I had forgotten or ignored. I felt a surge of excitement as I realized that by channeling this blue energy, I could unlock new parts of my mind and expand my forgotten knowledge and abilities.

'Wait a minute, I know what this is. It's actually my cheat and one that I dreamed of having since the first time I read about that scientist that transmigrated to the magus world with his AI Chip.' I stated as everything was becoming clear to me.

'And here I was wondering what that gift was about when I was setting in that magical chair in the process of being transported here' I said as a clear image begun to manifest in my head.

'But it's not quite an AI Chip, there seems to be some differences that I need to explore more to understand its capabilities"

I continued moving from computer to computer, each time feeling the same rush of energy and knowledge as I activated another dormant aspect of my mind.

'I can't start the computers as I wish, even if I have enough chakra, which I don't'

I was amazed at the sheer amount of information that I had stored within my mind palace in my previous life, and yet, there was still so much more to discover and explore.

'And so little energy to spend.'

'I need to train more vigorously than ever' I stated with a newly determined resolve.

'But first let me try something' I said as I concentrated on what I wanted to do and used my will to do so. As I looked around, I was drawn to a small tablet-like computer that was nearby. I reached out and touched it, and as soon as I did, the screen lit up and a window appeared that looked like a status screen.

[Name: Zemichi Nikko

Age: 5 years old

Physique: civilian child

Chakra: Genin

Chakra control: Genin

Techniques: basic three

Status: healthy


The status window was very simple because it's not a system or gamer interface. It's just a way to keep track of my progress by scanning my body and mind, I don't seem to have the possibility to scan others such the original AI Chip. But I am very content for this.

'If I want to visualize my status, I need to enter my mind, every time, and connect to this tablet-like computer that I dubbed 'properties tablet', it will notify me if I am under abnormal status or in critical state.'

The physique refers to the physical build of my body, "Civilian child" suggests that I don't have any specialized training or physical enhancements at this point.

Chakra: Chakra is a vital energy source in the world of Naruto. "Genin" suggests that I have received some sort of formal chakra training, and therefore does have access to any jutsu or techniques that require chakra usage.

Chakra control: This refers to the ability to control and manipulate one's chakra flow. "Genin" suggests that the protagonist has some basic chakra control skills, which is the level of proficiency expected of a ninja academy student.

Techniques: This indicates the number and type of jutsu or techniques that Iknow. "Basic three" suggests that I have learned three fundamental jutsu that are taught in the ninja academy.

Status: This refers to my general well-being. "Healthy" suggests that I am not currently suffering from any illnesses or injuries.

As I left the library of my mind palace, I felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I knew that I had unlocked a wealth of knowledge and potential within myself, and that I could use it to overcome any challenge that lay ahead.

From that day forward, I made a commitment to keep my mind palace well-maintained and making it runs at full capacity my ultimate goal. I knew that by doing so, I could continue to grow and learn, unlocking new levels of wisdom and insight with each passing day.

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