2 Chapter 1: Parents and new beginning (Edited)

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-- MC POV --

I woke up with a start, and found myself in an unfamiliar yet somehow familiar room that seems to be located on the second floor of a simple worn-out wooden house.

"Why do I feel like I was in a slumber? Wasn't it just a moment ago when I passed through that weird portal? Where did it get me?" I said while trying to make sense of what I'm feeling.

The room I woke up in was a modest space with a mix of Japanese and modern architecture. The walls were made of traditional shoji screens that were partially covered with faded floral wallpaper.

The floor was made of polished hardwood, with a few tatami mats scattered in the corners. The room was sparsely furnished with a low tea table, a couple of floor cushions, and a small wooden shelf holding a few books, scrolls, ink and trinkets.

'This place looks nice'

The windows were large, letting in few of natural light, they lack curtains or blinds to cover them. The view from the windows was a mixture of old and new; on one side were a vague silhouette of another traditional Japanese house made of wood, steel and glass with thatched roofs, and on the other side were trees and a lake.

'At leas I have neighbors it seems huh'

'From the architecture of the house, the tools, the lack of electrical devices and the scene outside the window, I seem to be in the countryside or probably in a more primitive age than my previous world. Or I could just be that poor. I need to explore more.' I contemplated while still taking in my surroundings.

The room had a minimalist feel, with only a few decorations to add some character. A small vase of fresh white flowers sat on the tea table, and a simple painting, with what I assumed Japanese calligraphy, hung on the wall above it.

'Is that Kanji letters?'

The lighting was soft and warm, coming from a couple of paper lanterns, with some inscriptions in them, hanging from the ceiling.

'Those inscriptions on the paper lanterns seem familiar. I'm sure they don't run on electricity. Am I in a cultivation world?' I tried to guess which world I landed in.

'If that's true, then my desires really fucked me'

Despite its simplicity, the room had a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It was the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day, with the sound of the nearby river, the falling of rain and the rustling of the trees outside providing a calming background noise.

'I think I can get used to this rather easily, the weather is unique here'.

'No pain in the stomach, and the fresh air is a plus'

Suddenly, a feeling like a jolt of electricity coursing through my whole body came, as if everything that was once fuzzy and out of reach suddenly becomes crystal clear.

Memories that were once forgotten or repressed flooded back all at once, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and disoriented.

'What? At least let me get to bed, dammit!'

At first, the experience was disorienting, as I tried to make sense of the jumble of images and emotions that flood my mind. I felt like I am reliving the past, experiencing everything all over again.

After a while, the whole process was finihsed.

'It's not that bad, I just wasn't prepared for it and took me by surprise'

The sudden return of my lost memories in this world fortunately wasn't traumatic, but it did bring back painful and traumatic events that 'I' had just lived.

'Nikko Zemichi, that's my new name, and I am in the ninja world? This is the world I desired the most. Well, this is unexpected, huh?' I muttered with unfocused eyes.

'At least I won't get to deal with young masters with pools stuck at their asses'

However, regaining these lost memories was a profound and life changing experience. It helped me understand 'my' past and 'my' place in the world, allowing me to move forward with a greater sense clarity.

It also provided me a closure, allowing me to confront and come to terms with the past 'me'.

I was in an isolated small village located a few hundred kilometers outside the Village Hidden by Rain.

'To call it a small village is quite a stretch, considering there are only two houses and the population is no more than three' I mused while understanding where I was.

Everything around me felt strange and familiar. As I looked around, I saw mountains in the distance, towering over the small village. The mountains looked ominous, with their peaks hidden behind heavy rain clouds that covered the entire sky.

'I am definitely in a land known for raining all year round.' I mused while the rain was still pouring down heavily, making it hard to see more than a few meters ahead of him. The raindrops were large and heavy, almost like small stones hitting the ground.

I was still confused and disoriented. As I stumbled through the house, I saw a portrait of a family of three; a middle-aged woman and a man and a small baby no older than a year.

'From my memories I learned that these are my parents, they were ninjas who had lived in the Village Hidden by Rain until their untimely death.'

My new father died in a mission 4 years ago. He was called Nikko Takumi, a name that evokes images of bright sunshine illuminating the intricate and masterful works of a craftsman.

At 35 years of age, Takumi stands tall at 185 cm, with long, flowing black hair and deep brown eyes that seem to draw you in. His pale skin contrasts sharply against his dark hair, and his pointy nose adds a certain sharpness to his features, though he remains of average handsomeness.

Confident and selfless, Takumi possessed a genius that few can match. He was socially awkward and often found solace in the company of books and scrolls, where he could indulge his curiosity about the world and the way of a ninja. But while he might appear reserved, Takumi was definitely a loving father and husband who doted on his family with every fiber of his being.

Takumi's background as an orphan has only heightened his curiosity about the world around him, and he was constantly striving to learn more about the art of ninjutsu and fuinjutsu. His motivations were clear - to do research and develop his own unique style of ninjutsu, to leave his mark on the world in a way that only he can.

His goals in life were simple yet profound, for they stem from a deep-seated desire to build a family and experience the love and warmth that he missed out on in his youth in this cruel world.

His strengths lied in his creativity, cunning, and cautiousness, traits that he had honed over years of studying and mastering the art of the ninja.

However, Takumi's love for his family can also be his weakness, for he would do anything to protect them, even at the cost of his own safety. And his insatiable curiosity often leads him down dangerous paths, where he must navigate the treacherous waters of war and face off against formidable opponents like Hanzo of the Salamander, the current kage of the Village Hidden by Rain.

But despite the obstacles in his path, Takumi remained resolute in his determination to fulfill his dreams and make a name for himself as an elite Jounin ninja and a loving family man.

'A great father huh, sadly I don't remember much about you, I was too young'

The women was my new mother, who I just buried yesterday due to her illness becoming worse and worse.

'I see, so I needed a great emotional damage to awaken the memories of my past life, that's kind of tricky, but considering the world I am in, it was bound to happen sooner than later' I mused.

'People gets to awaken their Sharingan, and here I awaken my past self, how amusing.'

Nikko Zumio, a woman of strength and beauty, commands attention wherever she goes. Her piercing blue eyes and pale skin contrast perfectly with her vibrant blue hair that cascades down her back. She stands tall at 178 cm, her lithe frame exuding a grace and fluidity that reflects her training as a talented ninja.

Her personality was a dichotomy of kindness towards her family and cruelty to her enemies. Zumio was a loving mother and wife, fiercely protective of those she loves.

Her open-mindedness and attraction to intelligence drew her to Nikko Takumi, her husband, who she respected deeply. However, her disdain for loud people was apparent in her icy demeanor towards them.

Zumio's past was a harsh one, as she was forced to become a child soldier from an early age, as it is the case for a lot of children throughout the continent. However, her experiences shaped her into the formidable woman she is today.

Her motivation lied in being strong enough to never again be used as a tool by the higher-ups in the ninja village, who she saw as greedy and manipulative bastards. Her ultimate goal was to build a family and protect her children from the harsh realities of their world.

Strengths lied in her affinities for the earth and water elements, in contrast to my father' who only had an affinity with water, which she wields with great proficiency. However, her weaknesses were her anger issues and the deep love she holds for her family, which might cloud her judgement.

Zumio's greatest obstacle was the greediness of her Village Hidden by Rain in particular and the big Hidden Villages in general, whose leaders seek to control her and use her for their own gain. This is exemplified when Hanzoof the Salamander, the kage of the Village Hidden by Rain, plotted to kill her beloved husband Nikko Takumi.

Her conflict with of the Salamander is one of the most significant challenges she has faced. She was forced to flee with her me after being injured and poisoned critically after trying to assassinate the killer of my father.

Despite her struggles, Zumio Nikko remained a force to be reckoned with, she was also an elite Jounin, driven by her love for her family and her determination to carve her own path in a world that seeks to control her. Her only regret was knowing she couldn't provide me with a childhood better than hers and father's.

'That was my memories told me. Maybe it's for the best that she died or she would definitely suspected me possessing her son or something, even though we are the same'

I was overwhelmed with grief and confusion.

'I still couldn't believe that I was suddenly transported to the Ninja world, a world that was thought to be only fictional made for entertainment of people, in the body of a five-year-old boy, in a small village where I didn't technically know anyone.'

I spent the next few hours learning about my new surroundings and trying to adapt to my new way of life. I discovered the will left by my father and his inheritance in the basement, which was unexpectedly large, larger than the house, my mother's techniques and experiences, food that could last me 2 years and more if I could be frugal.

The village was small and isolated, with only two houses scattered around the area. The heavy rain and the looming mountains created an atmosphere of mystery and danger.

The villagers, two sisters, were kind and welcoming.

'From what I remember, the two sisters were brought here by my mother last year. The older sister, a civilian, seemed to be bedridden and didn't have much time left. The younger one, who is around my age, showed potential to become a ninja.'

'I'll talk to them later, now I'm not ready'

Because my mother knew some healing jutsus she could take care of the older sister and extend her life by a few months, but after her death, she would succumb to her fate eventually.

'They expressed their intent in helping me out yesterday after the burial, but I still feel like an outsider even though I lived through the memories.'

As I looked out the window at the rain pouring down, I wondered what my future would hold.

Would I ever be able to go back to his old life?

Do I really want to? not really.

Would I ever be able to find out what happened to my first parents and friends?

Do they miss me? are they living well?

"Wait, what was my name again? What did I look like? And what about my parents, wife and friends? I can't seem to remember their faces or names, or any of my experiences with them from my old life. But strangely, I still feel everything else. It seems that the magical chair and the journey to this new world has severed my emotional connection to my past" I shouted, surprised by this discovery.

'Maybe it's for the best to let go'

After sometime, I knew I wouldn't get an answer soon. I decided to stop thinking useless stuff despite the grief and confusion. I knew that I had to be strong.

"I am in a new world, and I have to adapt to survive. I would never forget who I was, but I would have to learn to live in the present and embrace the challenges that lay ahead."

'To who ever granted me this second chance, thank you from the bottom of my heart!'

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