In Naruto with a GOLDEN FINGER.

First time I write something that is not an essay for school. Don't expect a very complex or developed plot. It's a simple wish-fulfillment story with an OP protagonist and a huge harem. English is something that doesn't enter my head, so I'm sorry for the many mistakes. Read the synopsis and tags below. . . . A simple young man died by God's mistake and now he will be able to reincarnate in the world where one of his favorite manga takes place, with some wishes, of course. . . TAGs: Overpowered-MC; Anti-Hero; Multiversal Travel; R18; Harem and Incest.

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Chap 6 - Strength of a Hundred Seal is OP.

Lying on the floor of the oriental garden, Ryuuji let out a sigh and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

" Mom, I really got a little tired today. "

Benihime let out a huff and lay down next to Ryuuji, thinking how her red-haired son was a monster.

" Are you just a little tired? Ryuuji, we've been training for almost five hours non-stop and you should be limited by the Seal! "

Ryuuji gave an amused laugh and stood up quickly.

The physical training itself wasn't really necessary for Ryuuji, all he needs is to absorb solar energy steadily and in a few years, his body will transform into a true strength and speed machine.

The problem is that he doesn't want to wait that long, so physical training is the only way to speed up the strengthening of his physiology.

" The Restriction Seal won't be useful for long…isn't there such a thing as a Gravity Seal? "

Benihime laughed wryly and replied, " Unfortunately no…our Uzumaki Clan is known for strong physique and high vitality, but the Seal of Restriction of Movement has always done a great job for training. There has never been a need for something as complicated as gravitational manipulation. "

Despite understanding the situation, Ryuuji was not resigned to it.

" Since it doesn't exist, I'll invent it myself. I'm sure that in our clan's secret library there are study materials, I just need to compile and improve. "

Benihime got up from the floor and spoke to her son as she brushed the dirt off her clothes:

" I'm sure you'll be able to create something like this, but until then, maybe you'd better use the good old training weights. It wouldn't be too difficult to add a few tons of weight to your body. "

Nodding, Ryuuji prepared to head to the clan's military warehouse in search of the training weights.

Before he could leave, Benihime threw a scroll towards him.

"This is a Fuuinjutsu technique created by our clan's ancestor. I think with your amount and Chakra control, she fits you perfectly. I'll prepare lunch, so don't delay to come back. "

Ryuuji opened the scroll and quickly read it.

" Strength of a Hundred Seal…so it's this Jutsu. "

It really was a great jutsu for Ryuuji to learn.

Even with all the physical restrictions, the Solar Chakra that his body constantly produced, continues to strengthen his body and function as a crutch, which further diminished the ineffectiveness of physical training.

If Ryuuji masters the Strength of a Hundred Seal perfectly, to the point where he can send all the Chakra produced into the Seal, then the physical training will become much smoother.

Also, the fact that his massive chakra reserves will be constantly being drained will cause his body to absorb even more solar energy to increase production.

It was really a situation where there were only positives, which cheered up Ryuuji even more.

The red-haired boy ran to the warehouse and quickly put a pair of shin guards on his legs, as well as two bracelets on his forearms.

As Ryuuji went straight for the heaviest ones, he currently had at least ten tons of additional weight on his body, which in conjunction with the seal his mother placed on his body made him really find it difficult to move.

The problem is that he could also feel the solar radiation stored in his cells generating more chakra and strengthening his body to adapt to the stress his body was undergoing.

" It seems that the only way to accelerate my body's development is to delve into the art of sealing to learn the Body Restraint Seal, to stop depending on the mother's Chakra, and the Strength of a Hundred Seal. "

In a large hot spring that was in the large gardens of the mansion where Ryuuji lives with his mother, the red-haired boy was relaxing after another hard day of training.

Thanks to the hellish training Ryuuji does daily and the natural adaptability of his bloodline, his body has started to develop at a much faster rate than normal.

At seven years old, Ryuuji looked more like a tall ten-year-old and to further add to his early maturity, all the training had him building a set of muscles that really isn't common for a kid his age.

Another thing that changed a lot was his face, which lost a lot of baby fat, which together with the red diamond in the center of his forehead, made Ryuuji lose a lot of his childish cuteness.

Letting out a sigh, Ryuuji opened his eyes.

"I've been in this world for seven years…time has really gone by fast, especially the last two years. System, show my skills. "

[ Command Received! ]

[ Perfect Kryptonian Physiology 69/100 ]

[ Bioelectric Aura 72/100 ]

[ Chakra Seed 99/100 ]

[ Perfect Uzumaki Physiology 74/100 ]

[ Fuuinjutsu 51/100 ]

[ Ninjutsu 52/100 ]

[ Genjutsu 73/100 ]

[ Taijutsu 76/100 ]

[ Bukijutsu 100/100 ]

Seeing the advancement in his skills, Ryuuji nodded in satisfaction. God's gift, [ Divine Talent ], was really unbalanced as fuck.

All his efforts were very well rewarded, especially when it came to chakra control.

Thanks to his perfect mastery of the Strength of a Hundred Seal, his mastery of the Chakra Seed has skyrocketed and even though he's still racking his brains to figure out how to overcome the barrier that prevents him from reaching level 100 with the skill, he satisfied. .

His ninja arts also continued to improve, to the point where he lost in nothing to his mother, who after training and consuming his blood daily, finally broke the barrier to Kage level.

But even all these improvements in his own strength weren't what really made Ryuuji happy. He discovered that he had really underestimated the mutated chakra that exists in his body.

The common chakra is shaped by drawing physical energy from the body and combining it with spiritual energy. This same process occurs with Ryuuji as well, but because of the solar energy stored in his body, Ryuuji's chakra is different, being much stronger and purer than normal chakra.

In addition to being stronger, Solar Chakra continues to strengthen his body and spirit without stopping. As Ryuuji constantly sends all of the Solar Chakra extracted into the Strength of a Hundred Seal on his forehead, this effect was amplified several times over.

When Ryuuji found out how strong his spiritual power was and how robust his soul was, he was really surprised, because from the things he remembers from the Naruto-Verse, it was basically impossible to strengthen the soul.

As long as Ryuuji is in a place bathed in the energy of a star, his body and soul will continue to evolve, which makes him really curious to see how far his power will go in the future.

While lost in thought, Ryuuji heard his mother approaching the thermal bath silently. He pretended not to notice anything and kept his eyes closed as he relaxed his muscles in the hot water.

Benihime slowly approached Ryuuji with a towel too small to hide her seductive and appetizing curves.

The red-haired MILF silently entered the water and approached her son, hugging him from behind.

" Ryu-u-jii… "

Ryuuji, pretending to be surprised, opened his eyes.

" Mommy, it looks like I'm still a good boy… "

Benihime smiled and let the towel slide off her body before pressing her son's head against her breasts.

" You sure are a good boy. It is my treasure, strong and mature. "

Feeling the soft paradise and familiar scent of breast milk, Ryuuji closed his eyes and controlled the urge to turn his head and sink his face into his hot mother's twin peaks.

Benihime started stroking Ryuuji's scarlet hair, while placing occasional kisses on his head.

Feeling his mother's affection and love, Ryuuji felt even more aroused and his developing body began to show these feelings.

Benihime, seeing Ryuuji's body reactions, smiled sweetly and continued petting him, ignoring the erection too big for a seven year old boy.

The red-haired MILF let out a sad sigh, which Ryuuji easily realized was fake.

" You really are a good boy, Ryuuji…growing up so fast. That way Mom will feel older and older. "

Ryuuji looked up and gave his mother a dismissive nod.

" Impossible…who says you're old? Who dares to speak of such a great atrocity? My mother is the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world and anyone who says otherwise will have to taste my fist! "

Benihime smiled amusedly and turned Ryuuji's body around, hugging him again. The redhead totally ignored her son's erection between her thighs and continued kissing his face.

" Ryuuji, you're so cute! You can't change the way you treat Mom in the future! "

Ryuuji, who was still trying to process the shock wave that coursed through his body when his growing penis settled between his mother's soft thighs, came to his senses and replied:

" Clear! I say and repeat with pride, I will always be mommy's little boy! "

Benihime pouted and said in a cute tone, "Even when I get old and wither? "

Ryuuji nodded and replied while hugging his mother's body like a koala, " I'll love you anyway, but I won't let your body get to that state. Mama, we will live forever young. "

Benihime smiled and also hugged her son, " So Mom is trusting Ryuuji to keep her forever young. "

As the two hugged and relaxed in the hot water, a childish, mocking voice sounded in the place.

" Ryuu-nii, you really are a great villain! Even though you're older than me, you still a big mama's boy! "

Mother and son looked to the side, where Kushina and Morgiana were walking towards them.

Benihime put a smile on her face and responded to Kushina's teasing:

" Ara, ara...if Ryuuji is a mama's boy, then Kushina-chan is a brocon, because you chase him in every place, even in the bath. "

Morgiana nodded and confirmed what Benihime said: " Benihime-sama couldn't be more right. "

Kushina let out a huff and replied in an annoyed tone:

" Who is a brocon? I just walk after Ryuu-nii to make sure he's safe! And you, Morgiana, how can you talk about me when you mumble Ryuu-nii's name in your sleep? "

Morgiana's face reddened and muttered under her breath, "I d-don't know what you're talking about, K-Kushina-sama! "

Benihime and Kushina laughed at the shy girl, creating a very harmonious scene at the hot spring.

Ryuuji felt a lot of warmth in his heart as he saw the three most important people to him relaxing and having fun safely.

At that moment, Ryuuji, who was already determined to protect Uzushiogakure from all dangers, was now fully willing to fight everything and everyone to keep those smiles safe.

This time, with another timeskip and a little more interaction between Ryuuji and his future wives. In the next chapter, the real action will begin... it's time for Ryuuji to go make a fuss in Ninja World. I can already say that the canon is going to explode.

That said, I thank you for reading and I apologize for any spelling mistakes.

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