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First time I write something that is not an essay for school. Don't expect a very complex or developed plot. It's a simple wish-fulfillment story with an OP protagonist and a huge harem. English is something that doesn't enter my head, so I'm sorry for the many mistakes. Read the synopsis and tags below. . . . A simple young man died by God's mistake and now he will be able to reincarnate in the world where one of his favorite manga takes place, with some wishes, of course. . . TAGs: Overpowered-MC; Anti-Hero; Multiversal Travel; R18; Harem and Incest.

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Chap 9 - I Want You to Live in Suffering!

Time flew like a swallow and quickly nine months passed.

During that time, in addition to training a lot during his free time and making regular visits to his mother, Ryuuji destroyed many human trafficking transitions and ended up getting involved with many bounty hunters.

In addition, Ryuuji ended up creating a bad reputation around the Ninja World, especially with Kumogakure, who seems to have a very strong desire for members of the Uzumaki Clan and has had several shinobi killed by Ryuuji and his uncle.

All this made Ryuuji's head become a very valuable asset in the Ninja World.

At that moment, Ryuuji was leaving a bounty station in the Land of Earth after "kindly asking" for information about a man called Goro.

Arashi, who was escorting two rescued members of the Uzumaki Clan back to the Land of Whirlwinds, was not with Ryuuji at the time, so the 8-year-old boy would go alone solve this problem.

Before taking off, Ryuuji pulled the Bingo Book out of his ninja bag and smiled bitterly at seeing his nickname, which was too chuunibyou and not much to his liking.

[ Name: Ryuuji Uzumaki

Nickname(s): The Devilish Child; The Blood-Colored Destruction.

Village Affiliation: Uzushiogakure no Sato

Patent: N/A

Rank: S

Occupations: Prince of the Country of Swirls; Young Master of the Uzumaki Clan.

Summary: Grandson of Ashina Uzumaki. He appears to be a child of ten or eleven years old, extremely ruthless and bloodthirsty, known for his unrivaled flight ability and extremely powerful physique. A confirmed information is that since Ryuuji left Uzushiogakure, no one has been able to touch him during combat.

Strength(s): Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Bukijutsu and Uzumaki Clan Abilities.

Weakness(es): Unknown.

Chakra Type: (Sensor); Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water, Fire, Yin (?) and Yang (?).


Kumogakure: 100,000,000 Ryo - Alive.

25,000,000 Ryo - Dead.

Kirigakure, Sunagakure and Iwagakure: 50,000,000 Ryo - Alive.

10,000,000 Ryo - Dead.

Black Market: 150,000,000 Ryo - Dead or Alive.




His reputation at least allowed Ryuuji to gain almost immediate access to all sorts of information from the Bounty Stations, which made his search much smoother.

Ryuuji put away the Bingo Book and slowly flew towards the capital of the Land of Fire, to meeting his much sought after target.

In a mansion in the prime area of ​​the Land of Fire's capital, Goro, a tall, fat man was extremely angry and was breaking things on his desk.

" Fuck! Why does that little devil keep getting in the way of my business?! He doesn't know who he's messing with?! "

In the next moment, a man with his face covered with a white mask appeared in front of him and handed over a scroll.

"These are Danzo-sama's new requests…I hope you know what it means. "

The shinobi disappeared in the next moment and Goro growled in response.

"I curse the day I accepted to work for that damned Konoha elder! Requests? Didn't he realize that we've barely managed to complete a transaction in the last few months?! "

As a noble known for his illegal activities in the capital of the most fertile country in the world, Goro was contacted by Danzo and with the help of ROOT, expanded his business both in the capital and the rest of the world, but he never imagined that a child could so disrupt his affairs.

Goro smiled bitterly and threw the scroll away. Clapping his hands once, Goro called out to his personal attendant, who quickly walked through the door.


"Have you ever contacted that man?! "

"This servant has already taken care of everything…he should arrive shortly. "

Goro let out a sigh, but then he was worried again.

" Pack up all my possessions and finances! If all goes wrong I'll run away to Konoha! "

The servant nodded and even though he knew running away to Danzo was suicide, he didn't question his master.

Ryuuji flew at a leisurely pace to the Land of Fire and a few hours later, he was standing above the capital.

Observing the bustling city, Ryuuji made a comment:

" It is worthy of being the richest country in the world… even outside Konoha people live well. It is very different from the rest of the world. "

Putting his thoughts aside, Ryuuji covered the city with his sensory abilities, creating an extremely detailed mental map of the place.

A few moments later, Ryuuji felt a considerably large chakra next to his target.

Frowning slightly, Ryuuji slowly floated towards a large mansion in the noble area of ​​the city and was soon facing the structure.

A few seconds later, a tall man with green eyes and red sclera came out of the mansion's main door.

"Hehehe…Devilish Child, you don't know how much time I spent trying to find you! "

Ryuuji frowned and replied to the man with a sneering tone:

"You must be Kakuzu, right? I noticed someone following my tracks, but I never cared. Even though you know who I am, do you actively seek me out? Is there something wrong with your brain? "

Kakuzu smiled excitedly and replied:

"Aren't you very arrogant, boy? I've been in this industry for so long, how would I not know when a target has had their information inflated by Villages who don't want to lose face? "

Ryuuji smiled lightly.

"Is that what you think of me? An urban legend? "

Ryuuji started to laugh and even wiped a fake tear from his right eye.

" Kakuzu…as this is the first time we've met, I'll give you some advice. You can let me handle my business with the man inside the mansion…or you can die with him. You decide. You can't accumulate money if you're dead, right? "

" Hmm! You are very arrogant! I've fought the God of Shinobi himself, how can I be afraid of an easy target like you?! I'm not like those worms you killed! "

In the next moment, two tentacles of black threads came out of the ground and wrapped around Ryuuji's legs. Kakuzu smirked and from his back came two monstrosities made of black threads, each with a different mask.

"Pay for your arrogance, you little shit. Strange Mask Exploding Flame! "

One of the masks shot out a jet of flame, which was greatly strengthened by the attack of the other mask, which was a gust of wind.

Seeing the giant blast of fire coming towards him, Ryuuji raised his arm and brought it down with all his strength, mimicking the Tempest Kick concept, only with his arm instead of his leg.

A vacuum blade flew from Ryuuji's arm and cut the blast in half, causing Kakuzu's attack to advance in two different directions and destroy the walls around the mansion.

Ryuuji didn't stand still and easily broke the black threads holding his feet to move quickly towards Kakuzu, who was also not a vegetarian and was already moving to receive Ryuuji's attack.

The red-haired young man used the Shave and crossed the distance to Kakuzu in a tiny fraction of a second. Kakuzu widened his eyes and crossed his arms in front of his face, while his entire body turned a dark brown hue.

Ryuuji, who could easily track Kakuzu's movements with his eyes, smiled and used the Shave again, using the Moonwalk to step on air.

When Ryuuji reappeared, he was behind Kakuzu with his hands covered in strong golden lightning.

Ryuuji moved his arm quickly and pierced Kakuzu's body right below the heart. The golden electricity quickly destroyed the stone armor covering Kakuzu's body and destroyed one of his hearts.

Kakuzu spat out some blood, but didn't seem to feel any pain. The missing-nin growled in rage and wrapped Ryuuji's entire arm with black threads, at the same time, a mask appeared and glowed blue.

"Lightning Release: False Darkness! "

A current of electricity quickly approached Ryuuji's body, but he wouldn't just let Kakuzu's attack hit him.

Seeing the light approaching his body, Ryuuji blasted his chakra, covering his entire body with a blast of electricity that destroyed the black wires and quickly used the Shave again to break out of Kakuzu's vision.

Kakuzu's eyes widened again as he saw Ryuuji's absurd speed. The red-haired young man wasn't in the mood to give Kakuzu opportunities to reorient himself and appeared in front of him in a flash.

" Finger Pistol. "

Ryuuji's Forefinger flashed like lightning and pierced the Kakuzu mask that was just below his right shoulder.

Ryuuji used Shave again and dodged the two black thread creatures that had fire and wind abilities.

Kakuzu, as an experienced shinobi, didn't let the loss of two hearts affect him for long and soon raised his guard.

"Y-You little devil! Since you dared to destroy two of my hearts, then leave yours as a substitute! "

The black threads exploded out of Kakuzu's body, transforming him into a monstrosity, accompanied by three creatures made of black threads.

Ryuuji ignored Kakuzu upon hearing the sound of Goro, who was fleeing with his butler through a secret underground passage.

The redhead released his Adamantine Sealing Chains and spread them across the grounds of the mansion, creating a translucent golden barrier, which covered even the basement.

Ryuuji looked at Kakuzu again and spoke in a natural tone:

"Sorry…what were you saying? "

Kakuzu growled in anger and launched himself towards Ryuuji as he yelled:

"You arrogant little shit! "

With his mobility somewhat limited due to the numerous Adamantine Sealing Chains coming out of his body, Ryuuji let out a sigh and prepared to end the fight once and for all.

The redhead released the seal that restricted his movements and disappeared from the spot.

In the next instant, Ryuuji grabbed Kakuzu's head and slammed it against the ground with all his might, creating a large, deep, spider-web-shaped crack in the ground.

Before Kakuzu could recover, Ryuuji took a deep breath and spit out a blast of freezing air towards one of the creatures that tried to attack him from the side.

Ryuuji disappeared again and appeared in front of the creature that had the mask of the fire element.

Ryuuji's eyes sparkled and a ray of golden light traveled at an imperceptible speed, destroying yet another mask and yet another heart from Kakuzu, who was still bewildered thanks to the strong impact he received on his head.

With only one heart left, Kakuzu began to regain his sense of time and place, but it was too late.

Ryuuji waited for Kakuzu to merge with the wind monster and moved at high speed, destroying the wind heart with one punch.

" I warned you. "

Kakuzu spat out liters of blood and glared at Ryuuji grudgingly while dying.

Ryuuji let out a huff and searched Kakuzu's clothes for the Loot. An old man like Kakuzu sure amassed a lot of money and Ryuuji wouldn't leave that little wealth behind.

After retrieving a small scroll from storage, Ryuuji walked slowly towards the mansion where Goro was trapped by the barrier.

As he entered the mansion, Ryuuji could already feel the fear emanating from Goro's body.


Ryuuji walked slowly through the mansion and soon came to a steel door. One punch and the thick door was quickly ripped off.

Goro fell to the ground and started to crawl away from the door. A great deal of disgust appeared on Ryuuji's face seeing how the insect that caused so much trouble for the Uzumaki Clan was nothing but a worm.

Goro's butler tried to attack Ryuuji, but was met with a chain running through his skull.

Ryuuji continued walking slowly towards Goro, causing the man's mentality to quickly collapse.

Ryuuji created a small stone pillar with Earth Release and supported his body before starting to speak:

"You know, Goro…from the day I was born, my memory could only be described with one word: Divine. "

Goro, startled, replied while trying to calm his voice:

" W-What does this have to do with me? W-Why do you keep going acting against me?! "

Ryuuji smiled wryly and stomped on Goro's shin to crush his bones.

"As the grandson of the patriarch, I was practically worshiped within the Uzumaki Clan. I truly live like a beloved prince in the Land of Whirlpools. "

Goro, crying in pain, yelled at Ryuuji, "Wh-what does this have to do with me?! F-Fuck, my leg! "

Ryuuji crushed Goro's other shin and continued speaking calmly:

"You really are very limited for an underworld boss. Thanks to my memory, I fully remember all the adoration I received from my clansmen. With that said, I'm a simple guy...I repay kindness with kindness and meanness with meanness."

Ryuuji's face turned slightly ugly and this time, he crushed Goro's forearm, who was already deformed in pain.

"F-Fuck…I c-can give you m-money, w-women! Anything, just kill me at once! "

Ryuuji crouched in front of Goro and grabbed him by the hair. Looking straight into Goro's eyes, Ryuuji spoke with cold eyes:

"I just want you to suffer. "

Then Ryuuji slammed Goro's face against the stone pillar hard.

"Dying quickly is too little for everything you've done in your life…now it's just me, you and suffering. "

Ryuuji slammed Goro's face once more against the pillar.

"I want you to learn what pain and suffering is! "

With one more movement of his arm, Ryuuji hit once again Goro's face in the stone pillar.

The man already had a broken nose and blood running all over his face, but Ryuuji continued with a cold face.

A few minutes later, Goro had half the skin on his face completely torn, no nose, no arms and no legs.

Ryuuji looked at the dying man and spoke coldly, ignoring the blood and flesh that soiled his body:

"I want you to live with the memory of pain and loss. I want you to remember this lesson, Goro. In life…everything has a price. "

Ryuuji created a clone, which soon carried Goro to the capital's hospital.

The redhead, with a grim face, looted the entire mansion and walked slowly from the capital of the Land of Fire, totally ignoring the people looking at his bloodied body.

Remembering the seal he found on Goro's tongue, Ryuuji's face turned cold as Alaskan air.

" Danzo…I want you to suffer! "

What's up guys? In this chapter we have the partial conclusion of this arc. Tomorrow I shouldn't post any chapters because I'll try to do a "script" about the next arc, so I can have a schedule during the week.

With all that said, I thank you for reading!

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